Why Kosovo?

One of the main purposes of the Kosovo war is to stabilize Russia.
Another purpose is Kosovo is one of the two last remaining sources of undeveloped natural resources.

The Voice of Russia radio program reported on Apr. 18, 1999 that NATO had lost over 40 planes and 90 airmen between March 24 and April 15. The report said Yugoslav and Russian military sources said NATO had also lost 120 cruise missiles to Yugoslav defenses.


One of the main purposes of the Kosovo war is to stabilize Russia.

Why Kosovo?

Another purpose is Kosovo is one of the two last remaining sources of undeveloped natural resources – the other being Siberia. Kosovo Province has billions of dollars worth of coal – Europe’s main fuel for power generation – and more billions in gold and other minerals. Which of the two areas, Kosovo or Siberia, are easier to access?


Dwight Eisenhower, when Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, remarked, "If 10 years from now American troops are still in Europe, this will have been a failure".
From: Investors Business Daily

On A New Russia:

On April 2, 1997, Russian President Yeltsin and Byelorussian President Lukashenko signed the Treaty on the Russia-Byelorussian Alliance in Moscow. According to the treaty, it was decided that the existing Russia-Byelorussian Community should be changed to the Russia-Byelorussian Alliance.

This will enable the defensive network to extend westward by a critical 1000 kilometers. As a result of the Balkan crisis, Serbia officially announced that Yugoslavia had made a request to join the Russia-Byelorussian Alliance. President Yeltsin supported the request, so did Byelorussian President Lukashenko. At present, the departments concerned have received the instructions of drafting the Declaration on the Establishment of the Russia-Byelorussia-Yugoslavian Alliance. After this, Yugoslavia is expected to receive a large amount of military support and Russia may also send its troops to Yugoslavia.

Having benefited from this crisis, Ukraine, who took an uncompromising stand on Russia, has now changed its mind. The Ukrainian parliament has passed the resolutions for the solution to all the problems about the Black Sea Fleet. This clears up the major obstacles to an overall increase in the cooperation between Ukraine and Russia. In addition, Ukraine has also enhanced its military maneuvers.

Russia has signed an agreement with both Kazakstan and Tadzhikistan on uniting all their troops as an organic whole.

From: www.kanwa.com
Russia without firing a shot will gain thru Serbia’s union with them something they could not accomplish while Tito ruled Yugoslavia, and if things go well, Montenegro, giving Russia direct access to the Mediterranean, something that has been a Russian Dream, since Peter the Great.

On NATO Policy

The current NATO ‘thinking’ is to begin an oil embargo on Serbia by blockading the ports in Montenegro.

So the likely scenario that could develop from the blockade and the supply of military support from Russia to Serbia is that NATO naval forces could confront Russian naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea, while at the same time Russian Air Force, providing escort for military support convoys, could be confronting NATO (U.S.) Air Forces over Hungry and Serbia.

The heavily-armed, 823-foot long ‘Peter the Great’, a nuclear-power cruiser commissioned at St. Petersburg in April of this year, together with the aircraft carrier ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ and warships of the Russian Atlantic Fleet, will be used by the Russian government to transport the S-300 missiles which it has sold to Cyprus to that island nation in mid-August. Along with three other warships of its class, ‘Peter the Great’ was designed to smash U.S. aircraft carrier battle groups. It carries a formidable range of weaponry on a six-deck superstructure, including 20 SS-N-19 anti-ship surface-to-surface missiles.

Its consort on this maiden voyage to Cyprus, the ‘Admiral Kuznetzov’, carries 36 of the feared and deadly fourth-generation Sukhoi-27 fighters, which in our opinion easily out-perform, out-range, and out-maneuver their U.S. equivalents. They have extremely powerful missiles and guns, superb radar and aiming equipment, and – for an aircraft weighing over twenty tons – an extraordinarily high acceleration capability and thrust-to-weight ratio.

Turkey has clearly and repeatedly stated its intention to strike these missiles after they’re landed but before they are installed, if it can not intercept them prior to this at sea. Greece has warned that such an action would lead to war between the two nations.

