Political News, World News, and Science 1999-2004

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April 1999

Kosovo Body Count to April 24, 1999
American Dead: 150 – 163
NATO Nationality Unknown Dead: 24 – 50
NATO Planes Downed: 69
NATO Helicopters Down: 9
See Truth in Media for more details

May 1999

NATO Losses to June 9, 1999

September 1999 stories no longer found:

  1. A Visa for Castro’s Terrorism Chief in Washington? – Insight Magazine
    More to the FALN terrorist group release than meets the eye, or are we being set up for something else?
  2. Military role in Davidian siege cloudy
    An interesting facial account of the military role with implications for the rest of us. Keep in mind that the same groups who targeted the Davidians are watching the commercial fishing community as well.
  3. Jane Fonda, heroine of North Vietnam, a Woman of the Century – adventures recounted in:
    Not saluting Jane Fonda – WorldNetDaily.com
  4. Bill (Color Me Fascist) Clinton – NewsMax.com
    Fascism alive and well in the USA, growing fatter ever day
  5. Foster Death Report sees professional ‘hit’ – WorldNetDaily.com
    The Knowlton Report to The Office of the Independent Counsel on the death of Vince Foster. Court unseals 511-page document charging obstruction of justice. And you think you live in a free country… heh,heh – free to export your money to pay other countries not to attack you.

November 1999 stories no longer found:

  1. World’s First Digital Device Implantable in Humans – With Applications in E-business to Business Security, Health Care and Criminal Justice… Biz.Yahoo.com
  2. A Visa for Castro’s Terrorism Chief in Washington?
  3. Surprise nuclear missile attack Part 1
  4. Surprise nuclear missile attack Part 2 – WorldNetDaily.com
  5. Why Today’s News Media is failing: Reporters take ego trips – Chicago Tribune
  6. Who lied about Kosovo horrors? (London) – London Sunday Times
  7. Defending against nuclear attack? – WorldNetDaily.com
  8. Federal Reserve System – Banking Fraud – NewsMax.com


December 1999 stories no longer found:

PIF Says, "A rather significant official announcement which the major news outlets will ignore."
Moscow Says It Will Use Nukes in Local War


March 2000

PIF Says, "A rather significant official announcement which the major news outlets will ignore."
PIF Bumber Sticker:
&quotVote 2000: Algore
Jiang Zemin 2004"

Chickens Coming Home to Roost. But Whose?

March 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. China Calls for Use of Force on Taiwan Independence Bid – NewsMax.com
  2. Moscow Says It Will Use Nukes in Local War – NewsMax.com
  3. China War Plan Against Taiwan and U.S. – Insight Magazine
  4. China Prepares for War. Full Text – Document of Office of the Central Military Commission (OCMC) – Insight Magazine
  5. China Threatens To Nuke America: First wage ‘Vietnam’-like conflict, then bomb U.S., says PLA document – WorldNetDaily.com
  6. Annan: Kosovo Violence May Spread Marketwatch

May 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. China Readies For War – NewsMax.com
  2. What It Means To Be An American: Charles Smith learns from Chinese dissident Harry Wu – WorldNetDaily.com
  3. Reno Calls Taiwan An Intelligence Threat – Washington Times.com
  4. FBI Probes Espionage at Clinton White House – Insight Magazine
  5. Retired General’s Advice On Fixing America – Clinton has helped Marxists and terrorists… at every opportunity – WorldNetDaily.com

August 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Is Russia on the Verge of Collapse? – NewsMax.com
  2. Sudan War Heating Up – Clinton ignores African atrocities as China escalates aid to Khartoum – WorldNetDaily.com
  3. The Kursk and U.S. Power Projection by Physicist James Gordon Prather – WorldNetDaily.com
  4. U.S. Army following the Soviet Lead? by Col. David H. Hackworth – WorldNetDaily.com
  5. U.S. Helps Russia Build Better Missile – Documents show Clinton permitting development of anti-radar weapon – WorldNetDaily.com
  6. Destroyer of Worlds – It is called by many names, including sustained development, eminent domain, ecosystem management, biodiversity, or whatever term du jour collectivists are using at the moment. By whatever name it is called, however, it is still a pagan utopian dream rooted in the worship of nature, its roots planted deep in early human history. – NewsMax.com
  7. Vince Foster’s Death An FBI Cover-up – WorldNetDaily.com

September 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Military Short of Staff, Parts, Money – Part 2 – Navy, Air Force, Marines, Dept of Defense – NewsMax.com
  2. Military in Decline: Doing More With Less – Part 1, The Army – NewsMax.com
  3. October Surprise’ Could Provoke War With Russia – NewsMax.com
  4. Take off the Rose-Colored Glasses & See the Real China, Senator Asks – NewsMax.com
  5. Clinton-Gore Appears to have Authorized the Sale of Elk Hills Naval Petroleum to Gore’s Friends at Occidental – Reagan.com
  6. U.S. Says Tribes Should Get Kennewick Man – Political correctness wins again, public and science loses, tribes gain million$, while protecting phoney history – history and science books soon to be rewriten. – Yahoo.com
  7. Clinton’s Gas Grab by Physicist James Gordon Prather – WorldNetDaily.com
  8. Who is Al Gore? Read his book “Earth In The Balance” – learn why Al thinks your income should be no more than the World Average – $10,000 a year, why high gasoline prices are good, why high gasoline taxs are a must have, why you should not have a car, or you can just read about this wonderful guy from Tennessee:
    Tennessee Underworld – Al Gore’s Uncle Whit Targeted As Alleged Drug Trafficker By Federal, State Law Enforcement – WorldNetDaily.com
  9. Gore plays fixer to ‘crooked’ uncle – WorldNetDaily.com
  10. U.S. Military Sets Sights on Guam – Military.com
  11. Navy Orders Complete Standdown- CBSNews.com
  12. Naval Air Is Called Degraded – Washtimes.com
  13. You heard about the Tremendous 4% ($7 avg) pay raise the US military got a few months back? Well, guess what? They lost it all because their housing alowance was decreased by an equal or greater amount!
    Expect this sort of thing to continue under Gore et al, as have been simular pay actions during the past 8 years. Expect also continued mass exodus from the Military in the coming months.
    Major equipment failures are killing personel – due to lack of training and parts – without any media notice.
    BTW: Military personel are forbidden to speak out – they are forced to sign an agreement not to speak out.

October 2000

USS Cole (480,000 full or 8 days sailing) arrived at Yemen with 250,000 gal fuel – Arrival at Oman would have in worst case 125,000 gal fuel – went to Yemen only to show flag? Washington D.C. political motives were only reason for Cole’s despatch to Yemen – NOT for a Navy or military reason
Navy investigator same one who investigated turret explosion on USS Iowa
Expect simular whitewash.

