Fisheries, and Natural Resources, 1993-2002

All of this page comes from the old Puget Sound Gillnetters Association web site which I used to maintain years ago.


October 1993

Rumors of War?


September 1996

Reduction of Seabird Bycatch By Ed Melvin

All fieldguides have been removed on this server, unfortunately. Will try to get it back up on this site, somehow.

This is the first of two studies, brought to you by four hard working, very dedicated, grossly underpaid PSGA skippers and their crews – yours truly was one of the crew. The Second Report has not been released yet. Having seen a preview, I can say that we look even better as a result.

Heard at Seattle Expo 96

A detailed explanation as to why Alaska has a plentiful Salmon resource and why Washington no longer does.

September 1996 stories no longer found:

  1. The Florida Net Ban Study

November 1996

Survey of Gillnetters in Oregon and Washington:

This survey has been removed from the parent server. Reposted from our server temporarily. "Must Read – Why disaster relief, unemployment, and buy-backs do not work for commercial fishermen"

Or how certain Tribal leaders find a better use for HUD money. Or how certain in-touch Tribal leaders get in-touch with your wallet. Or how cruelty is not any race’s exclusive trait; a lesson in how to make another’s life miserable to get more free money for yourself by preying on public sympathies. Exposed. Ooops!
Try a link to The Seattle Times for more on this exclusive and continuing saga.

December 1996

When the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife decides to wasted fish, they do it in a big way. Or another success story in the elimination of yet another public food resource.


January 1997

Several local TV news stations have reported that Alaskan Indian Natives claim ownership of the entire state of Alaska, and are seeking to secede from the U.S. Didn’t we fight a Civil War over this "right"?

The basis of this claim appears to rest on the 1867 Treaty (Seward’s Folly) wherein the US purchased Alaska from the Russians for 7.6 mil. It seems that, according to the version of the story that was related to me, the Russians stated in the Treaty that, as far as they were concerned, the Aboriginal were the rightful owners of Alaska. Thus the Tribes in AK are now calling for succession on that basis, refusing to pay Income Tax, refusing to talk to the Federal Government, instead will talk only to the U.N, and will, of course, lobby foreign powers for trade rights.

But it was only 25 years ago that these same Natives were paid many millions for their claims and the Alaskan Native Corporations established. Now they want it all, for free. The same part of Tacoma, WA has been sold by the tribes to the U.S. 3 times already, so…

Canada has seeded 40% of it’s territory to their Native bands, now Alaskan Natives claim Alaska. What next? Reservations for Non-Indians? The idiocy mounts and no one seems to pay it much attention.

Canada: Ottawa sends BC $35 million to aid commercial salmon fishermen hard-hit by last season’s disaster. Half will go to the fishermen and half to help restore salmon runs.

Washington State commercial salmon fishermen, far harder hit by last year’s fishing season, receive $0 from Washington, DC. Last year’s Fraser River Sockeye return was 4.6 million, the largest return in this cycle since 1923, but Non-Indian US fishermen received only 26,000 fish, the lowest share in recorded history.

With the 1997 Fraser River Sockeye run predicted to be as large as 21 million fish, plus an additional, but as yet unannounced volume of Pink salmon, the US Non-Indian share of a possible 2.5 million Sockeye is, as of this moment, in doubt.

Recent comments by Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife – Harvest Management – run to: "What Sockeye season? Heh, heh." The Tribal share of the US share is NOT in doubt; they’ll get their 2.5 million sockeye.

There is every likelihood that the Non-Indian share will again be traded off to Canada – ‘equity’ to induce them to pass through their fisheries in the Strait of Juan De Fuca and off Vancouver Island B.C., US origin Coho. However, the history to date is that these Coho are caught anyway in one Canadian fishery or another. Net gain to the US Coho = Zero. Net gain to the Canadians = $$. Net gain to the Tribes = $$. Net gain to Non-Indian commercial salmon fishermen = Bankruptcy. (A policy instituted by a former Director of the recently demised WA. Department of Fisheries). Nice policy, eh? No discrimination here.

February 1997

1997 Fraser River Sockeye update 021397
1997 Fraser River Sockeye update 022097

Sport Fishing Policy and Coho Management

Wash. Fish and Wildlife Commission Hearing Report – Day 1 – Sport Issues.
Wash. Fish and Wildlife Commission Hearing Report Day 2 – Commercial Crab Issues.
Wash. Fish and Wildlife Commission Hearing Report Day 2 – Commercial Salmon Issues.
Two Fish In Every Creek.
Fictional account of a tactic which could have been used to eliminate salmon in Washington State, but was not. Or so we believe…

February 1997 stories no longer found:

  1. Personal Injury and Civil Rights Lawsuit against Washington State
  2. Basis for Forthcoming Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Washington State

March 1997

Jay Bornstein, President of Bornstein Seafoods, Inc. in Bellingham, Washington … said, "This industry initiative stems from our concern that resources be responsibly managed for the benefit of the public and generations to come. Our coalition believes that the seafood industry should take the initiative to work interactively with U.S. government officials and scientists to maintain public trust."

April 1997

Early Stuart Sockeye Opening?
Rumor has it that there will be Fraser opening during 1st and/or 2nd weeks of July. According to a source this is supposed to be on Early Stuart fish, touted as one of the largest components of this year’s Fraser run.

However, according to both my experience and according to the record of both the old IPSFC and the Pacific Salmon Commission these fish peak at Cottonwood (way up the Fraser River) on the 3rd of July.

