Bin Laden and America Today – 911

While the actions of the Clinton administration – making the CIA ‘PC’ by stripping it of it’s human assets, selling unbreakable multi-spectrum communication devices to Syria, allowed $1.1 trillion disappear from the Defense Department, and a FBI mole revealed presidential movement plans to the Russians – is being covered up by the liberal media, there is now the Bush decision not to go after the actual sponsors of the WTC attack – Iraq.

That’s quite a sentence, but it’s all true.

The American Dream is Over
Notice how all the WTC footage is slowly being censored – the plane crashing into the WTC has been removed… Notice how they showed only one of the many jumpers only once, and never showed any of the body parts littering the rubble… Notice how calm and smooth all these TV anchor types are – they show no outrage. You say they were only protecting our sensibilities, yes, and they were also making sure you never felt the rage the act of war deserved. Slowly, if there are no more attacks, you will go back to sleep and Dream, which is what the media and the liberal government wants. Since you will not feel fear, you will not stay vigilant; you will not know how to protect your self when the next attack comes…

So is the media attempting to lull the public into some sort of stupor?
Yes, because unless the public goes back to sleep, they will not resume singing ‘kumbiah’, shopping ’til they drop, watching sports, and going in droves to the movies – all the sources of media income, the same sources of income which determine the slant and tone of the reporting by the media.

So whose Dream is it anyway? Not mine. It was the same Jennings, Rather, Brokaw et al who were so instrumental in destroying my Dream so many decades ago, the same newsreaders who continue to attempt the destruction of so many farmers Dreams. The Dream is theirs, and it’s that Dream they are so desperately trying to restore. They are the media elite, working with the other elites in government, politics, big corporations and the legion of green NGOs, to reestablish their shared Dream.

Much of the public bought into this Dream and tried to achieve it, never realizing it was unattainable for them. But such is the power of the perfect life: the huge house, big bank account, fully vested portfolios, and so forth, that the public is desperate to return in anyway possible just for the slim chance that they might be able to grab some small portion. So when the politicians refuse to declare war, they sigh with relief.

Were the politicians to actually declare war formally, there would be no way to ever recover the Dream; so they have not, instead settling for the temporary and very limiting measure of only using ‘necessary force’ against this ‘act of terrorism.’ Even if the evil were a nuclear bomb or virulent bacteria killing millions, these politicians, if they could say it was not done by any country’s military, but by civilians, it would still be merely an act of terror, not an act of war.

Because this elite (so far) refuses to see what is so plain to ordinary Americans, because they need to recover their Dream, millions of us will die in the coming months and years.

One can only hope and Pray to G-d that on this day of National Prayer and Remembrance, that those US politicians who have, by turns, either been virulently anti-military, anti-Constitutional, voices for moral equivalency, or too week kneed to stand up when they are call upon, find, through G-d and prayer, through inspiration and emotion, the wisdom to understand what kind of foe America faces, the courage to realize that the Dream is over, and the strength to recognize that America is faces a war that is not only inevitable, but every bit as long and bitter as WWII.

But it will still take the US Air Force over an hour to scramble… Time was that those jets would have been in the air ready to shoot down the third plane or even the second within minutes of the first kamikaze plane crash.

Meanwhile Bin Laden is being set up as the ‘bad guy’ much as Saddam was in ’91. While Saddam is a real bad guy, Bin Laden is a different kettle of fish. He is a bad guy but not like Saddam. Saddam is a ruthless dictator. Bin Laden is a Koranic scholar. What’s the difference you ask? Well, while Saddam rules by force, Bin Laden is a hero to much of the Arabic world’s youth, second only to Mohamed. At that is a very important distinction. Kill Saddam and maybe Iraq would be a less violent place. Kill Bin Laden and you have a martyr with a capital ‘M.’