Army takes new steps to stem loss of young officers – cnn.com

Mr. Clinton’s Army – The military has suffered through eight years of neglect. – By Mark Helprin – Opinion Journal.com

New PIF Bumber Sticker:
“Vote 2000: Algore
V. Putin 2004″

October 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Recollect the Cole! by Hugh Sprunt
    Analysis of why a ship with a 5,000 mile range needs to be refueled under questionable circumstances & why does no one notice or seem to care that this was an act of war? – NewsMax.com
  2. Species Protection Squeezes Military – NewsMax.com
  3. Executive Orders and the Presidential Campaign by Dr. James Hirsen – Executive Order 13166: English no longer offical language of USA;
    Presidential Decision Directive: an executive order that is kept secret from the people, press, and even the Congress because it is ostensibly classified for national security – NewsMax.com
  4. Experts Fear Russia To Blackmail Gore – WorldNetDaily.com
  5. Al Gore & vs. Chernomyrdin. The Space Station Fiasco by Phil Brennan – pvbr.com
  6. Letter Shows Gore Made Russian Deal; Arms Sales Violation Kept From Congress by Bill Gertz – The Washington Times – drudgereport.com
  7. Gore Kept Russia-Iran Deal Secret – by any reading of the Constitution, this was an act of Treason – NewsMax.com
  8. “Clinton Complicit in Attack on Cole” said David Hackworth in Fox News Channel debate – NewsMax.com
  9. No More Coles And No More Snow Jobs by David Hackworth – WorldNetDaily.com
  10. Our Current Crisis Was Predicted when Al Gore Signed the Kyoto Treaty in 1997 by Mary Mostert – reagan.com
  11. Clinton Pulls of His “October Surprise” to Make You Forget Skyrocketing Gas Prices by Mary Mostert – reagan.com
  12. CIA official: Gore Compromised By Secret Past – Says Russia has dossiers on VP’s former drug use, Hammer connection – WorldNetDaily.com
  13. Gore’s Baby. Kyoto treaty would hit home-heating bills. Average family could pay extra $1,200 per year for natural gas – WorldNetDaily.com
  14. October Surprise, Part 8. Iran deal collapses. Support for Mideast terror jeopardizes Clinton legacy – WorldNetDaily.com
  15. October Surprise, Part 7. ‘Global settlement’ with Iran imminent. Top U.S. negotiator says Albright wants deal by end of Clinton’s term – WorldNetDaily.com
  16. An American Shame – by David Hackworth – WorldNetDaily.com
  17. Meet Constitution Party’s Howard Phillips – Candidate says GOP has ‘forfeited any claim on conservative support’ – WorldNetDaily.com
  18. “If You Want To Spend $4-$10 A Gallon For Gas, Vote For Gore” – Reagan.com
  19. Research Promises $5/Barrel Oil – New method called ecologically superior, more productive than drilling – WorldNetDaily.com
  20. October Surprise, Part 6. Iran’s Hidden U.S. Cash Stash $2 Billion In Military Spare Parts Could Cover Terror Victims’ Losses – WorldNetDaily.com
  21. Senator Gore Bargained For Gulf-war Vote – ‘If I don’t get 20 minutes tomorrow, I’m going to vote the other way’ – WorldNetDaily.com
  22. Mob Rule, Part 1: Gore Condoned Russian Mafia? – Report blames VP for Moscow relationship with U.S. ‘in tatters’ – WorldNetDaily.com
  23. Mob Rule, Part 2: Gore’s, Talbott’s Red Russian Roots – How they ‘Hammer’-ed out Washington-Moscow policy – WorldNetDaily.com

November 2000

The Donkey in the Living Room – The Democrats want to steal the election. Why isn’t that news? – Peggy Noonan – opinionjournal.com

Check in to see Algore’s buddies at work and play at The Hague:
Sovereignty International

The Great Defender – Michael Kelly – WashingtonPost.com

Cole Guards Told Not to Fire First – NewsMax.com

PIF: Question of the Election – was there a nationwide effort in democrat controlled counties to find a way no deny overseas military their absentee ballots?
PIF: Expect Gore, as President of the Senate, may decertify as many electorial votes as it takes to elect himself President – this IS Constitutionally legal.

November 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Gore’s irrationality is dangerous to freedom WorldNetDaily.com
  2. U.S. Now a ‘Threat’ in China’s Eyes – WashingtonTimes.com
  3. Cole Guards Told Not to Fire First – NewsMax.com
  4. NS officials claim they never issued (Fla) prediction – WashingtonPost.com
  5. Abstract people – townhall.com/columnists/thomassowell/
  6. Bush: fear of bin Laden nukes – unitedstates.com
  7. It’s Not the Military – reagan.com
  8. Church Killings Deal New Blow to Pakistan Chief – latimes.com
  9. Re: "Earth in the Balance" – Why Al Gore won’t give up – Jude Wanniski – worldnetdaily.com
    "There has been 812 billion barrels produced in the past 140-odd years since oil was discovered…" equals a hole the size of Lake Tahoe.
    “…if one mile of CO2 is produced each year from all sources, how much of that does mankind produce… three-eighths of an inch!”
  10. A Letter to Flyover Country – Diane Alden – newsmax.com
  11. Earth in the Balance, – "A wrenching transformation of society" by Algore
    Visit the ‘brave new world,’ where "everything is on the table and nothing is beyond belief", where you and your kids will live, in if these so called “global planners” have their way. Learn how “Few participants question much. Feeling alone rules.” Learn about this revolution which will have as much impact on people as the 18th Centruy US, French and the 20th Centruy Russian Revoloutions combined. Inform yourself about who really governs us and why.
  12. Humans to be removed from most of the Earth’s Surface?
    PIF is unable to find any info beyond this: The Decertification Treaty was recently ratified by Congess and signed by Clinton. This treaty has something to do with locking up 70% of the world’s landmass and it isn’t friendly to humans., and has little or nothing to do with Clinton’s recent Executive Orders locking up millions of acres here in the U.S.
  13. New Age ‘Energy:’
    Energy sources to be permitted under accords – pending agreement – biomass, wind and solar. All others – nuclear, gas, coal, oil, hydro are to be banned. Likely that US, Europe and Japan will be required to follow these guidelines, while Mexico, China, India, and Russia among many others will be exempted. PIF has heard that one could pave over the entire US land surface with solar cells, but not suppy one tenth of the current energy demand. Forecast: very chilly winters ahead.
  14. Vote Counting Stuns GOP – Robert Novak – Suntimes.com
    The Greenwood Position – Now we must fight for our country – by Peggy Noonan – OpinionJournal.com
  15. The Wisdom of Past Presidents
    Bill and Ho Chi Minh
    Bill Clinton recieves raptourous praise during his visit to Vietnam and his ‘reconciliation’ with a regime responsible for killing more than 55,000 Americans military. Meanwhile back home the Gore Election teams throws out 1,540 military absentee votes and bars the Press from observing their recounts.
  16. No Controlling Election Authority – Adam Wolfson – WashingtonTimes.com
  17. Desperate and Ugly in Florida – Thomas Sowell – TownHall.com
  18. Gore Is Undercutting The Office He Seeks – Jeff Jacoby – Boston.com
  19. Democracy In Peril – Tony Blankley – WashingtonTimes.com
  20. China prepares for war with U.S. over Taiwan – WashingtonTimes.com
  21. The Corruption of Warren Christopher – NewsMax.com
  22. In Vietnam, Clinton Is a Hero for His Anti-War Protest Days – ihtmed.com
  23. Rule by Decree: A complete affront to our representative form of government:
    President Clinton locks up 1 million more acres – New designations in West place land off-limits to mining, roads – WorldNetDaily.com
  24. While eyes are focused on the lower Fourty Eight lock-ups, in Alaska a far greater amount of land is ‘locked up’:
    President Clinton’s Road Ban – "the last bullet in the head" of Alaska loggers as 8.5 million acres of Tongass national forest off-limits to road building and logging, restrictions set to start in 2004 – adn.com
  25. Presidential Ballots in Denmark – Dailynews.Yahoo.com
    PIF: An oddity or part of a pattern?
  26. GOP Reveals Massive Voter Fraud in Milwaukee – NewsMax.com
    PIF: An oddity or part of a pattern?
  27. Military Anguishes Over Missing Ballots. Some claim overseas mail sent 4th-class instead of 1st – WorldNetDaily.com
    PIF: An oddity or part of a pattern?
  28. With 1 million Absentee Ballots Not Counted, Gore’s Ballot Hi-Jacking not over yet – Mary Mostert – Reagan.com
  29. Why Didn’t the Media Report the 30,000 Reform Party Votes for State Senate in Palm Beach? – Mary Mostert – Reagan.com
  30. Beijing’s Spies Gain Access To Secrets – Bill Gertz – The Washinton Times – Part 1 of 3 – WashingtonTimes.com
  31. Don’t Go Wobbly, George, in a House Divided – Diane Alden – NewsMax.com
  32. Navy Officer Accuses Officials Of Treason. Claims top personnel covered up, Russian attack, espionage activity – WorldNetDaily.com
  33. ‘How Democrats Steal Elections’ – Veterans of hand recounts describe – WorldNetDaily.com
  34. Russian Election Chief Says He Has Advice for U.S. – Gore needs to make a trip to learn more on how to steal elections – altavista.com
  35. Between Iraq And A Hard Place Part 2
    Saddam’s Female Assassin Squads Dispatched To Denmark To Kill, Maim Kurdish Refugees, Defectors On The Run. An international spy thriller in this Scandinavian nation because of Denmark’s disastorous experiment with mass third-world immigration. – WorldNetDaily.com