The Early Stuart component timing is the same as the Lake Washington Sockeye run, which generally comes thru Canadian Area 20 in the Strait of Juan de Fuca, until it heads for the American shore around Angles Point. Seldom does any part of the Lake Washington fish find their way into US Areas 6 or 7.

The only thing left to fish on in early to mid-July is miscellaneous Early Summer components (usual good for a handful or two per opening) until the Quensel Lake (Horsefly), and Chilko components show up toward the end of July and early August.

And if this so-called Early Stuart opening is any indication of what is to come, the rest of the openings will also be after-the-fact, which, I guess, qualifies as another "Victory!"

Does Enhancement Really Pay?

Another Rumor – Because of a weak component of the Klamath River CA King run, the Feds have decided to shut down the entire West Coast to Trollers on the off chance that they might catch a handful of these fish.

This run was enhanced by the Trollers and others to create a viable fishery. The component they enhanced is in no danger, but in fact is some 400,000 strong. That’s a lot of Chinook. This component goes South, while the weak component goes North.

Instead of allowing a fishery on the Southern strong component, the Feds have decided to waste all 400,000 harvestable fish.

When they were presented with the facts of the matter, they replied it was presented too late in the Process to be considered, and that they might look at this as a factor next year!

First we have the State of Washington busily systematically killing off the salmon runs, now the Feds want to get into the act as well.

Is it any wonder that so many people today dislike the Federal Gov., distrust bureaucrats, believe environmentalists have a hidden agenda, believe there really is a systematic Fleecing of America, believe hard work counts for nothing in the end, and that once again the consumer gets ripped off?

June 1997

Canada Sets Own 1997 Salmon Quotas

Friday, June 27, 1997
The Associated Press

Vancouver, British Columbia (AP) – Unable to reach a deal with the United States, Canada set its own quotas Friday for the 1997 Pacific salmon catch and said the U.S. fishing industry "can no longer rely on Canada’s good will."

"It will not be business as usual with the Americans," said Fisheries Minister David Anderson as he set Canada’s overall 1997 salmon quota at 23.8 million fish.

Anderson reduced the catch for some of the five species of salmon sought by Canadian fisheries, but set a quota of 12 million for sockeye salmon, higher than the 9.9 million average catch since 1984.

Anderson said approximately 18.2 million sockeye are expected to return to the Fraser River – the second highest sockeye return since 1913.

Anderson said he is juggling a need to conserve stocks with a need to defend Canada’s interests in light of U.S. rejection of Canada’s final offer on dividing the catch.

"I will not jeopardize salmon stocks," he said. "They will not be used as a pawn or a sacrifice to lever a solution to this dispute."

But he said he also wants to demonstrate "in practical ways to the Americans our unhappiness with their unwillingness and inability to reach a deal."

Lengthy negotiations over renewal of a U.S.-Canada salmon treaty broke down this month, and the United States rejected Canada’s final offer earlier this week.

Canada countered Thursday with a proposal for binding arbitration by an independent mediator, but the Americans showed no interest.

Under the program unveiled by Anderson, Canada’s pink salmon quotas fall to about 8 million, down from recent average catches of 15.5 million. Chum salmon quotas will fall to about 3 million fish, down slightly from the 1983-94 average of 3.5 million.

Canada will allow a harvest of 85,000 chinook salmon, but will not allow any commercial fishery for coho salmon because of concerns over stock levels.

Canada’s foreign minister, Lloyd Axworthy, said Canada had repeatedly compromised during the talks, but that the United States refused to budge.

The U.S. State Department said its proposal included a plan to rebuild depleted coho stocks and a restructuring of the U.S. fishing fleet to reduce its catch of sockeye.

"Canada, however, was unwilling to make or accept a proposal that would meet the minimum necessary to assure conservation of Canadian and U.S. coho stocks," the department said.

Washington (AP) – Indian tribes will protect fish and wildlife on their own lands under an agreement signed today between the Clinton administration and several tribal leaders.

Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt and Commerce Secretary Bill Daley said the special order is intended to clarify the Endangered Species Act’s application to 95 million acres of tribal lands held in trust by the federal government.

Read the actual U.S. Fish and Wildlife Press release. If I can find it I’ll post the actual Secretarial Order.

Monday, 2 June 1997

Apology and Invitation to U.S. People and Governors
Text of letter found on Tribal Internet site: Native Americans

From: Ernie Yacub

To: the People and the Governors of Alaska, Oregon and Washington State…

Dear Neighbours
We want you to know that many British Columbia citizens are disgusted with the way B.C. Premier Glen Clark is using your fishers (and ours) as pawns in an opportunistic game of "FISHKILL". Why is it that working fishers are the ones who pay the price of this gunboat diplomacy by being hauled into remote B.C. courts?

We are very aware that our government’s interests are simply to acquire the rights to kill more fish. Premier Clark’s hypocrisy is abundantly clear in his government’s woefully inadequate habitat protection measures.

Clark’s government has built a 4-lane highway on Vancouver Island that has damaged, and possibly destroyed, the habitat of at least 24 salmon streams. His government avoided its own Environmental Impact Assessment legislation by breaking the $1.1 billion project into smaller segments.

Attached to this letter is a summary report which details the current status of the damage. We fear that this is just the beginning of the continuing harm to salmon habitat over the ensuing years.

There is one more section to be built through the Comox Valley which will destroy several more creeks unless we can stop the construction long enough to conduct an investigation of the damage already done and carry out a public environmental impact assessment on the Comox Valley segment of the highway.

Your help would be much appreciated as this government seems hell-bent on bulldozing its way through our valley.

