All The History We Forgot

As the forces of Good and Evil lie locked in their final struggle, mankind must choose its destiny or its fate. While there are many characters in this story – each with a role or roles to play, the main character is all of humanity, not a particular individual. The hero and the villain are also humanity. The question is: which aspect of humanity will triumph and at what cost? While each character has its own agenda, the Divine has another.

This is part of a far larger novel takes place in 16,000 B.C. and follows the adventures of YoDoNi in the last days of his life. Perhaps.

YoDoNi belongs to the original human species, always relatively few in number but, baring accidents, immortal. At the time of the story, he is a young man of 425 years, his wife has recently and unexpectedly been called by the One, while his only child, a son, lives far away in another land.

YoDoNi was gifted with the ability to bargain and trade, allowing for a swift rise to the head of the Merchants. But, following the mysterious disappearance of his grandfather and the taking of his wife, discovered another gift as a Speaker for the One.

On one particular day, the day the story begins, the world changes. YoDoNi is literally caught up in the-event-that-changes-everything. Stripped of all that is known and familiar, the story follows him as he struggles to survive under increasingly hostile conditions.

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Paperback, 72 Pages. Adventure/Theo-fiction/Sci-fi. Download $2.50. Rated 6 of 6 Stars.

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