Israel, while publicly denying any concern over the placement of the Russian S-300 missiles and their powerful Tombstone radar systems in Cyprus, has been rapidly and secretly training Turkish Air Force F-16 pilots deep in the Negev desert to use electronic countermeasures techniques to strike at and destroy them. According to the Israeli Defense Ministry, the Israeli Army ‘categorically denies’ a published statement that the Israeli Air Force Commander said "Israel would consider attacking Cypriot missiles". That senior Air Force officer later amplified this denial by stating, with a straight face, that "We do not see the S-300’s as a danger…" Speaking of the capacity of their accompanying radar systems to reach deeply into Israeli air space he said, "Do excuse me for the comparison, but no one can impregnate us".

Turkish Navy told "Prepare for war with Greece"; British intelligence activities stepped up dramatically on Cyprus.

From: www.inforamp.net/~jwhitley
The S-300 missiles were just delivered in a compromise to Crete.

How big a War is NATO angling for?

On News from Russia

Anyone who followed World News in the last year has seen many reports of the continued instability inside Russia since the fall of the old Soviet Union. We have seen huge amounts of money poured into Russian coffers, only to see no effect on it’s stability. We have heard reports stating that much of this money is now in Swiss bank accounts under the names of ‘former’ KGB operatives.

We have seen reports on workers from all sectors striking across Russia for months and even years of back-pay.

More reports of continued government instability for Yelsin to the Russian Duma come each day.

There are many further reports on the failing Russian early warning system, nuclear power plant problems, control of Russian nuclear ICBM and ‘suitcase’ nukes. Not to mention reports on the once-might Russian military falling into disarray and discord.

It has seemed that no matter what the West has tried. Russia continues to be unstable and that this instability seems to be increasing.

The central problem seems to be: How to unite the Russian people under a stable government, given that the usual ‘carrots’ have not worked, and only seem to compound the problem at hand?

But remember that what is really desired is a way to get at those resources in Siberia. It can’t be done until Russia is stabilized. Many, many Western Corporations have tried, but there is something about trying to do business while surrounded by much needed bodyguards that simply gets in the way. And the results of there efforts have not justified the initial investments and many have pulled out or have only a limited presence now.

On the Reasons for War

While it is popular to believe wars are fought for one political agenda or another, the fact is they are not. That these political agendas often get in the way or obscure the real reasons is not in dispute.

The real reasons that wars are fought is to gain territory, but not just any territory, No one fights over empty, barren, mineral poor land. While some have popularized the take-over of land as ‘living room’ or other such designations, that is only done to gain popular home-front support.

Going back in history, WW I and WW II were ultimately fought for control of natural resources and the access to them: from Japan’s ‘Greater East-Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere’ to Germany’s claim to Allsaiss-Lorain. Japan wanted the resources in Asia to build up it’s industry and Germany wanted the Coal in western France to power it’s industrial build-up.

On ‘Consumerism’

In today’s world, ‘consumerism’ is an ever growing force and fact of life in the world’s Have nations. The productions of all these products generates individual and corporate wealth. Many claim this is a ‘good-thing’. However as the population increases, the demand begins to out-strip the supply of resources to make these products.

The Kosovo Solution – When Things Go Wrong

Kosovo seemed to initially present an easy ‘victory’ in establishing Western access to the resources there. It also seemed to be an easy way to bring stability to Russia. That’s the trouble with ‘easy solutions’ – they seldom are, worse they encourage lazy thinking by the planners. America, these days seems particularly enamored with quick and easy solutions to the problems at hand, while simultaneously rushing headlong to the next goal. Applied to world politics this makes for ugly messes, like the Kosovo War – or is it the Kosovo Campaign?

When things go wrong, facts and information uncovering those wrongs must be hidden, obscured or drowned out by other stories, lest heads roll.

Propaganda – Whose?

We have a situation at the moment were the only major media information on the war is from NATO sources. During WW II, the Germans used jamming to block BBC reports of the real conditions of the war from the German people; they heard only what Gobbles and Company wished them to hear – we called that propaganda.

A few days ago NATO used Laser Guided Bombs to take out the last remaining Serbian Television Station – Serb TV. The other Serbian TV stations – a family and children oriented stations – had already been taken out by destroying the transmitters. What was different in the attack on Serb TV was they went after the staff, killing at least 25; many were crushed to death. (We could also ask how many were killed when the bridge filled with civilians at Novi Sad was bombed). No reporters, directors, other staff and crews equals no reports. No shots of people weeping over the coffins of their loved ones.