We would like to invite the Governors of Alaska, Oregon and Washington State to visit us for a tour of the damaged creeks and a brief sojourn on our beautiful island.

ernie yacub…
laichwiltach/komeenook territory
box 569, cumberland, b.c. canada V0R 1S0

July 1997

Prime Minister Named As Co-conspirator In Salmon Case

Vancouver, B.C. – Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien and his good friend Galen Weston, were named as co-conspirators in a multi billion-dollar class action lawsuit filed in Vancouver today…

August 1997

Bruce Crawford Proposes Fish Wheels and FishTrap: The Proposal’s Players and PIFs Comments

Candians announce as part of their Canada First Policy, their slogan – "ZERO Fish For America."
PIF: What does this mean? Exactly what it says… None.

Currently they have placed 1000 boats – seine and gillnet – into Canadian Fisheries Area 20 – this stretches from the entrance to the Strait of Juan de Fuca to just west of Victoria, B.C. Their 90 foot seiners and skiffs are more like pair draggers then traditional US seiners. Each day of the Area 20 fishery takes on average 65,000 US Coho. This is the third day.

This is essentially a mop up operation, as over 90% of the Frazer Sockeye are coming down through Canadian waters – Johnstone Straits.

In fact, if the entire US fleet caught every last sockeye that will return through US waters, not only would the US share not be harvested, by some one million fish, but would have absolutely no impact on spawning escapement.

Canada has also opened up West Coast Vancouver to their troll fleet to target specifically on US origin Coho, Chinnok and immature returning fall Chums.

They have placed another larger still fleet on the US – Canadian boarder at Point Roberts, WA to ensure that NO Sockeye crosses back into US waters on the upcoming big tides. They will incidentally catch a huge portion of the Coho, Chum and Chinook returning to the Nooksack and Samish rivers in Bellingham, WA.

Their will be NO fish left to catch for not only the US WA based commercial fishermen, but also for the Indian and sports groups. As for weak and threatened WA stocks, they are "in the can" and, soon, on Japanesse and Canadian consumers shelves.

The other result will be that still another cycle of Fraser sockeye will fail to meet escapement goals. The Canadians will no doubt claim, as they have before, that US fishermen forced them to over harvest and want us to pay them for the damages we supposedly forced them to do.

Of course the lions share of all these fish will be caught by the seine fleet. So why does that matter? As you can read the processors have ties in high places. And also, with the failure of AK Sockeye every where except Prince WIlliam Sound, the Canadian Processors will grab the entire Sockeye market.

As an aside, AK Noise Island fishery took only 3% of the Total Allowable Catch. WA – tribal and Non-tribal has only taken, up to the August 13 opening, some 260,000 Sockeye from the TAC.

The TAC is probably in the neighborhood of 18,000,000 Sockeye. The Total Run is now projected to be the largest in history – some 24,000,000.

On 12 August the Canadian fleet in Johnstone Straits took an estimated one day catch worth some $8,000,000. Their fishery now goes 24 hours, 7 days, instead of the usual 12 hours on 24 off, or some such.

Personally I had 10 sockeye yesterday. I wouldn’t have gone had I known that their were 1000 boats operating in Area 20, effectively corking off the rest of the Straits fishery in US waters. And, wouldn’t you know it, today I get an announcement that a new market has been developed for our fall Chums – with Nelbro – one of, if not the largest, Canadian fish buyers.

Victoria, B.C – Raw Sewage Problem

PIF: And by-the-by, Sewage sludge from Victoria was the worst it’s ever been. I had to blast the entire length of my net with a very high pressure hose to just remove some of the gunk, else it would bake solid on my reel during this hot weather.

Victoria does not have ANY waste treatment plants – raw, untreated human sewage is pumped directly into the Straits. The last referendum to put in a primary-only plant was voted down as too expensive for the Canadian voters to support, and in fact, one prevailing sentiment was "if it’s so important to those Yanks, let them finance it".

Remember this next time you visit beautiful, historic Victoria, ogling the Busch Gardens, and savoring the quaint atmosphere, you are shitting and pissing directly into the Strait of Jaun de Fuca, killing the salmon you just ate, and smearing those oh so majestic whales you watched in the afternoon; nice whale, covered with your excrement.

You environmentalists out there, if you want to protest anything, protest this! This is not only disgraceful, but the plankton bloom has to be seen to be believed. Do salmon mind? You bet. They mind so much they die, long before they grow up, and when they return into this gunk, they are stressed to the max, emaciated – their guts are almost gone; they’d never make it back to their streams to spawn.

And if any of you do go to Victoria to protest, be sure to bring your own port-a-potty.

I personally believe it’s time to stop watching whales and hugging trees, and pay a LOT of attention to Water Quality. With out so many trees and whales, people will still go on, but with out clean water in ALL parts of the environment, not just in those clear plastic "spring water" jugs you buy at the grocery, we’ll all die.

PIF: Force those Canadians in Victoria, BC to put in a tertiary sewage plant at their own expense.

August 1997 stories no longer found:

  1. Personal Injury and Civil Rights Lawsuit against Washington State

September 1997

‘Wild Salmon’ vs. Delayed-Release Salmon

Studies conducted by researchers at the UW and others, as well as the Feds, on the issue of ‘Wild Salmon’ vs. Delayed-Release Salmon proves what so many commercial salmon fishermen have been saying for decades: you can NOT have both.

As any halfway astute person with even a modicum of common sense would realize that, since Coho, Chinook and Steelhead are carnivorous, they must eat what is available, which is of, course, wild salmon fry.

These Frank Haw mutants have been around since their first return into the Sound in 1976. Untold millions of wild and hatchery salmon fry, as well as herring, have gone into their ravenous maws.