December 2000

bin Laden
The Man Who Declared War on America
Yossef Bodansky – PIF: This book came out before 09/11/01 (1999), but it is a must read if you want to understand this man and what he intends for those who stand in his way

Myths of the Middle East – WorldNetDaily.com

Oh and there is a Pentagon memo stating: since trained & skilled avaitors in the Army are in such sort supply, and bailing at record rates, it recomends recalling all aviatiors who retired after October 1995 and are under 62 year old…

Navy Finds Cole Crew at Fault – newsmax.com
PIF: Natually… They may as well blame them for Pearl Harbor too, while their at it (Headline: December 7 1941, Pearl Harbor Ship Sinks! – Skipper of USS Arizona Courts Martialed posthumously for derliction of duty, desertion under fire, blocking the Harbor and sinking his ship

PIF: Natually… They may as well blame them for Pearl Harbor too, while their at it (Headline: December 7 1941, Pearl Harbor Ship Sinks! – Skipper of USS Arizona Courts Martialed posthumously for derliction of duty, desertion under fire, blocking the Harbor and sinking his ship).

PIF: While you were watching Election 2000, the Russians were…
Russian Military Reform One More Step Toward Dictatorship – newsmax – Col. Stanislav Lunev

Oh and there is a Pentagon memo stating: since trained & skilled avaitors in the Army are in such sort supply, and bailing at record rates, it recomends recalling all aviatiors who retired after October 1995 and are under 62 year old…

PIF: As usual Col Lunev had this story weeks ago and had it right:
U.S. Faces New Challenges, Including Acts of Aggression and
The Kursk Tragedy Continues – Col. Stanislav Lunev – newsmax.com

The Phyllis Schlafly Report – Vol 34, No. 4

December 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. The Final Solution: CARA Compromise by Diane Alden – newsmax.com
  2. Final Declaration of the Sixth Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) – un.org
  3. Clinton-Gore: Banning Handguns And Nukes – James Gordon Prather – worldnetdaily
  4. Daschle Blocks Bill On Military Voting – washtimes.com
  5. New U.N. Treaty Ratified Quietly
    The U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification was ratified by the U.S. Senate on October 18 – worldnetdaily – A Brief Introduction To The Convention To Combat Desertification (CCD). (Convention to combat desertification in those countries experiencing serious drought and/or desertification, particularly in Africa) – iisd.ca
  6. PIF Notes:
    “Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Missile Launch Notification” & “Pre- and Post-Launch Notification System” (PLNS) accord: This week, Madeleine Albright and Russia’s foreign minister meet in Brussels to sign a particularly ill-advised bilateral agreement… would obligate the parties to provide advance notice of all ballistic missiles and virtually all space-launch vehicles… would effectively pre-empt decisions and perhaps even preclude recommendations about U.S. space policy by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld… the new limits will impose upon America’s access to space and, will create impediments to U.S. control of the increasingly indispensable theater of commercial and military operations…
  7. Russian Flyover Takes Navy By Surprise?
    Ship personnel say incident more serious threat than Pentagon admits – worldnetdaily
  8. Russians “take out” USS Kitty Hawk – first time ever! – email panic-stricken crew pics!
    U.S. ship (USS Kitty Hawk) took 40 minutes to respond to order – washingtontimes
    PIF: The Clinton-Gore PC Navy ready for action – sometime, maybe, sort of eventually.
  9. A Briefing on Issues of Independence and Sovereignty – eagleforum.org


January 2001

Why Saudis won’t change tune

Saudis created jihad monster
Fear of radical Shi’ites led to promotion of radical Sunnis – WorldNetDaily.com

Saudi Royals and Reality (Free Registration Required)

Disqualified by His Religion? – Charles Krauthammer – washingtonpost.com
PIF: a note on the quote “No King But Jesus” – this was the cry during the Revolutinary War – it stuck terror in the heart of the British Empire, and was a direct affront to King George.