As I have said Bin Laden is a Koranic scholar – but not just any scholar. He is the foremost proponent of a radical fundamentalist Islamic vision of the world. Most Muslims do not agree with him, but his arguments are brilliant and well crafted. They have wide appeal among the poor and the young in the Arabic world. According to Yossef Bodansky these arguments do have holes in them and can be defeated.

Defeated, he states, only by other Muslims – that is why it is so terribly important for all Americans – Christian, Jew, Hindu, atheist and agnostic – to understand the true importance of the American traditional Muslim community – this is their war almost more than it is ours.

Another sad part of all this
Besides the people of the US being lied to by the media, being betrayed by the traitorous Clinton Administration, and thousands of dead – is this is how Islam will be remembered for generations. You see, from our point of view we see the horror of this ruthless evil attack on our country, but for the Islamic point of view, it’s a war on Islam itself.

It is in the name of their religion that this act of war was committed. Only they have the necessary knowledge of the Koran to defeat Bin Laden’s arguments. Only they can speak to these poor young men and explain that Islam means peace, not death, that jihad can only be waged against one’s self (sort of like a Christian driving the devil out of his soul), not others, and that the G-d of Islam is the same G-d of the Christians and of the Jews.

Bin Laden’s central thesis is that the western world and all its trappings must be removed in their entirety from the Middle East. Everything which, in his vision ‘corrupts’ pure Islam, from cars to movies, must go. Unless the US and Europe remove themselves completely, he will continue to wage war.

If you think of Bin Laden as a propaganda minister combined with a charismatic leader and war hero, but with a total religious message, you can have a close approximation of how he must appear to the poor youths of the Middle East.

But where does his motivation come from, outside his religious convictions?
Well, it is really a footnote to the ’91 war in Iraq. When, as Yossef Bodansky has explained, Saddam invaded Kuwait, Bin Laden wanted to form up an Arabic army to expel him, but the other middle east leaders rejected his option and went with the west. Naturally this made Bin Laden mad. However, it also left a (seemingly perminent) US presence in Saudi Arabia, which was what he feared and that made him madder.

Much is made of Bin Laden’s fortune, but over the years of what must have been heavy expenditures to finance his terror, that fortune should be long gone. But the media keeps referencing the same amount year after year. So where does his money come from? The rest of his very wealthy family? Perhaps some. But not the bulk.

Is Bin Laden also a military genius to make all these plans and see that they are successfully carried out? No.

Here’s how it works as simply as it can be made: Bin Laden through his heroic experiences in the Russo-Afgani war, through his brilliant scholarship attracts and inspires poor youths. These in turn he sends to state-sponsored training camps in various countries (including Russia at one time). These countries then select from the estimate 45,000 who have undergone training and form them into cells.

These cells, estimated to be some 10-15,000 strong, are then supplied with the latest US made military grade communications. Targets are selected according to the particular state’s agendas. Plans are drawn up and ‘orders’ cut. Out they go on their missions. The money comes from these terrorist sponsoring states (Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, via the money they extort from the West for oil.

Follow the money
When you and I buy gas or diesel at the filling station, we rightly know we are being ripped off by the oil companies – witness the attempt in some locations, by some distributors to jack the price to $4-$5 a gallon immediately after the attack (just a more blatant example of what they routinely do at the beginning of summer and Labor Day every year). However, where that money ultimately goes, most seldom examine.

After the local station, the distributor, the refinery, the state and local taxes, after the parent oil company all take their shares of our money, the reminder goes to the country of origin. Most people, if they know the price of a barrel of oil at all, think, “Oh that’s just thirty or forty dollars, the price of a dinner out.” But that $30-$40 has to be multiplied by millions or billions of barrels to the country of origin.

Where does the money go when it reaches the country or origin?
Here’s were most people stop, if they haven’t already, thinking were their money has gone. It does not go to a federal treasury as our tax dollars do here. Instead it goes directly, depending on the country, to the bank accounts of certain families/individual(s), family/individually owned companies, or a family/individually controlled state treasury. The self same family/individual(s) also runs/controls the country either by ruling directly or by manipulating a ‘elected’ politician.