Remember these are the same people who brought the West the pictures of the downed Stealth fighter (F-117), Serbs wearing signs saying, "Sorry, we didn’t know it was invisible" and bullseyes on their clothes, pictures of the 3 captured US soldiers, and the bombing of the civilian convoy in Kosovo province. CNN and others only picked these stories up after Serb TV broadcast them.

They were declared legitimate military targets by NATO because they broadcast propaganda, refused to allow NATO to broadcast over Serb TV, and because they were inciting rabid Serbian nationalism. Worse their programs were declared like nothing we in the West would recognize as TV programming – maybe they didn’t show enough sit-coms, commercials and cartoons.

Now the questions are what is the difference between the German people huddled over their illegal short-wave radios listening to the BBC during WW II and Americans today with Internet access? What is the difference between the German people listening to Gobbels and the Americans today listening to CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS TV.

Salient points to be raised here is those listening to Gobbles believed he was telling them the Truth, as did those listening to the BBC; which of the two did history prove correct? Why not use the Russian people under Stalin and Company as a more modern example? Because the Russian people knew what they heard from their media was propaganda.

Kosovo – The Inevitable Conclusion

Now the Russian people are uniting behind their government, hating America and Americans has become fashionable, the Communist Party membership is growing again by leaps and bounds – there is even a movement in the party to issue honorable membership status to Bill, Maddy, and Tony for this unexpected, but very welcomed surge in membership, the Russian military is mobilizing with all fleets either at sea or preparing to go. Russia is becoming unified. Stability just needs a few more touches. Of course this will result in extremely heavy American *casualties, but that’s a given. It’s just a question of avoiding the Nuclear Option or using it only sparingly.

With the unity of Russia with Belarus, Serbia and others, will come Albania as a CIS (the Russian Trading Block). Albania, which during the ‘Cold War’ was allied with China, will gladly follow, since Russia and China have formalized their mutual cooperation and demilitarization treaty.

The West led by the ‘new’ NATO, backed by the economic mussel of the European Economic Union and the U.S., will probably get a treaty signed which will cede Kosovo to Albania eventually, while Russia will get political and economic stability, expanded territory, enlarged CIS – to include China as a major trading partner again.

The Western Powers will then proceed to deal through the European Economic Union with CIS for access to the natural resources in Kosovo and – the big potato – Siberia.

Oh, and the Serbs? Well they are just in the way and will be removed – unfortunate casualties of war – all 10 million. But hey, the NATO nations saved those refugees, didn’t they?…

Certain Western leaders will no doubt be nominated and receive Nobel Peace Prizes and memorable legacies to put in the history books.

Just a thought.

  1. The Voice of Russia radio program reported on Apr. 18, 1999 that NATO had lost over 40 planes and 90 airmen between March 24 and April 15. The report said Yugoslav and Russian military sources said NATO had also lost 120 cruise missiles to Yugoslav defenses. The Ekho Moskvy radio in Moscow cited an RIA-Novosti news agency report that NATO has delivered thousands of coffins to a British military base in Cyprus today. The reports suggests NATO is preparing for a ground attack, and expects heavy losses.
  2. The Yugoslav minister for information, M. Komnenic, said in a report released in Belgrade on Wednesday (Apr. 21) that 517 civilians were killed by NATO during the Mar. 24-Apr. 20 period, among them 13 children. And that over 4,000 civilians were wounded in NATO’s raids.
  3. See List of Confirmed Shot Down NATO Aircraft – totaled 69 a few days ago. Link no longer up.
  4. See Day 16, update 1, for early U.S. and British Killed In Action Reports. See: Truth in Media – click on Epilogue to NATO’s War on Serbia: NATO’s Secret Losses.

Addendum – 2007:

  1. We later learned that Maddy (Madaline Albright) was continually plugging within the Clinton administration to support the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) because she was keenly aware of her Albanian heritage.
  2. Nor did anyone mention that the F117 was shot sown because the Democrat politicos in D.C. demanded that they fly the exact same route, on the exact same time, on every run.
  3. Kosovo, one of the two last remaining sources of undeveloped natural resources is now controlled by Albanian muslims. To what purpose are they going to put all the money generated?
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