Military Video

Military Videos shot in Iraq/Afganistan during night operations from the air. Unlike so many daytime videos from war zones, we can actually see the enemy.

Insurgents self-destruct

U.S. helicopters watch as insurgents blow themselves up. Apache gunships with the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, TF Pegasus, observe insurgents in the act of emplacing an Improvised Explosive Device in southern Afghanistan. But before the Apaches moves in for the strike, the insurgents’ bomb goes off, killing them in the act.

AC 130U Gunship Take Out

Has voices of operators. I think the background voice which says "Boom. Betty" is referring to the 120mm howitzer firing.

Apache Take Out

US AH-64 Apache Uploaded by chocapico
Has voices of operators.

AC130U Take Out While Predators Watch

First clip is set to the song "Highway to Hell". More at

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