Is U.S. hiding Arafat murders? – Ex-NSA op blows whistle in 1973 killings of American diplomats in Sudan embassy – WorldNetDaily.com

January 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Bullets of Saudi gold – washtimes.com
  2. The unlikely US-Saudi alliance – boston.com
  3. We’ve Created a Monster in Saudi Arabia – suntimes.com
  4. The Saudi struggle – boston.com
  5. Deserted – Why Riyadh Stiffs America – thenewrepublic.com
  6. Saddam Has Made Two Atomic Bombs, says Iraqi defector – telegraph.co.uk:80
  7. Bush: "Special interest groups …scream the loudest so they can raise more money" – reagan.com
  8. Hume: There is a belief among many Dems that your election was not legitimate, that you were selected not elected President. And therefore you are not entitled to nominate such nominees of such controversial views as Gale Norton and John Ashcroft. How do you react to that?
    Bush: Too bad. I am going to. – reagan.com
  9. Six Natural Gas Suppliers in California at May Stop Delivering Gas – reagan.com
  10. Bush Vows to Fight ‘Huge Energy Crisis’ – vowed to fight a “huge energy crisis” by analyzing all federal lands for oil exploration, enlisting Mexico’s help and rejecting calls to breach hydroelectric dams. – dailynews.yahoo.com
  11. "Oil, oil, oil. That’s the big fear. If Arafat were to be destroyed politically – and this would do it – the Arab world would reply with a boycott we would not be able to deal with." Funding the War on the American West – Diane Alden – NewsMax.com
  12. In The Dark Of The Night – Oliver North – townhall
    "In directing that the United States become one of the last of 138 nations to sign this ill-advised document, Clinton formally obligated us to “uphold the principles and purposes” of the ICC. By so doing, he has endangered the liberty of every American civilian, military or public official, including his successors as president. Most in the so-called mainstream media barely noticed." – townhall.com/columnists/ollienorth

February 2001

Clinton Administration Sold to China Systems Used by Iraq – NewsMax.com

Pakistan To Put Nukes On Subs – WorldNetDaily.com

It’s Not So Green in the Dark – opinionjournal.com – The lights go out in California. Armchair environmentalists had it coming – Kimberly A. Strassel

February 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Defectors Say Iraq Tested Nuclear Bomb – sunday-times.co.uk
  2. Was This Saddam’s Bomb? – London Times Report on 1989 testing & 6 nuclear weapons (implosion & thermonuclear) – sunday-times.co.uk
  3. A Female Eye Takes Aim In The Iraqi Sky – sunday-times.co.uk
  4. Us Warplanes Strike In Northern Iraq Again – sg.news.yahoo.com
  5. Belgrade Supplied Intelligence For Air Strikes Against Baghdad – smh.com.au

March 2001

Russian Space Force Gets Green Light

New Russian Defense Chief Explains Space Force’s Military Role

Dam construction on Euphrates and Tigris Rivers – the first act of war in the MidEast? Kurds v. Syria, Iraq, Jordan, United Arab Emirates v. Turkey & Britain – WorldNetDaily.com

Defector Confirms Chinese Army Spying on US – “Bush is reported to be on the verge of shutting down Chinese military espionage in America.” – NewsMax.com

Lebanon Decries Israeli Weapons Complaint – War coming soon Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon v. Israel, US. Both chem/bio and nukes will be used – WorldNetDaily.com

Russian Moral Standards in Deep – Col. Lunev – NewsMax.com

What price PR? – Col. Hackworth – WorldNetDaily.com

Inside the Federal Reserve – WorldNetDaily.com

CIA’s Bastard Army Ran Riot In Balkans’ Backed Extremists – London Observer – PIF: The truth about Clinton’s War is slowy coming to light

Evidence Grows That Bush Will Back ‘Global Warming’ Treaty – NewsMax.com
Gorbachev Reborn – NewsMax.com

Chinese military budget mostly hidden – Secretive PLA finances make increase hard to gauge – WorldNetDaily.com

ABM Scofflaws – opinionjournal.com – Does Russia already have a national missile defense? More evidence – the only thing left is for the US Gov and the Media to admit it. – Since 1967

March 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. More Nukes, Please – weeklystandard.com
  2. Another Kosovo Looming in Macedonia? – Worried Greeks See Balkan Domino Fears Coming True – reagan.com
  3. Cosmonauts to NASA – Millionaire comrade trains with us or nobody trains! – nj.com
  4. Yugoslavia Given Green Light To Fight Albanians – London Telegraph – telegraph.co.uk:80
  5. ANWR Development as Seen by the Eskimos who Live There – reagan.com
  6. Analyst Predicts New War With US, Iraq – related to above – usdefense.com
  7. Questions Surround Indian Group – Chinook, Duwamish recognition on hold amid possible unethical practices at BIA – Fox News – foxnews.com
  8. Spy Agency May Have Located Mars Polar Lander – dailynews.yahoo.com
  9. 10 Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea – David Horowitz – The Information Censored by University News Papers in America – Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Blacks is a Bad Idea for Blacks – and Racist Too – FrontPageMagazine.com, January 3, 2001 – reagan.com
  10. US Shares Secrets To Stop Mir Disaster – sunday-times.co.uk
  11. Astronauts Work On Their New Home During Spacewalk – Spacewalk was the longest in shuttle history – orlandosentinel.com

April 2001

Russia, China team up in Asia – Prepare for expected offensive by militant Islamic forces – WorldNetDaily.com

Bush scores A+ on China – WorldNetDaily.com

The New South Africa: Whites Viciously Massacred – NewsMax.com

U.N. Wants Global Gun Ban – NewsMax.com

China Plans May Day Cyberwar Against U.S. – NewsMax.com

China Anti-Satellite Development Continuing – WorldNetDaily.com

Scientists: Internal Engine Drives Earth’s Changes

Gramm-Enzi ‘Hi-Tech for China’ bill – ..”giving the People’s Liberation Army a massive new infusion of militarily relevant U.S. high technology…” – WorldNetDaily.com

Gen. Singlaub: China Handed Propaganda Edge – ‘Chinese Bought Clinton’- NewsMax.com

Life Under The Red Star – A Prison Country – A report from inside North Korea. Socialism done right!

Dianne Feinstein – Call her ChiFi – WorldNetDaily.com

Ex-NSA op asks Congress to probe Arafat murders – WorldNetDaily.com

A Deal On China’s Hostages – Then What? Frank J. Gaffney Jr. – WorldNetDaily.com

Upping Our Recon Game – Hackworth – WorldNetDaily.com

Beijing-Moscow Military Alliance Grows – WorldNetDaily.com

Putins First Year & Russias Arms Sales Destabilizing Gulf Nations – Col. Stanislav Lunev – NewsMax.com

Bin Laden Threats Close Embassies – Uruguay, Paraguay and Ecuador

Israel Preparing For Summer Offensive – “Sources said that Arafat, along with Iraqi and Syria, indicated that the last knots had been tied for launching a regional war, confirming the warnings issuing from sections of Israeli intelligence…” – WorldNetDaily.com

Who wants war in the Middle East? – “At a time of American unreadiness and false optimism…. Syris, Iraq, Russia, China. ‘There is no place for the Jewish people between Jordan and the sea.'” – S. Hussein – WorldNetDaily.com
Why? “Oil embargo equals Russian profit, turns US recession into a depression, conservative politicians and free market advocates discredited, North Korean communists launch an assault on South Korea, China to blockade Taiwan, Serbia assert itself in the Balkans, U.S. might suffer a domestic implosion which triggers a violent internal breakup. Once a war is ignited and oil is cut off the whole world might come unglued, starting with America.”

