Murder by Socialism

A Catalog of Those Who Paid the Ultimate Price for Socialism

Socialism: its variants are sometimes called Communism, Nazism, Progressivism, Liberalism, Globalism, Big Governmentalism, etc.

Some interesting statistics presented by the PIF – a moments search will turn up these documented facts:


Germany: WWII Combat deaths:
4,750,000 – Ref: Eckhardt
Murdered by Hitler:
1933-1945 – 20,946,000
Hitler’s total: 20,946,000
The Soviet Union: WWII Combat deaths
26,400,000 – Ref: Sokolov
Murdered by Stalin:
1917-1987 – 61,911,000
Stalin’s total: 61,911,000
China: WWII Combat deaths
6,400,000 – Ref: Kinder
Executed by Mao Tse-Tung:
1923-1949 – 3,466,000
Starved to Death by Mao Tse-Tung:
1958-1961 – 38,000,000
1949-1987 – 35,236,000
Mao’s total: 76,702,000

Grand total for Socialism 1917-1987 – excluding the Japanese total (hard to find, but is near the 10,000,000 figure):
159,559,000 people murdered.

In perspective:
Cambodia 1970-1980 = 3,300,000
Vietnam 1975 -1980 (after American pull out – forced by U.S. Socialists) = 2,000,000

So all you fledgling Socialists out there those are the numbers you need to aspire to, or as many of you are fond of saying – "they didn’t get it right, but we will". Barry Lynn (Americans United for Separation of Church and State) said years ago on the Ollie North Radio Show he admired the USSR, except "they didn’t get the economic model right"…

How many millions do you socialists think your policies will cause to die by murder? A million, 10 million. 100 million, more?

As a reminder, WWII U.S. combat deaths – to stop the above socialists was 408.000 heroes.

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