The Left and Suppression

PIF: So you are a Democrat and unerringly pull the lever in the voting booth for Democrats. What are you voting for? Probably you are voting for some social agenda or against some Republican. You believe you are making a wise decision based on the information you have gathered. Or are you?

You have read all the newspapers, listened to all the pundits you trust on TV: they all say the same things about the same issues. The authorities have spoken, and you trust them to know more about an issue that you have time to digest. So you follow their reasoning when you go the the voting booth. You repeat those same points when talking with your friends in conversation. They have read and heard those same points and you are in agreement.

You have been repeatedly told that any view points which contradict are held by ‘the lunatic fringe’. Not wishing to join that crowd, or alienate your friends, you come to take what you have been told as ‘the truth’. You go on about you daily life secure in the knowledge you know what is going on in your country and the world. But do you really?

What if all you have been told is ‘the truth’ is based on suppressing information? Here are three examples: the 75 minute British-made video ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’. This version is an eight-parter from YouTube. (Once available via Google as a single movie; the Google video address was repeatedly shuffled making a constant link to it nearly impossible – Google finally pulled all versions.).

Another example is The Theology of Global Warming. It’s based on politics, not science
by James Schlesinger – Saturday, August 13, 2005

Almost unnoticed, the theology of global warming has in recent weeks suffered a number of setbacks. In referring to the theology of global warming, one is not focusing on evidence of the earth’s warming in recent decades, particularly in the Arctic, but rather on the widespread insistence that such warming is primarily a consequence of man’s activities – and that if only we collectively had the will, we could alter our behavior and stop the warming of the planet.

It was Michael Crichton who pointed out in his Commonwealth Club lecture some years ago that environmentalism had become the religion of Western elites. Indeed it has. Most notably, the burning of fossil fuels (a concomitant of economic growth and rising living standards) is the secular counterpart of man’s Original Sin. If only we would repent and sin no more, mankind’s actions could end the threat of further global warming. By implication, the cost, which is never fully examined, is bearable. So far the evidence is not convincing. It is notable that 13 of the 15 older members of the European Union have failed to achieve their quotas under the Kyoto accord – despite the relatively slow growth of the European economies.

PIF: So you have wondered why you never hear much if anything from so-called moderate muslims? Well, not only do they have to contend with ‘true-believers’, they also have the only sources outside the muslim community actively being silenced as well.

A third example comes from PBS: PBS vs. “Islam vs. Islamist”
By Bill Steigerwald | April 17, 2007

Canadian novelist and veteran documentary filmmaker Martyn Burke is not someone you’d expect to get into an ugly ideological spitting match with the folks who run PBS.

Burke, who lives and works in the heart of the Hollywood creative community, considers himself neither conservative nor liberal. But "Islam vs. Islamist," the documentary he made about how moderate Muslims are being silenced and intimidated by Islamist extremists, will not be part of "America at a Crossroads," PBS’s new 11-part, six-night series about post-9/11 America that begins Sunday night at 9. Executives at WETA in Washington, D.C., the public station overseeing the series for PBS, say the documentary was cut from the "Crossroads" lineup because it wasn’t completed in time and because it was "alarmist" and not objective. PBS says it may run it at a later date. Burke, however, says his documentary, made with $700,000 in Corporation for Public Broadcasting money, was interfered with and then dropped because he refused to fire his two co-producers, Frank Gaffney and Alex Alexiev, who run the Center for Security Policy think tank…

Q: One of the WETA execs said your film was dealt with in a "fair and professional manner." Do you agree?

A: No. I have worked for networks all over the world. I have worked in France, Britain, Canada and the United States. This was the most unprofessional dealing I have ever had and the most politically biased. In some ways, it’s just raw politics taking precedence over journalism. It’s that simple.

PIF: So it seems that there is a great deal of information being actively suppressed by leftist organizations (PBS) and companies (Google). Although both would deny suppressing anything – replying in some sort of confusing jargon which translated means "We know more than you, and besides you are ignorant. We will continue to snooker you peons, until you have helped us achieve our agenda. What befalls you at that point is your own fault."

The choices are return to the 14th Century with the Global Warming religionists and "true-believers" or return to the 7th Century with the Islamists – take your pick as long as you continue to willfully remain ignorant of any other point of view, any other facts, any other voices. Prediction: You will dislike either choice when you find your self living it.

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