Most likely, if the hatchery system had not been introduced by Milo Moore in the 50’s, these mutant so-called salmon would have long ago eliminated all other salmon.

Of course, Trout Unlimited and maybe others are going to court to suppress this report. These fellows and their ilk are ‘in love’ with the idea of Coho averaging 3.2 lbs, down from the unmanageable, from their perspective, 9.1 lbs back in the early 80’s.

Should Trout Unlimited and it’s allies NOT succeed in suppressing the release to the general public of this report, they will most certainly find their 365 day year salmon fishery gone, and they will have to face the prospect of what to do with their multiple home freezers empty of salmon and the loss of their illegal sales (a cash business that nets many of them 10’s of thousands of dollars a year) to ‘friends’, relatives, and restaurants.

The State is slowly cracking down. Just the other day, several prominent and outspoken (pro-delayed release and anti-commercial fishermen) sports fishing types were busted in Port Angles, WA. Not only were they selling massive quantities of illegally caught salmon, but halibut as well. The restaurant was also busted.

In an ideal world the IRS would also pay them a visit.

The Complaint has been filed, and today, Wed. September24, is the last day the State has to address the complaint or be in default (which seems to be a legal term with no real world meaning).

A copy of the Complaint, in full, will be appearing here in the next few days, as well as an update, if any, on the State’s position.

September 1997 stories no longer found:

  1. The Complaint in full is now available.

October 1997

More on Delayed – Release Salmon
It should be noted that the tiny, delayed-release, so-called salmon are now becoming the ‘norm’ for Coho. What does this mean to the Public at large? Simply, that, since these fish are the approximate size of Togiak, AK herring, are too small to recover much meat, and worse cannot compete against the now larger farm-raised Coho, no processor really wants to buy these fish. So, we, the commercial salmon fishermen, have no markets, and ultimately no business.

Thus the Public is slowly being weaned away from locally caught, healthy Coho and onto internationally produced, farm-raised Coho.

Everyone in the public sector loses, except certain special, big business interests, which stand to gain from the sale and harvest of these mutants.

The above seems to me just one more step in the seemingly suicidal urge to poison the food we eat.

And, by the way, Canada is advising the Public to ‘wash, cook thoroughly, or freeze’ food which has been imported from other countries because of the increasing rise of antibiotic-resistant, super bacteria now found in or on these foodstuffs – salad greens, basil, meat and fish.

This super bacteria is NOT yet a problem for locally raised food.

The defendants in the Atwood Lawsuit are also responsible for a public policy of ‘there aren’t any, therefore gillnetting must go, because it is wasteful and not selective’.

All of the above are more ramifications of the policies put into practice by the Complaint’s named defendants.

October 1997 stories no longer found:

  1. The Lawsuit Newsletter has arrived!


January 1998

"A factor that needs to be considered is how the modified gear effects the efficiency of the vessel, and this can be extremely expensive," said Richard Gutting Jr., executive vice president of the National Fisheries Institute."

January 1998 stories no longer found:

  1. For anyone needing a copy of the Atwood vs Shanks bird-net decision, a copy is available on request.

February 1998

Judge says State hiding something from plaintiffs and the court; State fails to show why only one group must bare the burden, and that the sea bird population is in any danger from them. Judge says the Lawsuit will proceed against named parties, despite State’s demand that it be re-filed against Fisheries Director only.

February 1998 stories no longer found:

  1. Mr. Haw: Up To The Old Tricks Again?
  2. Draft (WA) State Salmon Strategy Framework Joint Natural Resources Cabinet 1/26/98 is out.
  3. Washington State’s Bird Net W.A.C. thrown out.

March 1998

The other day I received an Email from an East Coast Commercial fisherman and fellow Webmaster, Gosta Lovgren.

He pointed to several very important pages found immediately below. The site is very graphics intensive, but the graphics serve to illustrate points very well.

The pages are by Dr. Garry Sharp. Read his very impressive resume. Be warned these articles are written by a scientist for other scientists, so there is a lot of technical information relating to each subject.

However, since these pages are very hard to read on screen, I’ve edited the HTML to make these copies readable and printable.

The topics are two:
"The Global Warming Crisis:"

  1. The so-called ‘Global Warming Crisis’.
  2. Pieces of the Puzzle: Climate Change and Ocean.
  3. Global Warming: Global Warning

Rethinking Fisheries Management:

  1. Rethinking Fisheries Management.
  2. Oceanic Fishes and Physics: Lessons From Fisheries. An Abstract.

Other articles on Sharp’s site of interest (they are all interesting) are:

  1. Lost and Found.
  2. Nature Is Big.
  3. Its About Time, Too.
  4. Climate Change and Ocean

Visit SharpWorld

Chinook Catch Data for The San Juan Islands
This is a serious setback for the huge, illegal, untaxed, sale of these fish by so-called sportsmen.

April 1998

Overfishing – The truth of the matter is that American fisheries are strictly regulated by fisheries managers who set harvest quotas.

Who Took All MY Salmon? – An Email correspondence.

Simple Question Heard on KVI Radio About the Salmon Listing.

Good Protein Going to Waste.

Earmarked – Bar-coded Fish, Bees & People.

Treaty Case Law and Treaties with NW Tribes.

Don’t get too excited. Unless you are a Charter boater, Troller or maybe, a Purse Seiner. Gillnetter? What’s that?

Read Amended and Engrossed Senate Bill 6117.

