Time – The Geological History of The Earth

Time – The Geological History of The Earth is primarily the compilation from many sources, highlighting the geological history of the Earth from its beginning to the present.

In the later pages, the rise of life is noted. The very last pages briefly note the rise of humans and our civilizations.

Recent scientific discoveries are noted in both geology and life. Included are anomalies and not generally accepted perspectives. When available, the pages are updated.

Note that these pages are arbitrarily divided into varying periods of time – the early eons span billions of years, while the later pages record shorter and shorter periods of time. The first 4.565 billion years comprises most of Earth’s history and most of the events therein. However, it is only in the last two million years that proto-humans arose. In that two million year period, only the last 200 years is well documented.

As we move backward from the 18th Century A.D., things grow murkier and murkier – specific events are known only in generalities, theories, and assumptions. Artifacts, ruins and such give clues to our past, but tell us little what the lives and culture our ancestors were actually like to them. We can guess, but too often those guesses are colored by the hubris of the authors of those guesses.

Upon those guesses, careers and reputations are built. History books are written and documentaries filmed. None of that tells us what actually occurred, none of that tells us who we were then, only what someone has guessed and others agreed to believe, giving that someone’s careers and reputation a boost.

Never forget that discoveries which do not fit the prevailing guess are omitted, discarded and discredited. Too often, many of those discoveries are shipped to some museum’s cellar and remain there unexamined for decades and sometimes for centuries. Likewise for people who propose counter-prevailing ideas.

  1. The Precambrian Eon: 4,567,170,000 B.C. – 2,350,000,000 B.C.
  2. The Proterozoic Eon: 2,500,000,000 B.C. – 542,000,000 B.C.
  3. The Phanerozoic Eon – Palaeozoic Era: 542,000,000 B.C. – 142,000,000 B.C.
  4. The Phanerozoic Eon – Cretaceous Era: 142,000,000 B.C. – 71,300,000 B.C.
  5. The Phanerozoic Eon – Cenozoic Era: 66,000,000 B.C. – 2,000,000 B.C.
  6. The Phanerozoic Eon – Quaternary Period: 1,806,000 B.C. – 12,000 B.C.
  7. The Phanerozoic Eon – Holocene Epoch: 11,430 B.C. – 4128 B.C.
  8. The Phanerozoic Eon – Historical Present: 4000 B.C. – 2009 A.D.

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  1. Alvin Palmer says:

    Perhaps you should check Biblical records and sources more closely. Those who have discovered that the Book historical record are more acurate than most people believe.

    Check the above website and related links within it. You may [should] be suprised.

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