These ruling elite range from the evil (Saddam), to the merely power hungry, to the genuinely patriotic, and so on. But they all represent one form of dictatorship or another – the people do not elect them as in any Western democracy or republic. Sometimes this elite will dispense money toward improving the lot of their poor, but usually not – the money stays with the elite and goes toward whatever personal agendas each may have. Sometimes members of this elite have religious agendas they feel compelled to further.

But, more often then not, when governance is achieved through the exercise of power over the governed, and not by the rule of law, then it is only maintained by cultivating certain allies – allies with separate agendas, which the elite many have to hold their noses at, but support and fund nonetheless as the price they must pay to remain among the elite and even to remain alive.

While the truly evil like Saddam can skip the ‘cultivate allies’ step, others are must fund what is called terrorist training camps. It is in these camps that that the poor youths are taught to kill and die in the name of Islam. When all the weight, personnel and expertise of any present day state is added to the assets of these camps, then the training takes the form of what we might see in either US military basic training, advanced infantry training, or special operations training, depending on the level of sophistication of the particular camp and the skill of the youths attending.

These camps are not some tent city set up by a local militia – as one might think of what is called in the US a right-wing militia group.

These camps are a direct military instrument of the sponsoring country. That it’s graduates hold a particularly nasty religious view and do not wear some nation’s military uniforms, not only shows the true genius behind the concept of training camps, but also allows the politicians of it’s targets to claim ‘act of terrorism,’ and not claim a declaration of war.

While Bin Laden usually works for either Pakistan or Iran, this time his services were purchased by Saddam at least two years ago, according to the Israeli’s Mosad – many will say but they have an ax to grind – well maybe they do, but the level of accuracy and reliability of their intel is far and away better than our own ever was in that part of the world. When they say Saddam, then it’s Saddam. (Pushing it off on Syria would make better strategic sense for them, if they were going to deliberately mislead us).

And that is what our senators and representatives are falling for – and what our media is attempting to claim also. By so doing they hope they can recapture their collective elite dream and that somehow all this will just go away, if they succeed in killing Ben Laden. But it will not, since Bin Laden is only an instrument/agent, and many of us will die because of their blind, ignorant, self serving ambitions.

Intelligence Failure or Treachery?
When the CIA was stripped of its human assets by Clinton and ex-Senator Frank Church, they have no way to find out what these states and cells are up to, until they act. NSA, which has been under-funded by the liberal congress for decades, has not been able to do the R&D to intercept communications used by Bin Laden organization.

Since Bin Laden’s groups are using the multi-spectrum cell phones (developed by Motorola and AT&T) were sold to China, Syria and others, there is nothing NSA can intercept. (By the way not only were the cell phones sold to China but also the technology and the factories to produce them. We no longer have the plans or technology).

So when we see first hand Bin Laden’s organization executing in real life tactics that have been taught in Iran since the 80’s, should we be surprised? When we learn that the US State Department issued a warning on September 7, 2001 that terrorists acts were expected on the US mainland – but never reported by the media, should we be surprised?

While the liberal media continues to down play the actual horror and severity of these attacks, continues to criticize and viciously attack Bush, the people all through this country talk of war and are very scared. While the congress and the senate issue a joint resolution ‘condemning’ the attacks, Senator Daschel and Representative Gephart refuse to sign any bill using the word ‘war’ or any extended military financing.

(Listening to the radio now, hearing that Mexico’s Fox is afraid that they will be associated with the US because of NFTA and has ordered the Mexico-California border sealed…). (So is the Canadian border – land and water – at the moment).

So are we totally surprised that the US military is not going to go up against the real culprits of this state sponsored evil? Has the probing and intermittent bombing of Iraq shown that any US air-land attack – if that were even militarily possible – would suffer very heavy losses, since they would be going against the best of our own technology – sold to them by the Chinese, to whom the Clinton Administration sold it?