This Bill passed and becomes law around June 12th. I’d write a comment but the bill & it’s amendments speak for themselves. Don’t look for gillnets in the bill, because the word ain’t there. The first priority will be the hook & liners. Again. $4.6 million won’t go far.

Update: Thursday, May 21, 1998
Expect about $15,000 for GN permits, if the funds stretch that far. However, NMFS has allowed the State to administer the program for a mere $280,000 off the top. The State has taken the liberty of doing a wholesale rewrite of the Magneson Act, striking out passage after passage, while adding new ones of their own. Where is it written that a State can rewrite Federal Law to it’s own benefit? And what does the Magneson Act have to do with a buy-back in the first place?

The State mentions a Phase Two, to be started in October, if there is any money left from Phase One. If the State buys 170 permits in the first phase, then Phase Two will NOT happen, as only $4,000 will be left in the kitty. Plus, Phase Two will be essentially a bidding war to see who can bid the lowest. Some Buy-back!

Want to be scared? Read House Bill 2493. This Bill went to the House Committee on Natural Resources, but could surface again next session. Hope you guys fishing sockeye have very deep pockets.

On on this last weekend (4/11-4/12), Fisheries Patrol, having heard of the hundreds of blackmouth being caught each day on Mid-Channel Bank, off Port Townsend, WA, as reported in The Hunting & Fishing News, arrived in two 24 foot patrol boats and spent the next 6 (six) hours writing tickets to several hundred ‘sport fishermen’. Tickets ranged from safety violations (such as no life jackets), to using barbed hooks, to failure to punch their cards, to over limit catches.

This is a serious setback for the huge, illegal, untaxed, sale of these fish by so-called sportsmen. These guys are constantly bragging about how many of their own freezers they have filled; so many hundred Chinook and/or Coho in this, so many dozens of halibut in that. This minor misdemeanor will not set back much more than their pride, and chances are that today they are back at it again, making up for lost income and the accompanying several hundred dollar fine…

After all, they have new boats and pickups to buy.
The Average sport season is over $10,000 in untaxed, under-the-table money.
Source: The (Port Angles) Peninsula Daily News, circa 1985!

Worthy of note is these salmon are the species (Chinook) that are about to be listed by the Feds as ‘Threatened’.

June 1998

Congratulations PSGA! From Washington State Department of Fish &Wildlife



August 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Is Russia on the Verge of Collapse? –
  2. Destroyer of Worlds – It is called by many names, including sustained development, eminent domain, ecosystem management, biodiversity, or whatever term du jour collectivists are using at the moment. By whatever name it is called, however, it is still a pagan utopian dream rooted in the worship of nature, its roots planted deep in early human history. –

September 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Clinton-Gore Appears to have Authorized the Sale of Elk Hills Naval Petroleum to Gore’s Friends at Occidental –
  2. U.S. Says Tribes Should Get Kennewick Man – Political correctness wins again, public and science loses, tribes gain million$, while protecting phoney history – history and science books soon to be rewriten. –
  3. Clinton’s Gas Grab by Physicist James Gordon Prather –
  4. Who is Al Gore? Read his book “Earth In The Balance” – learn why Al thinks your income should be no more than the World Average – $10,000 a year, why high gasoline prices are good, why high gasoline taxs are a must have, why you should not have a car, or you can just read about this wonderful guy from Tennessee –

October 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Species Protection Squeezes Military –
  2. Our Current Crisis Was Predicted when Al Gore Signed the Kyoto Treaty in 1997 by Mary Mostert –
  3. Gore’s Baby. Kyoto treaty would hit home-heating bills. Average family could pay extra $1,200 per year for natural gas –

November 2000

November 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. Re: "Earth in the Balance" – Why Al Gore won’t give up – Jude Wanniski –
    "There has been 812 billion barrels produced in the past 140-odd years since oil was discovered…" equals a hole the size of Lake Tahoe.
    “…if one mile of CO2 is produced each year from all sources, how much of that does mankind produce… three-eighths of an inch!”
  2. A Letter to Flyover Country – Diane Alden –
  3. Earth in the Balance, – "A wrenching transformation of society" by Algore
    Visit the ‘brave new world,’ where "everything is on the table and nothing is beyond belief", where you and your kids will live, in if these so called “global planners” have their way. Learn how “Few participants question much. Feeling alone rules.” Learn about this revolution which will have as much impact on people as the 18th Centruy US, French and the 20th Centruy Russian Revoloutions combined. Inform yourself about who really governs us and why.
  4. Humans to be removed from most of the Earth’s Surface?
    PIF is unable to find any info beyond this: The Decertification Treaty was recently ratified by Congess and signed by Clinton. This treaty has something to do with locking up 70% of the world’s landmass and it isn’t friendly to humans., and has little or nothing to do with Clinton’s recent Executive Orders locking up millions of acres here in the U.S.
  5. New Age ‘Energy:’
    Energy sources to be permitted under accords – pending agreement – biomass, wind and solar. All others – nuclear, gas, coal, oil, hydro are to be banned. Likely that US, Europe and Japan will be required to follow these guidelines, while Mexico, China, India, and Russia among many others will be exempted. PIF has heard that one could pave over the entire US land surface with solar cells, but not suppy one tenth of the current energy demand. Forecast: very chilly winters ahead.
  6. Rule by Decree: A complete affront to our representative form of government:
    President Clinton locks up 1 million more acres – New designations in West place land off-limits to mining, roads –
  7. While eyes are focused on the lower Fourty Eight lock-ups, in Alaska a far greater amount of land is ‘locked up’:
    President Clinton’s Road Ban – "the last bullet in the head" of Alaska loggers as 8.5 million acres of Tongass national forest off-limits to road building and logging, restrictions set to start in 2004 –

