PIF’s Alternate History Series

Taking a look at things as they might have been or could become.
Mostly satirical fiction aimed at getting the reader to think about things differently.


  1. The US Constitutional Convention of 2009
    A glimpse of the possible future flowing from the nearing US Constitutional Convention.
  2. The Coming Age of Obama. A Prediction
    What happens to America as a result of the Obama Presidency and many poorly taken decisions, by both Obama and the US Electorate.
  3. Why It Is No Longer Necessary To Think About Anything
    How a small, silly misconception spread form one isolated island to infect a nation; how a once wonderful industries were eliminated or destroyed outright; how the populace furthered that notion until the nation ceased to exist; how an sightseeing boat trip gave birth to the liberal interpretation of Environmentalism


  1. All The History We Forgot
    A look back into the life of a man in 16,000 B.C. at the very beginning of the end of the Great Ice Age; a time which has all but been erased from history, the Earth, and the memory of mankind.


  1. On Science, Religion and UFOs
    Personal speculation on the Nature of the Divine after seeing a UFO.
  2. Global Warming!
    Flee while you still can!
  3. It Was Fun While It Lasted
    After the Democrats take over complete control of America.
  4. The Kipplies are Coming!
    What happens when a stinky beast slouches into town.


  1. Send A Liberal Elsewhere
    A fair and balanced plan to aid suffering liberals.
  2. Report from Washington
    After the Islam conquers the World, a female liberal is questioned about events leading up to her arrest.
  3. The PIF’s Short Dictionary of Environmental Language
    A look at how to interpret media language on the environment.
  4. Why Human Exploration of Space is Too Risky
    Going back to the US Civil war days for a look at a possible Present.


  1. The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats
    After a farmer interacts with a Republican and a Democrat, he asks God a question.
  2. The Future Humanity Consortium – Excerpts from an Interview with a Time Traveler
    The PIF meets a Time Traveler fleeing from his fellow Muslims.


  1. The Breath of Gore
    Shortly after the 2004 US Presidential Election, President Gore addresses the nation.


  1. EIB Network Bombed by NATO!
    A new front is opened on the Kosovo War.


  1. Intercepted Document of Uncertain Origin
    A mysterious document detailing plans by unidentified parties.
  2. America Gone Mad
    A commercial fisherman looks at the state of America.
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