EIB Network Bombed by NATO

From the Alternate History Series

News Release
OlyPen PIFWire:

In a surreal atmosphere, following close on the heels of the Serb TV bombing by NATO in Kosovo, Christiane Amanpour just happened to be nearby when the first of what appeared to be three enormous explosions took place high atop the EIB Building, while Mr. Rush Limbaugh was believed to be broadcasting his show.

In an odd coincidence, Mr. Limbaugh just happened to be interviewing prospective presidential candidate, Pat Buchannan. The list of dead and wounded is still being compiled.

Jerry Rubin, State Department Spokesman, said in an announcement later, "Mr. Limbaugh and the EIB Network had been warned to stop broadcasting propaganda or face a NATO attack." He said, "If you heard that show you would not recognize it as having any similarity to American radio shows we know. They are a legitimate military target."

President Clinton was asked at his Press Conference this morning if he had any thoughts on the attack. He replied that they were warned. Further, "As I said earlier, the American People just have to understand that there is no difference between foreign and domestic policies. They are both the same box".

–PIF – 4/26/1999
On to Rush Limbaugh’s EIB Network.

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