December 2000 stories no longer found:

  1. The Final Solution: CARA Compromise by Diane Alden –
  2. New U.N. Treaty Ratified Quietly
  3. The U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification was ratified by the U.S. Senate on October 18 – – A Brief Introduction To The Convention To Combat Desertification (CCD). (Convention to combat desertification in those countries experiencing serious drought and/or desertification, particularly in Africa) –


January 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Six Natural Gas Suppliers in California at May Stop Delivering Gas –
  2. "The environmental groups, funded by the tax-exempt-rich-man foundations such as Rockefeller and Pew Charitable Trusts attempt to lock up and crush natural resource users and producers, and those who would use so-called public lands in the western United States. As a result of their actions, the rural way of life is an endangered species. Changes in the needs of American society have already reduced the rural population, and those who are left are being driven out by the idealism and perfectionism of the environmental movement… This new aristocracy that seeks control of men, property and land is doing a pretty good job of wresting control from local and rural areas… The legacy being created is central government planning with a corporate and elitist green spin. It is a fact that, because of the triumvirate of elite power groupings, terrible things are being done to good people in the name of a good cause… So the Western Civil War of Incorporation rages on…" –

February 2001

It’s Not So Green in the Dark – – The lights go out in California. Armchair environmentalists had it coming – Kimberly A. Strassel

March 2001

Evidence Grows That Bush Will Back ‘Global Warming’ Treaty –
Gorbachev Reborn –

PIF: – Environmentalism is dead.
All hail the coming Global Marxist Environmental World Govenment!
Check it out! Gorbachev is now a non-profit organization! He calls his wacko enviro outfit The Earth Charter!

March 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. ANWR Development as Seen by the Eskimos who Live There –

April 2001

U.N. Wants Global Gun Ban –

Scientists: Internal Engine Drives Earth’s Changes

April 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Oregon – “We Want Water” – A number of stories about US Gov denying water and devestation of Oregon farming communities. –
  2. Asian Dust Storm Spreads Pollution Across West –
  3. A Must Read: Wild-Eyed in the Wilderness – “If eco-terrorist Dave Foreman has his way, half of the U.S. will be re-wilded, making it off-limits for human occupation and development. Why is big money funding this radical plan?” – John Elvin.
    PIF: Of course this is a defacto means of giving the Tribes sole use of this land – or giving half of the U.S. back to them… –

May 2001

Feds Wage War on Farming Veterans – “We have spent millions of dollars on lawsuits,” said second-generation farmer Sam Henzel. “We have no money left to fight.” While “the legal bills of professional environmental activist groups are paid for by the American taxpayers under the “citizen lawsuit” provisions of the ESA.” –

Court Ties Economic Impact to Endangered Species Areas –

History re-written to undermine gun rights? –

The Klamath Falls Disaster:
(PIF: Each step along this path takes the US closer and closer to becoming a net importer of food.)
Sucker Fish Endangers Farmers – “It’s a purely anticapitalist ideology at work. The Endangered Species Act is just a surrogate, a means to an end. The intention is not to save wildlife.” –

‘Us Now, You’re Next,’ Say Desperate Farmers – Massive ‘Bucket Brigade’ demonstration to protest court-ordered water shut-off. –

Tightening The Screws – “Following the Clinton-Gore administration around the United States is a trip through tragedy for people who love the land and depend upon its natural resources. Now, it is the farmers in the Klamath Basin who must pay.” –

Are lights going out in California? The Average Californian will have one and a half to three hours of blackout three days a week… –
"There are a lot of them here right now who I dont think ever will recognize the realities. They are so steeped in this Jerry Brown era of small-is-beautiful, era of limits. New Age, no-growth nonsense – I dont think they ever will… they have been conditioned to follow the pied piper of the Sierra Club for so long. No, I dont think they recognize the severity of the crisis. People are going to die because of the energy myopia… When Chicago had a blackout in 1995, in the middle of a heat wave, 700 people died. Were not talking about one blackout – were talking about a summer of them. And were not talking about one city – were talking about the entire state… We need 15,000 megawatts of additional power… if you wanted to replace the daily electricity output of the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, you would need a solar panel 36 square miles in surface area… the cost… would be about $66 billion dollars – that’s enough for 11 Diablo Canyon-size nuclear plants at current prices… Rancho Seco (nuclear) plant in Sacramento, was shut down – not because of any operating problems – but because of ideological opposition. Strictly ideological… the state is getting ready to spend something like four or five times more than it cost to build, to close Rancho Seco nuclear-power plant… (nuclear power costs) about $.03 per kilowatt-hour, after you have included both the construction costs and the decommissioning costs.. $675… just add that to your electricity bill because thats what you are actually paying for power…"
Washington State is not far behind…

More on Army’s Tungsten Bullet
Get the lead out! The Tungsten Finesse –

May 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Water War Pits Farms Against Fish –
  2. (PIF: More made in China – world’s leading & largest source of Tungsten)
    Army Draws Bead On ‘Green’ Bullets – Tungsten composite replaces lead ammo –
  3. Montana Sawmill Tries To Stave Off Extinction –
  4. Acerbic Fervor Among Town’s Antigreens –
  5. By David A. Yeagley:
    What’s Up With White Women? –
    The Only Good Indian Is A Liberal Indian
    I Don’t Need A Great Brown Father –

June 2001

WDFW, tribes watching sockeye numbers to determine chance for fishery

Global Warming Natural, May End Within 20 Years
Original News Release

June 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Hunters: That’s The Alarm Clock – “The ‘environmentalists,’ and their radical wings of protectionists and animal rights advocates are going to put you out of business…

