What this War Means for All of Western Civilization

In case you have not yet grasped the full extent of what Sept 11 means to each and every American, let me sum up the radical perverted fundamentalist Islamic ‘plan’ means to you and me personally – you and I must die.

This is personal for each and every American. In Bin Laden’s jihad, he specifically calls for your and my death by what every means necessary.

They do not care if you happen to be a Muslim. If you are a traditional American Muslim, you are to be killed. If you are fundamentalist American Muslim, as they are, your death will be glorious, and you will be a martyr.

This is not a case where one can say, "Give peace a chance". Say that and they will laugh as they kill you. They do not want peace, except the peace that will happen when you and I are dead.

Those who call for a global government should know that Ben Laden and his allies are already a global government – they have people in just about every if not every country on Earth. It’s just not the sort of global government UN NGO supporters have envisioned – this one calls for world-wide mass death, and the world-wide institution of their radical fundamentalist religion.

In short they wish to turn everyone on Earth back to the culture and life style which existed 1,300 years ago in the Middle East, and specifically to that which existed, they believe, when Mohammed (570 AD – 632 AD) began his preaching.

You have perhaps seen images of the Taliban government – dressed in course dark clothing – of Afghanistan in a stone building, sitting on the floor of what looks like a bare unadorned room: no chairs, no couches, no tables, no books, no electronics – radios, movies, CDs, VCRs or computers, with just a few rugs scattered here and there. Sharp eyes will also notice that there are no women present. That’s how they want you and I to live also.

As for the so-called ‘gay life style,’ well… if discovered, consider yourself publicly beheaded. ‘Woman’s Lib’ advocate? Consider being publicly stoned to death, if you haven’t already had your throat cut. ‘Animal Rights,’ or ‘Environmentalist’ of any persuasion? Not in Koran, sorry, you’re dead also.

Have a favorite book, movie, video, recording artist, movie star, song, photo album, family pictures or videos? Toss them, or, if found in your possession, you will be either severely punished or killed outright.

If whatever you believe, want, have etc., is not in their perverted interpretation of the Koran, then you are evil and marked for, usually, a gruesome death. Forget trial by jury, hiring a lawyer, who you know, how much money and influence you have, you will, if tried at all, appear before a court, composed of mullahs, who will tell you of your crimes, read your the sentence, and within a matter of minutes, days at best, carry it out. No appeals.

Appeal to the government? Forget it. They are the same mullahs that just read your sentence. They are the only arbiters of your behavior, your life, your death. There is no freedom or ‘common law,’ as we have become accustom to since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 AD.

If your ‘crime’ is of sufficient severity, not only will you be killed, but also your entire family – wife, children, immediate relatives.

There are no ‘deals’ to be made with these evil people, except a deal which gains them your death.

Some will no doubt call for appeasement. “If the want us out of the Middle East, then so be it. We don’t belong there anyway.” And the Bin Laden types will laugh, as they kill the rulers and government officials in those countries and, just incidentally, cut off oil to the US.

Then emboldened by the stupidity of the Americans, they may take a few Iranian mid-range missiles, load then on a freighter or two or three, load some of Kadaffi’s fine bio-chem products in the warheads, sail the ships as far as the mouth of the Mediterranean, or from some port in West Africa, sail just a few thousand miles off the coast, and let fly at the US and Europe. Such is the price of appeasement.

Bin Laden has said, "To kill Americans and their allies – civilians and military – is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it… We anticipate a black future for America. Instead of remaining United States, it shall end up separated states and shall have to carry the bodies of its sons back to America".

You can see from this statement that not only does he and his ilk wish to kill you and your children, but also to dismember the United States.

You and I are his targets, marked for death. Our entire country, as it is currently structured, is also marked for death.

Given the nature and structure of these evil groups, anyone who thinks this will be over in a few days or perhaps months, has his or her head in the ‘sand.’ Best guesses as to time, from September 11, 2001 to finish, is from 3 to 5 years, and could conceivably be far longer, depending on how much damage and death occurs in their next strikes, what happens within the world-wide coalition, and what actions the Muslim oil exporting nations take.

