Operation Iraqi Freedom Documents

PIF: Partial release of some millions of pre-war Iraqi documents has begun – finally – after much stalling by the DNI Negroponte. Each item is summarized with a pdf of the original untranslated Arabic document. Listings of all available items are A-Z, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Al-Qa’ida.

Several of the documents are translated clearly showing direct acknowledgment by the pre-war Iraqi Secret Service that Osama bin Laden and the Taliban visited Iraq, that Iraq was aware that of Al-Qa’ida’s intention to hit the U.S. and was cooperating to that end. Further, the contact point for the Iraqis was with Al-Qa’ida’s pointman in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

In a pre-war realsed audio tape. Saddam is heard saying that the First Gulf War did not end, but continues by other means. I do not have a link to it, but some of the cable news shows have played it.

One more note: Oriana Fallaci, the Italian author is currently awaiting trial in Italy for writing in a book that while interviewing (with a AK47 to her head) George Habibish that the Islamic intention was to takeover the world by bits and pieces, and that the current "Culture Clash" seen in Europe and to some extent here in the US was part of their plan.

No longer available: Operation Iraqi Freedom Documents

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