July 2001

Private property epidemic? –

GOP Won’t Try to Halt Last Rules By Clinton – Hill Power Shift Forces Retreat on Spring Plans – or “Help Is On The Way”…NOT (with anonymous comments)

The Fake Consensus on ‘Global Warming’ –

Eco-Theology For Kids –

July 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. On a ruinous wartime energy track? – ‘Jumpn’ Jim Jeffords Senate Substitute Bill – S. 556 – not only stops anwar drilling, but ends coal burning – stripping the US of major power generation capabilities –
  2. Native Americans Exploited Marine Life. Scientists Dispel Theory Europeans Began Destruction – They were ‘overfishing’ –

August 2001

Californians Concerned Over Chemtrails –

Military Answers Chemtrail Concerns –

Public Trust Doctor Berrine Lawsuit

GOP Lawmakers Join Democrats in Aiding Enviro Left –

Unlimited property confiscation –

Why Kyoto Protocols Mean Megabucks for Corporations –

Disintegrating Government – How UNESCO’s “Man and the Biosphere Program determines local regulations –

Zimbabwe – White Farms Now Being ‘Cleansed’ By Mugabe Mobs
PIF: What we see in Klamath and Zimbabwe is merely a difference in method and means, not ends: both the communist government of Mugabe and the radical greens want the same end – eliminate the farmers, and private property, cost to the country is irrelevant. If Mugabe had the radical green laws and regulations found here in the U.S., he’d do it with them, but not having them, achieves the same goal on the cheap, Conversely, when the radical greens don’t have the law & regulation they need yet, they too resort to violence. “The ends justify the means” that good ol’ commie adage reins in both countries.

Battle looms for control of 2 power dams Scottish Power via Pacificorps comes to Western Wa. You know Scottish Power, they helped bring about the Klamath Falls situation – to their advantage natch’.

Organic Food Is Better For You, UK Farm Group Says – yes, in fact your forefathers ate this stuff, and when the small farmers are driven from their land, the corporations will bring you their government approved version.

Silenced no more! – will previously silent feds talk? –

Fatally Flawed – The fatal flaw in the concept of sustainable development is the absence of the principles of freedom… “Smart Growth” proposals… the result is a quiet revolution that is, indeed, transforming America into a collectivist state…The result of Endangered Species protection is resulting in “rural cleansing” that is as effective as the “ethnic cleansing” that took place in the Balkans. –

Whatever Happened to Johnny Appleseed? – EU regulation of corporate America, U.N. entitlements & Big Oil/OPEC Who are: Executive Board of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), European Union (EU)- The European Union is governed by five institutions Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the Commission(roughly equivalent to our Executive Branch), the Court of Justice, and the Court of Auditors, “Positive Comity” Agreement,Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) entitlement program –

Colorado Family: Feds Using ‘Aggressive, Relentless’ Effort to Force Sale of Ranch – or how it works

Killing Of South Africa Farmers Intensifies –

Audubon’s Membership At Crossroads

August 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Groups Sue To Get Water For Eagles On Oregon Wildlife Refuge. (Hint: mentioned at the end of this article – Pacific Power=PacifiCorp=Scottish Power) –
  2. Cut Timber Rotting While Sales Are Debated. More “green” wastage.
  3. Russia’s Gulags Still In Business – Kim Jong Il pledged to pay off £5.5bn debt to Russia – So you want you’re timber imported from Russia? Here’s the gang that does the cutting…
  4. Survey Lists 300 Pathways as Vital to State Wildlife – LA Times – coming to a state near you: the death of a thousand cuts
  5. Why Was Water Delayed For Thirtymile Crew? May not be on server long – grab it while you can. –
  6. Sec. Norton said this AM on Fox News sunday that Klamath ‘science’ will be peer-reviewed by the ‘best science available’ – translation: ‘we don’t have the funds to do the science ourselves, so green NGOs who do have the money will do it for us… results to be made public in a few years.
  7. 30 mile fire deaths: ‘no regulation prevented getting water from nearby salmon stream’ and ‘question was, was any human life in danger’….Question: If Norton were tied to a stake and faggots placed around it and then lit, and a nearby stream had salmon in it, would any one hesitate before using that water to dose the fire?
  8. Beware of Green Fairytales. The U.S. Minerals Management Service estimates that the federally owned U.S. outer continental shelf contains at least 46 billion barrels of undiscovered oil, and 268 trillion cubic feet of natural gas… Inland, the same pattern holds… Environmentalists like to say they’re not against energy development, that it’s just this one… piece… they’re trying to save… the truth is, it’s here, there, and everywhere… environmentalist objections against energy development are often patent nonsense…environmental organizations like the Audubon Society and the Nature Conservancy have allowed wells to be drilled in refuges they run privately. So much for the fundamental incompatibility of animals and drilling…
  9. Cattle Seizing Spurs Protests “…pitting lawman against lawman” –
  10. The Green Cancer –
  11. Klamath Farmers Brace For New Skirmish Over Water –
  12. Endangered Fish Policy May Have Cost Firefighters’ Lives –

September 01-10, 2001

September 2001 stories no longer found:

  1. Out on a limb “…the town managed to replace a closed mill with tourism, then watched as wealthy retirees moved in, drove up housing prices and began pushing out the middle class… from a working man’s community to a rich man’s playground… the biggest untold story from the timber economy’s decline is its impact on public schools…” –
    PIF: Also true in fishing, mining and farming communities across the rural west. As teachers who were raised in the rural towns are forced to fleee to the cities, they are replaced by other teachers who teach the children the ‘evils’ of natural resource harvesting. And the kids have nothing to do, nowhere to go, and no prospects beyond drugs and fleeing their homes as soon as they can.
    The lie told by the “enviros” in one sector is the same lie in different words in another. As rural people are forced to move to cities, and overburden both the services and job market, what was private property disappears into the hands of “conservancy” trusts.
    Each step along this path weakens America and helping these homegrown “environmental” left terrorists return the US to the 14th century, the same end the Islamists want…
  2. Ecoterrorism and Us –
  3. Environmentalists Plan Legal Attacks From Afar on Nations or Firms – the next wacko move.


