North Korea on a Winter Night

or the Joys of True Socialism

North Korea at night
by the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellite.

PIF: Yep, this is socialism done right. Lest you think this is not in your future, remember – all those of you who argue against America and Western Civilization – this is the future you would wish on all of us.

For all those who abhor socialism, remember if the American socialists – aka Democrats – succeed in their quest for power at any cost, they will live in an America in the few bright spots as on the above map of North Korea, and you will live in the dark areas.

As someone so aptly said recently, "The Democrat leadership knows if the US pulls out of Iraq, it will bring unmitigated catastrophe upon the U.S., but they smell blood in the water, and in their pursuit of power at any price, do not care."

Case in point: In January 2002, Democrat Senator Rockefeller, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, went to Syria (an ally of Iraq) and Saudi Arabia (funder and supporter of radical Islam) and told them – in essence – "The Americans are coming". Shortly after that visit concluded, President Bush began the sequence which ended in the invasion of Iraq. Rockefeller admitted to this recently on Fox News Sunday. By November 26, 2002, and according to the tape played by then Secretary Power at the UN, the Iraqi’s had removed everything incriminating. One can only presume that this conversation referred to the as yet unfound but previously documented WMDs – which were presumed by many to have been removed to Syria and the Beka Valley in Lebanon.

The good news (sic) is when the rabid ‘Global Warming’ crowd takes over the U.S., North Korea won’t be the only nation dark on a chilly winter’s night.

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