Is there somewhere a Rockefeller or Rothchild just waiting to enrich themselves as the defense industry gears up?

The War of the Primitives on the World of Civilization
Why do these fundamentalists hate us so? Simply put – because you and I do not share their beliefs. In their eyes, if you are not a devout Muslim, you are a heathen, and heathens have no rights – whatever is in your possession is only there for as long as it takes for them to take it from you – including one of the ‘items’ we all possess – our life. Since Americans export values and items that directly contradict their religious world view, they see Americans as evil and as thwarting fundamentalist Islam. We are therefore the enemy, and since we will not stop our way of life to accommodate them, we must die – man, woman, and child.

The poor youths that seek out these camps have nothing except their religion, and are usually without education, so it’s a very simple matter to inspire them with brilliant religious oratory. Of course there are the intellectuals and the educated who also come. These people have, in all likelihood been traumatized by some event(s) in their lives and see no other way out but to join the jihad.

When a person has nothing, no education, and life is horrible, but is devout, the any thought of relief from present misery and pain is embraced. We native born Americans have little or no comprehension of how truly horrible life is in many of these countries. We can see those of us who are better off: living in grand houses, taking vacations every few months, not having to work because of extensive family fortunes, and so on – some can generate resentment at these better off folks for their grade life styles. But what ever degree of resentment is generated, it pales besides the resentment these poor youths must feel as they see their ‘betters’ pass by in limousines, and see the many palaces they live in.

There are places in some of these countries were children grow up living in ditches under an old piece of cloth, were a small portion of bread is the entire food for the day or a number of days. Unless you have seen this in person, no words or videos, no TV news clip, can ever convey the emotional impact on someone who has grown up in this country.

So when someone comes along and offers a better life, one in which you will become a hero to your family and friends, your family will receive what seems a fortune, and you will achieve rewards beyond you wildest dreams, you go.

When ‘everyone’ tells you all this is ‘true’, and when the Koran, written by the great prophet Mohammed, whom you fervently believe in, also tells you this is ‘true’, you go willingly.

When ‘everyone’ tells you that your sacrifice will destroy a great evil and destroy the people that corrupt the principles and society that Mohammed set forth, you go with a vengeance.

The only catch is you must die for all these wonderful things to happen. But the glory and rewards promised by those who recruited you and by Mohammed, death seems a small price to pay; after all any such achievement is far greater then any other alternative to the constant misery of the youth’s present life course.

So some of them came to America on a mission for Mohammed and Allah. That they were instruments recruited by the Islamic hero and religious scholar Bin Laden, or that they were, in all but name, military soldiers of a middle east nation, mattered not. Their deaths would be grand and glorious; they would, at the least, be remembered throughout out history for their actions. They would be the ones who killed more evil Americans then any other; they would be the first to attack the mainland of America in over 200 years; they would be the ones who struck the first blow in the war of the Primitives against Western Civilization.

When American politicians speak of bringing these youths and their leaders to justice, those who are preparing the next attack, snicker. When American politicians speak of offering multimillion dollar rewards for their capture, those who are preparing the next attack, laugh. When American politicians speak of “limiting our response to this particular terrorist attack,” those who are preparing the next attack, break into gales of laughter.

How do you stop determined people who believe they are fighting evil, who believe they are doing Allah’s work, who believe that their deaths is of no consequence, and who believe that causing multitudes to die is commanded by Allah?

You can shoot a certain amount of them, blow up a training camp, but they will keep on coming. And keep coming unless and until they are defeated by the very arguments that inspired them. And that is why every American Muslim must not hide in the back ground, but stand up and speaking from the Koran, using their own brilliance, strike the blow, for their fellow Americans, for the name and future of Islam, which Bin Laden and his masters cannot withstand.
PIF – 09/14/01

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