Be whatever you want to be
PIF: The next Army battlefield will be piled high with American corpses.
U.S. Continues Clinton’s Military Exchanges With China – NewsMax.com

The Marxist Wars Aren’t Over Yet – NewsMax.com

The Wizards and Their Policy – N.Korea Military Assessment – be afraid, see next story – WorldNetDaily.com

CIA Official N. Korea Probably Has Nuclear Arms – NewsMax.com

April 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. www.nipc.gov – National Infrastructure Protect warns: “Increased Internet Attacks Against U.S. Web Sites and Mail Servers Possible in Early May.” Issued 04/26/2001 – Citing recent events between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC), malicious hackers have escalated web page defacements over the Internet. This communication is to advise network administrators of the potential for increased hacker activity directed at U.S. systems during the period of April 30, 2001 to May 7, 2001. Chinese hackers have publicly discussed increasing their activity during this period, which coincides with dates of historic significance in the PRC: May 1 is May Day; May 4 is Youth Day; and, May 7 is the anniversary of the accidental bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. To date, hackers already have unlawfully defaced a number of U.S. web sites, replacing existing content with pro-Chinese or anti-U.S. rhetoric. In addition, the NIPC previously reported on an Internet worm named “Lion” that is infecting computers and installing distributed denial of service (DDOS) tools on various systems. Analysis of the Lion worm’s source code reveals that, when illegally exploited, it sends password files from the victim site to an email address located in China. For more information on the Lion DDOS tool, refer to NIPC Advisory 01-005. As a result of the activity already seen, together with public statements threatening increased illegal activity, network and system administrators are encouraged to more closely monitor their web sites and mail servers during April 30, 2001 through May 7, 2001 for attacks that could include web page defacements and denial-of-service attacks. Recipients of this advisory are encouraged to report computer intrusions to their local FBI office – http://www.fbi.gov/contact/fo/fo.htm – or the NIPC, and to other appropriate authorities.
  2. Crew Unable to Destroy All Secrets on China Plane – dailynews.yahoo.com
  3. Why is The U.S. Trading With The Enemy? – The Chinese make practically every toy and T-shirt sold in U.S. shopping malls – nationalpost.com
  4. The New Army – www.weeklystandard.com
  5. Chicom Troops Open Fire on Farmers – newsmax.com
  6. Russia’s Wen Ho Lee? – NewsMax.com
  7. California Energy Crisis Could Cripple U.S. Economy – NewsMax.com
  8. 200 Year Old Rumor About Thomas Jefferson Proved a Lie – reagan.com
  9. While China Sleeps – washtimes.com
  10. What the US Government is NOT Telling about Mid-Air Collision – Chinese Don’t Want the American Version Aired – reagan.com
  11. Chicom Pilot’s Dangerous Manuever No Accident – NewsMax.com
  12. Oregon – “We Want Water” – A number of stories about US Gov denying water and devestation of Oregon farming communities. – heraldandnews.com
  13. Asian Dust Storm Spreads Pollution Across West – charlotte.com
  14. A Must Read: Missile Defense Deployed in Russia – www.insightmag.com
    “The Soviets built a rudimentary missile-defense system around Moscow before the 1972 treaty and replaced it with a far more advanced system in 1987… The evidence shows clearly that Soviet leaders are attempting to prepare their military forces for the possibility of having to fight a nuclear war and are training… proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Russia now possesses a national missile-defense system…” Sources: A. Kosygin, I.D. Sergeyev, Y.V.Votintsev, V.N. Yakolev, G.V. Kisunko, B.V. Bunkin
  15. The Aftermath of Clinton Using the US Air Force to Help Drug Dealer Terrorists in the Balkans – reagan.com
  16. Clinton’s Chinagate Chickens Come Home to Roost – NewsMax.com
  17. U.S. Spy Plane Lands In China After Collision – Bill Gertz – washingtontimes.com
  18. Military Blueprint To Set Big Changes – Rowan Scarborough – washtimes.com

May 2001

Russian Gas Drives U.S. Policy – NewsMax.com

Feds Wage War on Farming Veterans – “We have spent millions of dollars on lawsuits,” said second-generation farmer Sam Henzel. “We have no money left to fight.” While “the legal bills of professional environmental activist groups are paid for by the American taxpayers under the “citizen lawsuit” provisions of the ESA.” – NewsMax.com

New cold war or thawing of relations? – Analysts present likely result of Bush’s missile defense plan – WorldNetDaily.com

Region-wide war looms – Ethnic Albanian rebellion could cause all-out multi-power conflict – WorldNetDaily.com

Court Ties Economic Impact to Endangered Species Areas – NewsMax.com

History re-written to undermine gun rights? – WorldNetDaily.com

Rumsfeld on High Wire of Defense Reform

China targets ethnic minority (for death) – WorldNetDaily.com

North Korean Atrocities Ignored – WorldNetDaily.com

Raising taxes, Moscow style or why government schools are good for everyone:
“I think you need to frighten people into paying tax. It’s going to be fun as well because you get to kick doors down.” Anton Bykov

More on Army’s Tungsten Bullet
Get the lead out! The Tungsten Finesse – WorldNetDaily.com

McVeigh, Nichols ‘Did Not Act Alone’ – OKC investigating committee concludes U.S. ‘had prior knowledge of the bombing’ – WorldNetDaily.com

Is Pentagon Muzzling Its Export Watchdogs? – Officials fear their relocation will limit control over military transfers to China – WorldNetDaily.com

Japan Wants More U.S. Surveillance Flights – Tokyo fears Americans might ‘cave in’ to Chinese demands – WorldNetDaily.com

Russia To Beef Up Navy – New ships, training of crew part of ‘return to world’s oceans’ – WorldNetDaily.com

May 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. (PIF: More made in China – world’s leading & largest source of Tungsten)
    Army Draws Bead On ‘Green’ Bullets – Tungsten composite replaces lead ammo – accessatlanta.com
  2. Red Alert at Pearl Harbor – "Evidence suggests the Soviet Union, fearing its fate at the hands of a growing Pacific power, used agents in Washington and Tokyo to manipulate the U.S. and Japan into open warfare." – insightmag.com
  3. Preparing for The Next Pearl Harbor Attack – “For the first time in our history, the armed forces cannot defend us from the foreign threat. They cannot surround the power grid. Therefore, we are asking the private sector to defend not only itself, but the country as well.” – insightmag.com
  4. Acerbic Fervor Among Town’s Antigreens – csmonitor.com
  5. Ann Coulter at Cornell – frontpagemag.com
    PIF: A must read for those parents looking for a college for their kids – Question: do you want your children to have an education or an indOctoberernation?
  6. Just What The Hell Is Going on Here?
    PIF: Hey, sit in the dark, while the Chinese using a military nuclear power reactor funded with your tax dollars builds weapons to kill you and light their homes with reactor designs we sold them. – newsmax.com
  7. NATO Issues Warning Of Civil War As Macedonia Steps Up Shelling – independent.co.uk
    Israel unveils new air-to-air missile – jpost.com

June 2001

Government Property Seizures out of Control – NewsMax.com

Rumsfeld Offers To Scrap MX Missiles Two Years Early

Remembering Ukraine’s Unknown Holocaust

Ground Chuck – New York’s other senator tries a different kind of borking. PAUL A. GIGOT –
PIF: The new socialist vision for US judiciary – see previous story for end result.

