Fossil Fuel Reserve Estimates

The Congressional Research Service stated that the U.S. has tapped into only 13%, or 21 billion barrels of its oil reserves, with the other 87% still untouched.

Fossil Fuel Reserves

Why do we need to import any oil from anywhere?

  1. Because environmentalists fund the Democratic Party directly or via The Tides Foundation to force the US to become energy dependent on Third World Muslim nations, or Russia.
  2. Because the environmentalists want to force energy production by inferior sources, such as wind and solar – neither of which can be stored.
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Hussein Care For The Younger Set

Hi, I’m Government Healthcare!
League of American Voters

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Obama Administration’s Health Care Plan

Details Section by Section, Page After Page

Reviewed, revised and adapted on July 29, 2009, by Liberty Counsel from the original authored by Peter Fleckenstein

This from the people who brought us the cash for clunkers failure.

Finally! Free pet coverage!
Sec. 340L, Pg. 897-Sec. 340M, Pg. 899
To include the creation of Public Health Workforce Corps (includes veterinarians).

Short lesson in the why of single payer health care. Beyond the canard that health care is a right, and beyond some sort of compassion for the less fortunate, why?

Like many on the right are so fond of saying: “Single payer (socialized) health care has collapsed or is in the process of collapsing everywhere it has been tried!” But, they are wrong. It has been a resounding success in exactly the way it was intended.

The goal of socialized medicine is to drastically cut medical costs which proponents claim are so high that society, nay, their very country is being greatly harmed. Pressure is brought and socialized medicine comes to pass. Then comes the rationing.

But where is the success you ask? By rationing care and dugs, by creating long wait times, the effect is a generally decreasing population of the under classes. This has worked every where, except perhaps China where they have a huge population and traditional medicine to offset most of the effects.

The second intended effect diminish the number of people who look outside of themselves for a higher power. When someone is in extreme back pain, they rush to the emergency room and a pain killer is prescribed, living on relatively pain-free. However, under a socialized program, after waiting an average of 23 hours in the emergency room, they are told that no pain killer is available for back pain as it is too costly. Despair!

That person under socialized medicine cannot pray to a higher power for a miracle – it is not going to happen. Lose of faith begins to take hold, since he only higher power available is the State which has decided no pain killer for them. No appeal. Only euthanasia or living with the pain are options.

All these effects are seen in countries which have adopted socialized medicine: lose of faith and correspondingly empty churches, high abortion rates, general apathy, and rapidly declining birth rate to the point of national extinction.

In recent years, the US has managed to more than replace it’s national population, but with socialized medicine, expect to see the US go the way of all of Europe and Russia – into extinction.

The political power elite, however, will continue to fair well as the underclasses diminish because they will always exempt themselves from the rules they make. Case in point: one Democrat Representative favoring socialized medicine held a town meeting. People were irate at his stance and shouted at him they did not want socialized medicine. His response? He vowed to return to Congress more determined than ever to push socialized medicine through.

This is typical of the political power elite. They believe they are smarter, wiser than anyone else in the world – after all they are Americans. They firmly believe that where socialized medicine has failed, like communism, they only have to tweet and tinker to make it work. They fail to remember in their arrogance and extreme hubris that they are only human, not god-like, and will fail like all before them and to suffer the same fate.

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The Governor and the Train Set

Wisconsin Politics at Its finest

While searching for something of interest to do, I turned on the Mark Belling AM Talk Radio Show coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve taken the story and ideas Mark discussed, simplified them and added here and there. For all you foreigners who live outside of southeastern Wisconsin, the local problem may not interest you, but the politics should. This is how too many politicians, particularly Democrats, operate these days.

With all the job losses, including mine, here in Wisconsin, you’d think the Governor would be hot on the trail of luring new businesses to the state. But nothing could be more opposite. The Governor and his solid Democrat majorities in both Houses feel that taxing the rich, and particularity businesses, is the hot thing – which strategy has cause numerous large business to either curtail operations, move to more business-friendly states/countries, or shut down completely.

However, our good Gov. Doyle has seen the light and worked diligently this year to bring in a large company and four new jobs with it. Then he moved on to high-speed rail – and that is the subject of this story.

Everyone pictures high-speed rail as sleek bullet-shaped trains speeding at hundreds of miles an hour across vast distances – say in Japan or France. While Wisconsin is no where as large as either of those two countries, it is mostly farm and forest lands, with countless small towns, villages, and the occasional large city. Connecting them with high-speed rail might seem a great idea supplying many jobs. But your idea of high-speed rail is not the Governor’s idea of high-speed rail. His high-speed rail will move just about as fast as early 20th Century trains, that is around 100 mph in open stretches. And there’s the rub. The only place they claim that will work is from Milwaukee to Madison. Madison just happens to be the state capital.

This is obviously pure coincidence. As is the ending of the line in Madison’s obscure local airport, five or so miles from the capital building. Another coincidence seems to be that the airport is where numerous local politicians keep their airplanes.

Something is going on here, but I don’t know what. All that aside, our new high-speed rail will bring in 80 new jobs according to the Governor. That these jobs are temporary in nature is beside the point. Wisconsin is getting 84 brand spanking new jobs to make up for the thousands lost, and assuredly all those rail related jobs will be union only. But never mind.

As we locals all know, while jobs were being lost in Shebogan, Gov. Doyle was off buying a train set from a Spanish firm for $500 million – before the high-speed (100 mph) rail plan is approved and before anyone knows if the rails from Milwaukee to Madison can be upgraded. The rail system will stretch all the way to its end at the local Madison airport.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, there is a company in Milwaukee which builds train sets for a Japanese outfit who sells them to national bidders. Since the Japanese company was not allowed to make a pitch or a bid, they are very pissed and are ending their contract with the Milwaukee company. Thus ends a bunch of good paying jobs in Milwaukee. But never mind, the mayor of Milwaukee wants the Spanish trains built in Milwaukee, but Doyle wants them built in Janesville. Guess who wins? Guess who looses?

The silver lining (pure speculation) is that a very large warehouse will have to be built to house the train set, if the plan is not approved or the existing rails are not upgradeable. Then, workers will have to be hired to maintain the warehouse, managers to manage the workers, and a new Madison bureau to oversee the managers. Plus, there is always the tour industry which can set up tours of the train set parked in the warehouse, which means ticket sellers will have to be hired. Jobs for everyone – as long as they belong to a union. All this for $800 million and a tax hike to pay for it.

Clever Doyle, saves jobs in Wisconsin!

But since no newspaper or TV station in Wisconsin will report this story – all being staunch Doyle supporters, no on will ever know, which means it never happened.


Jim Doyle bought 2 trains when he was in Spain on a sealed no-bid contract. When Hussein announced his Train Initiative, Doyle bought two more trains. Each train will have 14 cars – 28 cars in all. Each car is expected to cary 6 passengers per trip – at most. The real cost per passenger per trip is around $5000.00. Naturally, the ticket price will be heavily subsidized to bring the price down to something affordable – like $5.00. The difference will be picked up by taxpayers.

In a slick move, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Doyle got the Spanish train builder to open a plant in Milwaukee – no so far away from the other Milwaukee train builder. This move is in response to the mass flight of manufacturing jobs out of Wisconsin. See! They are really trying to bring jobs back to Wisconsin that their regulatory and tax policies have driven out.

On of the interesting facts proponents of building trains is that there are many homes and businesses built along the rail line – however, like everywhere else these homes and businesses will also be subsidized by taxpayers – further aggravating the Wisconsin tax situation.

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