Lost At Sea

Dedicated to those Men and Women from Washington State and Alaska who Lost their Lives while Fishing Commercially.

Mozart: Philips Complete Mozart: Missae et Requiem: Vol 19: CD 9: Requiem in D min KV626 – Agnus Dei

Agnus Dei, qui tollis pecatta mundi:
dona eis requiem.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi:
dona eis requiem.
Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi.
dona eis requiem sempiternam.

Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,
grant them rest.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,
grant them rest.
Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world,
grant them eternal rest.

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13 – Requiem in D min KV626 – Agnus Dei

If anyone knows of some one who could be added to this list, leave a note with the particulars and I will post the name(s).

From Port Townsend, Washington

Name Home Town Lost in Place Vessel Name Date
Jay Gould Port Townsend, WA Bristol Bay, AK
While salmon fishing
  Summer of 1977  


Butch Johnson Port Townsend, WA Bering Sea, AK
While crab fishing


Phil Sutherland Port Townsend, WA Marrowstone Point, Puget Sound, WA F/V Suds
While salmon fishing
November 2, 1981  


William Tracey (Bill) Dolman & David Carpenter Anacortes Washington Coast F/V Four Seasons
While Albacore Fishing
November 13, 1981  


Annette Fletcher Port Townsend, WA Bering Sea, AK F/V Ocean Grace    


Gary Knudson Mount Vernon, WA off Hat Island crab skiff April 15, 1999  


Port of Bellingham, WA
Squalicum Harbor Fishermen’s Memorial, Safe Return

Name Home Town Lost in Place Vessel Name Date
Andrew Anderson Bellingham     1919
Rasmus Hemnes Bellingham     1919
Fred Homer Bellingham     1919
Magnlson Bellingham     1919
Jack Pittman Bellingham     1919
Sherman J. Strand Bellingham     1919
John Kuljis Bellingham     1939
Erik E. Dyrland Bellingham     1940
Claude H. Graham Bellingham     1943
Artie Fossholm Bellingham     1948
David C. Graham Bellingham     1950
Sydney Leo Warbus Bellingham     1950
Rondell M. Hartman Bellingham     1952
Clyde A. Hinkle Bellingham     1955
Wilfred Wulff Bellingham     1955
Joseph Vitaljic Bellingham     1956
Frank Olaf Renlie Bellingham     1958
James A. McCoy Bellingham     1959
Howard E. Benner Bellingham     1960
Frederick V. Sundean Bellingham     1961
Ross Anderson Bellingham     1962
Clarence E. Buatte Bellingham     1963
Darel L. Lashua Bellingham     1963
Michael Macrae Smith Bellingham     1963
Charles E. Lofgren Bellingham     1968
Mitchell Kuljis Bellingham     1969
Floyd L. Ackerman Bellingham     1972
Fred M. Ackerman Bellingham     1972
Philp H. Smith Bellingham     1972
Carolyn Vogt Hackman Bellingham     1973
Larry J. Hackman Bellingham     1973
Noel Stephen Johnson Bellingham     1973
Roy A. Swim Bellingham     1973
Stuart D. Nilsen Bellingham     1975
Paul Stanley Barlean Bellingham     1978
Michael G. Friar Bellingham     1981
Rex J. Johnson Bellingham     1981
Mark Elliot Leisgold Bellingham     1981
Vanessa Marie Sandin, FV ST. Patrick, scallop dragger, Marmot Island, NE of Kodiak Bellingham     Nov 30, 1981
Tony Gospodinovich Bellingham     1982
Chad Edward Evans Bellingham     1983
Richard Randall Hall Bellingham     1983
Lawrence John Tousignant Bellingham     1991
Joseph Samuel Blake Bellingham     1992
John R. Glenovich Bellingham     1992
Jerry Dean Glosser Bellingham     1992
Bozho Dzajic Bellingham     1993
Blake Grinstein Bellingham     1993
Jeremy Scott-Hunter Bellingham     1993
Gregory R. Schwindt Bellingham     1993
Mike Stockman Bellingham     1994
Trygve Magnusson Bellingham     1995
Darrin Daniel Paul Bellingham     1995
Gregory David Zollner Bellingham     1995
Jack Oscar Lundgren Bellingham     1996
Stan W. Erickson Bellingham     1997
Jackson E. Frazier Bellingham     1997
James M. Kennedy Bellingham     1997
Larry Lane Older Bellingham     1997
Danny J. Wright Bellingham     1997
Rod Harvie Bellingham     1998
Dennis Jay Smith Bellingham     1998
Randy C. Baxter Bellingham     1999
Michael E. Olney Bellingham     2001
Michael Ross Anderson Bellingham     2003

Other Washington State Ports with Memorials to Lost Fishermen include:

Port of Seattle Fisherman’s Terminal Fisherman’s Memorial

Port of Anacortes, WA

Port of Blaine, WA

Name Home Town Lost in Place Vessel Name Date
Kevin Clark Blaine, WA Bering Sea, Alaska   1991


Cordova, AK

Cordova Parks & Recreation
P.O. Box 1210
Cordova, AK 99574
Attn: Jeff Hawley, Director
ph: (907) 424-7282
email: recdept@ctcak.net

Juneau, AK


Kodiak, AK

Kodiak Fishermen’s Wives
Colleen Newman
ph: (907) 486-3802
fax: (907) 486-3823
email: runamuck@ptialaska.net

Pelican, AK

P.O. Box 723
Pelican, Alaska 99832
Ph# 907-735-2297 Mary Strahm
or City Hall at 907-735-2202

Petersburg, AK

Bojer Wikan Fishermen’s Memorial Park

9 Responses to Lost At Sea

  1. Chelsey Clark says:

    My father, Kevin Clark, was lost in the Bering Sea in 1991. He is on the fishermans memorial in Blaine, Washington, which was also his hometown.

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  3. James Sandin says:

    My daughter, Vanessa Marie Sandin lost her life in the ST. Patrick disaster, Nov 30 1981.

    The scallop dragger St. Patrick was drifting 30 miles east of Marmot Island, NE of Kodiak in a storm at night when rolled on its side by a rouge wave, the vessel righted but lost electrical power, panic ensued.

    The raft blew away, the crew abandoned ship, some with survival suits, some without. The vessel was spotted next day afloat and upright. 10 of the crew of 12 periseh, 2 survived.

    Vanessa had fished with me, her father, on a drift netter in Bristol Bay the summer of 1981. Her mother, Dona VanBuren still lives in Bellingham.

    I would like her name placed on the fishers memorial in Bellingham. Born Feb 1 1958, attended Sehome High.

    My phone:
    PO box 1223,
    Kodiak AK, 99615

    The other crew members were from all over the US, Vanessa was a Bellingham belle.
    Thank you,
    Jim Sandin

  4. Nancy Begin says:

    Bill Dolman, lost off the coast of California lived in Anacortes, WA boat name ‘Four Seasons’-November 13, 1981

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