Rand Report Warns of Conflict With China – NewsMax.com

China Broke U.S. Military Codes After Taking Plane – NewsMax.com

CIA Documents on Ron Brown Declared Secret – NewsMax.com

Global Warming Natural, May End Within 20 Years
Original News Release

US Aircraft Carrier Group Steams Toward Taiwan

Killer proclaimed King of Nepal

June 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Enriching China – Will this year be different, ask critics of China trade, or are welfare programs really better for U.S. workers than jobs? See last third of article for Wa State’s “benefits.” – insightmag.com
  2. Bush Aide Details Alleged Clinton Staff Vandalism – washingtonpost.com

July 2001

Private property epidemic? – WorldNetDaily.com

The eunuchs are whining by Anne Coulter – WorldNetDaily.com

Economic terrorism – WorldNetDaily.com

Daschle’s duplicity – WorldNetDaily.com

Unenlightened self interest – WorldNetDaily.com

Food terror and fast track – WorldNetDaily.com

Secret means secret, stupid! – WorldNetDaily.com

Bush plans ‘space bomber

Sino-Russian Treaty Challenges U.S – NewsMax.com

Bush-Putin Meeting: Breakthrough or Window Dressing? – NewsMax.com

TWA 800 Exploding hypothisis P1 – WorldNetDaily.com

TWA 800 Exploding hypothisis P2 – WorldNetDaily.com

TWA 800: The Collapse Of American Journalism – WorldNetDaily.com

Iraq’s War Move In Jordan – WorldNetDaily.com

U.S. Weighs New Iraqi Strike – WorldNetDaily.com

China’s Illusive Billion Customers – NewsMax.com

Australia: The End of Freedom
Big Moon-Sized Object Found Beyond Neptune

The Fake Consensus on ‘Global Warming’ – NewsMax.com

Eco-Theology For Kids – WorldNetDaily.com

Good Cop, Bad Cop Putin – “Vladimir Putin now threatens an invincible nuclear attack unless there are broad agreements agreeable to Russia and China” – NewsMax.com

Lying about ex-Yugoslavia – Col. David H. Hackworth – WorldNetDaily.com

Courting Constitutional Disaster – “The struggle in America today is between those who want to return us to constitutional principles and the religious values that inspired them, and those who have been corrupted by their fraudulently acquired power and cannot bear the thought of returning it to its rightful owners, namely the people. We are on the slippery slope” – WorldNetDaily.com

Al Gore in Drag – WorldNetDaily.com

July 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Leahy dOctoberrine ensures judicial gridlock – washtimes.com
  2. McKinney befriending royal tyrants – accessatlanta.com
  3. On a ruinous wartime energy track? – ‘Jumpn’ Jim Jeffords Senate Substitute Bill – S. 556 – not only stops anwar drilling, but ends coal burning – stripping the US of major power generation capabilities – washtimes.com
  4. Democrats in Drag: Third Way Fall From Grace (forward) NewsMax.com
  5. Technology, Sovereignty and the Third Wave (part 1) NewsMax.com
  6. Clinton and Blair’s Center-Left Democracy (part 2) NewsMax.com
  7. Gingrich, Toffler and Gore: A Peculiar Trio (part 3) NewsMax.com
  8. Groveling in the Gutter of the Gulags (part 4) – NewsMax.com
  9. Eradicating the U.S. Constitution by Design (part 5 – NewsMax.com
  10. Feds Seize Cattle From Second Nevada Rancher – rgj.com
  11. Must Read: Viruses As Global Population Control? Geoff Metcalf interviews bio-terrorism expert Dr. Len Horowitz – worldnetdaily.com
  12. War of the Porkers – Col. Hackworth – reagan.com
  13. Native Americans Exploited Marine Life. Scientists Dispel Theory Europeans Began Destruction – They were ‘overfishing’ – news-press.com
  14. Clinton Holdover Deep-Sixed Chinagate Evidence – NewsMax.com
  15. China Executed 1,781 People In Three Months – sg.news.yahoo.com

August 2001

The Muslim Claim to Jerusalem

Militant Islam in America

Muslim Moderate Kabbani Firm on Terrorist Nuclear Threat – NewsMax.com

Yes, This Is About Islam (Free Registration Required)

Islam Can’t Escape Blame

FBI Wary of Investigating Extremist Muslim Leaders

A Thwarted Civilization – Arabs Have Nobody to Blame But Themselves – Bin Laden heads a frustrated and failed generation

A New Crusade? – WorldNetDaily.com

Islam According to Oprah

Cracks appear in Al Aqsa Mosque – WorldNetDaily.com

A Memo to American Muslims

For a Muslim Legion – by William Safire. Purchace for $3.95

American Muslims Are Americans

Muslims must step forward – dallasnews.com

U.S. Iraq Attack To Involve Ground Troops – White House plans multi-pronged offensive against Hussein – WorldNetDaily.com

Californians Concerned Over Chemtrails – WorldNetDaily.com

Military Answers Chemtrail Concerns – WorldNetDaily.com

Iraq And Syria Have Rapidly Developed Military Cooperation

The New Syrian-iraqi Axis – WorldNetDaily.com

Imminent Volcanic Eruption At Mt. Rainer Feared

The Coming Iraqi Strike – WorldNetDaily.com

New Israeli-Arab war in offing? – WorldNetDaily.com

Keep An Eye On Gorbachev

And in further related Gorbachev news…
Soviets Planned Post-Nuke

Maybe Hitler Had The Right Idea
(PIF: this isn’t what it sounds like)

GOP Lawmakers Join Democrats in Aiding Enviro Left

Unlimited property confiscation – WorldNetDaily.com

War With China – NewsMax.com

Chinese Breach Security at Kennedy Space Center – NewsMax.com

U.S. Operation Iraq Underway – WorldNetDaily.com

Whites Finished In Zimbabwe

Has Federal Shark-Protection Caused The Surge In Shark Attacks?