There may be ‘peace treaties’ signed with some country which currently harbors or supports terrorists, but there will be no treaty with the terrorists themselves – they neither want one, nor would they accept one – understand that no matter what level of fanaticism one attributes to WW II Japanese kamikazi pilots, is suppassed on orders of magnitude by the level of fanaticism these terrorists hold.

Given the fact that only some 20% of Americans pay attention to politics and wold events, it is my opinion, that the biggest task before the government at all levels, is not protecting the country or killing these evil people, but making the other 80% of the public understand the nature of the war we are now in, making them understand that bringing these people to some form of legal justice, will not deter them.

A short review of History and an Observation:
This is the first religious war since the 13th century, when the Crusades (10th – 13th centuries) to free the Holy Land (Palestine and specifically, Jerusalem) ended. Three things to keep in mind:

  1. Millions on both sides died during the eight Crusades,
  2. The Moors, as the Arabic speaking muslim world was called then, conquered and held Spain and southern France (711 AD – 1212 AD), and;
  3. The Black Death began in the Istanbul, Turkey (1348 AD-1350 AD), spreading to Europe – half of he European population died.

Just to complicate matters, in 1258 Baghdad (Iraq) was sacked by the grandson of Genghis Khan.

There appears, to this observer, a certain similarity to today’s line up of forces in play or potentially in play in the near future. First, this is a religions war; second, the importance of the Holy Land to both the West and the fanatics; third, something like, but worse then the Black Death can be easily replicated by modern bio-warfare agents (think anthrax), and; fourth, if you transpose the Mongol Empire for today’s China, it would not be unimaginable – given bio-warfare, China’s own Moslem problems, and it’s oil ties to Sudan – to see China move against Iraq again.

There are only two things, in my opinion which will stop the Bin Ladens and his ilk: kill all as soon as they are found – on the spot, and using the resourcefulness of our Islamic communities to craft a religious argument which deters future recruitment into this perverted fundamentalism.

Changing the desperately poor conditions so many of these people grew up in, is a nice, but Western thought. Sounds good, but has more potential to aggravate the existing anti-Western religious thinking, then to end it. It’s my opinion, that the conditions are a political matter and the province of governments, but the thinking is religious and the provence of the Islamic community.

Only through changing that perverted thinking can the entire anti-civilization movement end. This is not something our government can or should do. Rather, it is the task of the American and, indeed, the entire Western Islamic community. This is their battle, and unless they wish to fall under Bin Laden’s sword, they must apply themselves to crafting answers to the very arguments which causes people to join Bin Laden.

I realize how harsh the ‘kill them all’ statement is, but when in a religious war – and make no mistake, that is what this is – fanatical believers who have nothing to lose, and are more then willing to die to achieve their ends, cannot be dissuaded from their purpose.

Some might propose these criminals be captured brought to the US and put in some prison. And how many prisons and at what expense to build and maintain them? Could you absolutely guarantee that none of the terrorists, at no time, had any contact with anyone on the outside? Remember, more than one criminal organization has been and is being run by people who have been ‘brought to justice’ and imprisoned.

It’s all well and fine to be ‘humanitarian’ toward prisoners captured in an ‘ordinary’ war, but this is no ordinary war. In an ordinary war, for example, had the Russians successfully attacked the US and conquered it – or the same for the Chinese, or vise versa for America – the Russians, the Chinese or the Americans would attempt to turn the civilian populations of the conquered country into believers in what ever system the victor espoused.

But not in this war. In this war, should, G-d forbid, these evil people succeed, they would make no attempt to turn us to their beliefs. They would simply kill all 265,000,000 Americans and all 365,000,000 Europeans, along with whatever numbers millions of peoples in the rest of the world who do not believe as they do.

In Mohammed’s time, in the 7th century, the world population may have been one billion and was probably much less. It would be just fine with these evil people to not only return those conditions of life prevailing at that time in the Middle East, but also return the world population to that same number – whatever the cost to themselves.

So you would be give-peace-a-chancers, appeasers, get-it-over-with-ers, and the like, are you still willing to ‘turn the other cheek’ and see some 5 billions deaths, including your own? You are going to have to pick a side and declare it in the coming days, weeks, months, years. Which will you choose?
–PIF – 09/16/2001

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