January 2002

Brother Against Brother
America’s New War over Land Rights

By Diana White Horse Capp

Brother Against Brother is an important book about the culture war over land rights and water rights in rural America. It is written from the viewpoint of a Native American who details the struggle that pits tribal and non-tribal Americans against each other in a battle exploited by environmentalists using their ‘nature first’ agenda even against the rights of the first American protectors of the earth.

Tainted Data – A look at how environmental agencies work and how environmental issues are covered in most of the mainstream media

The Dream World Of The Doolittle Environmentalist

Biofraud Attempt Jeopardizes Study Of Threatened Grizzlies

Food And Health Magazines Push Wild Salmon

Two recent articles in Organic Style and Gourmet magazines have highlighted the benefits of wild salmon versus farmed salmon. Americans eat four times as much salmon as they did ten years ago – although more than half of the salmon is farmed.

The articles emphasize the environmental and health impacts of farmed salmon such as: the higher pesticide levels found in the farmed fish; the net pens where the salmon are farmed being a source of pollution; the issue of salmon escaping from net pens to compete with fragile wild populations; the spread of disease from the farmed to the wild salmon, and; the issue of net protein loss where it can take up to 4 pounds of small wild fish to produce 1 pound of farmed salmon.

In addition, the farmed salmon are artificially ‘pigmented’ with synthetic carotenoids, and if they didn’t have this additive in their feed the flesh would be whitish-gray.

The Gourmet article, “The Wild and the Farmed,” appeared in its September issue (pp.91-93); the Organic Style article, “Swimming Upstream,” appeared in the September/October issue (pp. 92-99). For more information, go to:

U.S. Commerce Department Finds Four Chilean Fish Firms Guilty Of Salmon Dumping – Chilean Government Seeks To Silence Fish Farm Critic.

Pacific Fishing magazine reports in its October 2002 issue (p.16) that the U.S. Department of Commerce made a preliminary finding earlier this summer against four major Chilean farm fish producers of systematic ‘dumping’ on U.S. markets of farmed Atlantic salmon. ‘Dumping’ is the intentional flooding of a foreign market with below-cost products with the intent to destroy another country’s production, and ultimately to monopolize markets. The practice is prohibited under international trade agreements, but many Chilean companies have been accused by fishermen of dumping farmed salmon on U.S. and international markets in an effort to depress the prices paid for U.S. commercially harvested salmon. This ruling follows up on prior findings as the dispute enters the enforcement stage. The ruling, still preliminary, is expected to be finalized in November 2002.

Anti-dumping duties were imposed on Cultivadora de Salmones, Salmones Tecmar S.A., Los Fiordos Ltda., and Pesca Chile S.A. However, thirteen other Chilean companies also under investigation were cleared of any wrongdoing, even though Chilean fish farms externalize much of their costs. There is little regulation and the pollution from the farms has destroyed local fishing grounds, displacing that nation’s artesenal fishermen. The anti-dumping duties are also still quite low, in each case duties of less than 1.5 percent. Farmed salmon production in Chile has soared in recent years, and there is now a substantial world oversupply, which has also severely depressed the market for U.S. commercially-caught wild salmon. To see the Pacific Fishing report, go to:

The Chilean Government, meanwhile, tried to silence a critic of that nation’s farmed salmon operations. The Chilean Ambassador called the World Affairs Council of Northern California demanding that they cancel a talk scheduled for 18 September by Marcel Claude, Executive Director of Chile’s TERRAM Foundation. Failing that, the Chilean Ambassador sent an agent to the San Francisco evening event demanding from Claude his sources of information. For more information regarding TERRAM’s findings on Chilean salmon farm operations, go to:

‘Atlantic Salmon’ a fishy tale Chilean industry criticized for pollution, sneaky labeling among many other disgusting practices. Note: these ‘fish’ constitute the bulk of the so-called Atlantic Salmon on the U.S. market – from fish markets to warehouse discounters to restaurants.

Birth control pill causing problems for fish DFO Gender-bending effects: Synthetic estrogen absorbed by fish downstream –

Ruling may bring more curbs on N.E. fishing – PIF: In the 1980s, Reagan formalized US-Canada ocean boarders and moved the US-Canada boundary south, thereby cutting US cod fishermen off from the richest Georges Bank cod fisheries. Since fleet concentrations were in the northern areas, how can there be any reliable stats to base today’s ‘lower’ cod counts on? –

Angler dies following dispute – ‘sportfishing’ anyone? –

‘Save The Salmon’ – A Billion $$ Fraud – unsolicited email from Oregon.

January 2002 stories no longer found:

  1. The Lynx Hoax Debacle –
  2. Scientists Planted Hairs From Lynx In 3rd Forest –
    PIF: So if state & federal biologists are willing to plant delierately false biological information on land animals, why would anyone expect them to be ‘honest’ when it comes to fisheries?
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