Countdown To War In Mideast – WorldNetDaily.com

August 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Islam’s Hatred of the Women’s Sexuality – WARNING very graphic – frontpagemag.com
  2. Muslims in U.S. should proclaim loyalty – suntimes.com – osullivan
  3. Ramadan, Muslims & War – nypost.com
  4. The Cheap Oil Boom Is Ending – newsmax.com
  5. Revealed: How Hollywood Stars Queued To Expose ‘Pinkos – ap.tbo.com/ap/
  6. Baby Seized by State Police from Mothers Hospital Room – massnews.com
  7. Report: China Had Covert Plan for 1996 Elections – dailynews.yahoo.com
  8. Cut Timber Rotting While Sales Are Debated. More “green” wastage. seattlep-i.nwsource.com
  9. Russia’s Gulags Still In Business – Kim Jong Il pledged to pay off £5.5bn debt to Russia – So you want you’re timber imported from Russia? Here’s the gang that does the cutting… thescotsman.co.uk

September 01-10, 2001

US investigating whether nukes in country

‘Sleeper Cells’ Of Al Qaeda Are Next Target

We Must Act As If He Has The Bomb

The phone call heard ’round the world – WorldNetDaily.com

A State of High Alert – Is A Radiological Bomb(s) Already in US?

Beyond This War on Terrorism

Taliban Picking Favorites for Frontline War Coverage US based TV networks choose sides in war on terrorism – newsmax.com

Chickens Coming Home to Roost Ç But Whose? – NewsMax.com

Attacks Restrained by Political Goals PIF: long article but has some important insights

Was Tim McVeigh an agent of Iraq – WorldNetDaily.com

Middle East-OKC connection – WorldNetDaily.com

Is U.S. really Israel’s ally? – WorldNetDaily.com

Tracking terrorism using the network of railways to transpor addictive and destructive goods – WorldNetDaily.com

Al Qaeda’s Tracks Deepen in Europe

Iraq Back In U.S. Sghts Anthrax attacks make Hussein major priority – WorldNetDaily.com

The Iraq Connection by James Woolsey

Afghan Ground Offensive Set Turkish special forces mission to occupy Kabul – WorldNetDaily.com

Russian Officials Ordered Not to Travel to U.S – NewsMax.com

Lock and load now! Military & National Guard troops still have unloaded weapons! – WorldNetDaily.com

Bush Favors Palestinian State – WorldNetDaily.com

Bin Laden Has Won – WorldNetDaily.com

Why America Has Already Lost The War – WorldNetDaily.com

Bin Laden’s Son, Mohamed – The Grooming Of A Dynasty

Chinese Experts: Attacks Prove America Superpower Status Hollow – NewsMax.com

South Africa-Islamic terrorist connection – WorldNetDaily.com

Courting disaster – WorldNetDaily.com

Politically correct terrorism – WorldNetDaily.com

A New Kind of War – Donald Rumsfeld – NewsMax.com

Osama’s secret citadel – His elaborate fortress won’t be easy target – WorldNetDaily.com

President Bush’s Address to Congress and the American People “…they will follow that path all the way, to where it ends: in history’s unmarked grave of discarded lies.” – NewsMax.com

Destroying domestic terror camps – Lawmaker calls for end to training networks in U.S. – WorldNetDaily.com

Arafat scrambles for cover – Why he signed truce with Israel after attack – WorldNetDaily.com

Hama Rules by Tom Friedman. Purchace for $3.95

The making of an unlikely coalition – Why Iran, Iraq are denouncing terror attacks – WorldNetDaily.com

Digital terrorist moles in White House – Terrorists have top-secret presidential codes – as well as all other US military and NSA generated codes – WorldNetDaily.com

Russia Knew in Advance, Encouraged Citizens to Cash Out Dollars – Russia poised to take advantage of any collapse in the American economy. May have engineered the entire 09/11/01 event… Interview with Dr. Tatyana Koryagina of the Russian Institute of Macroeconomic Researches… an expert in the shadow economy, shadow politics and conspirology… made after the July in the Russian State Duma meeting ‘On the measures to provide the development of Russian economy in the environment of destabilization of the world financial system’

Bin Laden: Architect of New Global Terrorism

30-50 more suicide killers in U.S. – Intelligence sources say they wait for orders to strike – WorldNetDaily.com

Attacks Against America Are Not Over

Terror Plot in Works 5 years – NewsMax.com

Bush Declares Emergency, Calls Up Reservists – NewsMax.com

Ex-CIA Chief Woolsey Sees Iraqi Fingerprints – NewsMax.com

Netanyahu on defeating terrorism – Former Israeli leader: Islamic militants will use nukes if they possibly can – WorldNetDaily.com

U.S. equipped terror sponsors Clinton exported NSA-ducking phone, high-tech encryption devices to Syria – WorldNetDaily.com

Gen. Singlaub: Prepare for Biological, Chemical Attacks – NewsMax.com

World War III Purchace for $3.95

Port Authority officials believe the casualty count will likely hit 20,000 and possibly more – NewsMax.com

To War, Not to Court

Admiral Moorer: Clinton Policies Led to Disaster – NewsMax.com

The Price We Must Pay

What now? September12, 2001 – WorldNetDaily.com

Alarmed Putin Calls for Retaliation September12, 2001 – NewsMax.com

CIA Officials Reveal What Went Wrong – Clinton to Blame September12, 2001 – NewsMax.com

Warning: More Attacks, Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Possible September11, 2001 – NewsMax.com

Oceans Temps, Solar Cycles Linked

PBS’s ‘Evolution’ Series Is Propaganda, Not Science – WorldNetDaily.com

Fatuous Filmmaking Michael J. Behe – WorldNetDaily.com

Darwin’s public defenders Stephen Meyer – WorldNetDaily.com

The Skeptical Environmentalist
Measuring the Real State of the World
– by Bjorn Lomborg

The Truth About The Environment – by Bjorn Lomborg

Alaskans Hopeful Democrats Permit ANWR Vote

BLM Launches EIS for Conservation and Restoration of BLM Public Lands in Western U.S.

Castro’s Planes Fly Over U.S. Despite Terrorist Ties

America’s ‘Palestinians’ La Raza hooks up with Bin Laden – WorldNetDaily.com

Arab terrorists’ crossing border Middle Eastern illegals find easy entrance into U.S. from Mexico – WorldNetDaily.com

Castro, Bioterrorist in Our Backyard – NewsMax.com

Bin Laden’s Ho Chi Minh Trail in Canada – NewsMax.com

The Confederacy – So That Each State Could Remain Free – A Jeffersonian View Of The Civil War
PIF: When I was in high school, this was the history of the Civil War I was taught. Admittedly it was eaasy to doze in the overwarm classs rooms when the terms ‘tarriffs,’ ‘taxes,’ ‘fiscal obligations,’ and ‘treaties’ were bandied about in too great detail, awakening into blazing battles as the teacher drew them on the blackboard in coloured chalks.

It was only after I read The Red Badge of Courage that I could just begin to grasp the scale of the battles and the magnitude of the death and dying, which, in nice weather, was watched by high-society basket-lunchers seated in comfort on the hills over looking the battles. A more modern account of these times and battles, is captured in "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier. It wasn’t until after college that I began to understand why so many, so willingly gave their lives. The “Civil War” was always about money and power, never about slavery. As a footnote here, I might add that most of the great injustices done to the Tribes occurred just prior, during, and more so, after this period, as the federal government began to consolidate it’s power. And with the so-called ‘green movement’ today we see the same forces at work, destroying the last remaining vestiges of what was once a great union.

Anarchists Too Scared To Stage Protest Economic Summit In China PIF: heehehehee – when the going gets tough, the greens chicken out; or the Chinese have the answer to all those pesky, green antics; or corporate globalism is fine, as long as it’s a Chinese one…

Beijing: Paper tiger or world threat? – WorldNetDaily.com

What if… "China Attacks Taiwan!" – PARAMETERS, US Army War College Quarterly

Department of Defence – Official DoD Releases

Greens Going Nuclear – NewsMax.com
Green Guru Lovelock on nuclear waste – just put it anywhere you don’t want human access….. the real wackos come out of the closet

September 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Shortage of Anthrax Vaccine – military only – none for popualtion at large – death, without vaccine, within a few days – use of this agaent would not be known until Americans in the millions started dying days later – definitely something to call your reps and congressmen about. – washingtonpost.com
  2. Bin Ladens Scattered Legions – according to this part of the DebkaFile report there are 2,500 Al Qaeda and (Egyptian) Jihad Islami terrorists in the US, since the end of the Russo-Afgani Waar in the 1980s. – debka.com
  3. Sad Global Response
  4. On To Baghdad? Yes – The Risks Are Overrated – nypost.com
  5. War doubters eat their words – boston.com
  6. Al Qaeda now in ‘survival-only mode’ – washtimes.com
  7. Amnesty for aliens on agenda of AFL-CIO – filed under ‘Oh my g-d’ are they nuts – washtimes.com
  8. Defeating ‘the enemy within – washtimes.com
  9. Al Qaeda architect’s influence raises fear – chicagotribune.com
  10. Open Letter to Osama bin Laden Izzat Majeed – nation.com.pk
  11. Bush Order: Terror Trials by Military – washingtonpost.com
  12. U.S. Sees Winter As Advantage – washtimes.com
  13. Britain has been radicals’ refuge – chicagotribune.com
  14. Pentagon Seeks Ideas On Combating Terrorism (includes contact info) also: The commander of U.S. Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, Va., has been placed in charge of the land and maritime defense of the continental United States, as well as providing military assistance to civil authorities. – defenselink.mil
  15. No More Jury Trials For Terrorists – townhall.com – michellemalkin
  16. Security Before Liberty – opinionjournal.com
  17. Egyptian and Saudi Airlines Won’t Share Passenger Lists With U.S – newsmax.com
  18. The Young And The Gutless – nypost.com
  19. Fugitive says 14 terrorist pilots still on the loose – thetimes.co.uk
  20. Witnesses claim massive blast caused by missile – thescotsman.co.uk
  21. I don’t understand – townhall.com – billoreilly
  22. Chinese firms helping put phone system in Kabul – washtimes.com
  23. Some Media Banning Use of the ‘T’ Word – newsmax.com
  24. An Open Letter to the “Anti-War” Demonstrators. Think Twice Before You Bring The War Home – frontpagemagazine.com
  25. The West must stand tall West must crush terrorism piece by piece – Netanyahu – suntimes.com
  26. Terrorists trade in stolen identities – thetimes.co.uk
  27. Soviet Lessons Learned? – insightmag.com
  28. Saudis Balk at U.S. Use of Key Facility – washingtonpost.com
  29. Sudan handing over bin Laden associates – vny.com
  30. The Pacifist Delusion – nypost.com
  31. Fishing for reasons to fault American role – washtimes.com
  32. Blair warns of rogue nuclear strikes – thetimes.co.uk
  33. U.S. May Sock Bin Laden From Russian Bases – nypost.com
  34. Time to use the nuclear option – washtimes.com
  35. The War Began When Clinton Sided with Osama bin Laden – reagan.com
  36. Civilian Defense Against Biothreat – insightmag.com
  37. Explosions shake Afghanistan capital, both U.S. and Afghan rebels deny involvement – n-jcenter.com
  38. In Some Toronto Mosques, A Harder Line – thestar.ca
  39. Freed Canadian Reporter Defends Captors, Condemns U.S thestar.com
    Analysis: Systemic Lapses Mar Canada Probe – unitedstates.com
  40. Ashcroft: National Guard To Be Used At Canadian Border – startribune.com
  41. Yesterday the Toronto Sun reported that a dozen suspects connected to Al-Qaida where released due to lack of space and because Imigration is overloaded – story has been pulled. – canoe.ca TorontoNews<
  42. Saddam Pushing Bio-weapons Into UK – hindustantimes.com
  43. Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity Must Be Rewritten – sunday-times.co.uk


January 2002

Nation’s Vulnerable Ports Revamp Defenses – PIF contents that container search must happen before the ship reaches port.

Sen. dodd’s petulance threatens national security

Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?

Roots of American Self-Doubt

The Keystone Kommandos

January 2002 stories no longer found:

  1. Clinton Let Bin Laden Slip Away and Metastasize – latimes.com
  2. ‘It’s us – or Them’ – Ariel Sharon – The next phase of the war against world terrorism launched against the Palestinian and Lebanese Shiite Hizballah terror machines controled by Arafat & his security forces – directly responsible for most suicide & terror attacks. – nypost.com
  3. Why We Should Be Happy The Us Is The Sole Superpower – arabnews.com
  4. Operation’s Security. A program designed to defeat or disrupt an adversary’s ability to gain access to classified, sensitive, or proprietary information – reagan.com


February 2003

The Horrors of ‘Peace’
Iraqi American message to protesters:
“If you want to protest that it’s not okay to send your kids to fight, that’s okay. But please don’t claim to speak for the Iraqis. We’ve seen 5 million people protesting, but none of them were Iraqis. They don’t know what’s going on inside Iraq. France and whoever else, please shut up.”

“ABDALLAH: They showed me these prisoners that were eaten by wild dogs…..
SH: Was he killed before this happened?
ABDALLAH: He was alive when these wild dogs…”


February 2004

Happy Valentine’s Day! A diamond even B. Gates couldn’t afford. Astronomers spy 10 billion trillion trillion-carat diamond


November 2005

News from the Northern and Southern Islamofascist Aircraft Carriers:
Canada now has over 24 indentified al-Qaeda cells.
We have one (1) U.S. Border Patraol officer for each 300 mile section of the Canadian border.
Update (10/2/5): make that 72 identified cells. Actions Taken: None. Actions Planned: None.

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