The Coming Age of Obama. A Prediction

As Obama Vows to Change the World
So We Make a Prediction

We make a prediction about the coming Age of Obama, his government, his plans, and the long-term consequences.

Elected by over-anxious, self-seeking voters, the Obama government will be characterized internally and externally by weakness, equivalence, in-fighting, poorly taken decisions, and the resulting unforeseen consequences. The result will be a government which becomes incapable of governing or playing any significant role (worth the name) on the world stage. In the process of gaining power, the very first step will be to fire all Federal prosecutors and appoint as many radical lawyers as they need.

The next step the Obama government will take is to pack the Supreme Court, and appoint radical liberal judges to the U.S. Appellate and Circuit courts. Having taken control of the entire U.S. legal system, they will strip the U.S. Constitution of the first 10 Amendments and repeal the 22nd. Congress will soon meet thereafter to write a new Constitution embodying all the principles dear to the heart of radical liberals, including no limits on holding any political office.

In the few years it takes for the Obama government to be widely recognized as too weak to govern, the radical liberal Democrats in Congress will strip the U.S. Military of its funding, armaments, and send the troops home. This move will be widely protested, however, the fiscal reality – given the multi-trillion dollar spending on free health care and other liberal utopian ideas – there will not be enough money to have two equally-funded, equipped, and manned standing armies: the U.S. Military and the new Civilian National Security Force (as numerous, as well funded, as well equipped as the U.S. Military).

Congress will then be able to allocate the resources and equipment from the U.S. Military to the Civilian National Security Force without any additional spending. To quell the initial public protests, Congress will have hearings essentially proving the bulk of the troops in the U.S. Military could not be relied on to back their decisions, especially when enforcing order within the continental U.S. These hearings will be widely publicized and lauded by a strictly controlled, limited public media.

A few armed citizens and some well-armed groups of citizens will attempt to halt this process, but will not succeed. Their essential mistake will be to imagine they could defeat in combat Obama’s Civilian National Security Force. These civilians, despite some with extensive military training and combat experience, will have, between all of them, only a few tens of tons of ammunition and limited troops, while Obama’s Civilian National Security Force will have ammo by the megaton, as well as a virtually unlimited number of troops. It will be no contest.

Some among these civilians will surrender and others will be captured. Most will be shot on the spot, but some will go to camps to be retrained, and a few will be given public trials followed by public executions. The rebellion will be over.

As for Obama’s Civilian National Security Force, it will basically divide itself into two groups:

  • In the Northern half of the U.S., the ‘volunteers’ will consist primarily of men and women of African descent, staffed and managed by Louie Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. The bulk of these soldiers will come from street gangs like the Bloods and the Crypts.
  • In the Southern half of the U.S., the ‘volunteers’ will consist primarily of men and (a very few) women of Hispanic descent, run by Hispanic drug cartels. The bulk of these soldiers will be the endless supply of ‘impoverished peasants’ from south of the U.S. Border.

Eventually these two factions of Civilian National Security Force will vie for power. And that conflict will led to an all-out war between the two. The Northern group will have the advantage of a large industrial base, while the Southern group the advantage in manpower. This internecine war, like the US Civil War before it, will only end when all those, on one side or the other, who are willing to die for their cause, have died.

Meanwhile, most, having seen their future diminish to a vanishing point, will flee the chaos. Many refugees will attempt the long journey to Alaska. Some, in their urban-bred naivete, will fail to realize exactly how long and difficult a journey they face. Of these refugees, many will fall by the wayside, even die. Of the handful of millions of refugees who do make it to Alaska, few will be able to stand the climate, the harsh winters, and working conditions. A great many of the new arrivals, and some of the urban old-timers, will perish.

Globally, with the dissolution of the U.S., millions will die in local and religious wars, and others will perish from disease and starvation. China, Japan, and Russia will assume the world stage as power-brokers, supplying arms to politically expedient factions, and food and medicine to those held in thrall. The troubles in the U.S. will be mostly ignored, other than requests from Alaska for aid from the new super-powers in exchange for access to Alaska’s ample natural resources.

After several decades have past, and the majority of Obama government either dead or in exile, with the once-great, world-savior and Messiah in hiding, fearing for his life, watching the price on his head increase daily, the hardy enterprising Alaskan souls, now numbering nearly thirty million, will begin to look south. By this time the war the continental U.S. is mostly over; the chaos, destruction, and death in on both sides of the war will have reduced the fighting to small skirmishes, often hand to hand, with major attacks characterized by the wide-spread use of slings and bows.

As the Alaskans move south through (what were Canadian provinces) the Yukon, Alberta, and British Columbia, they will join with the only governments which withstood the total collapse of the Canadian government, the invasion by the northern faction of the U.S. Civilian National Security Force, and the subsequent declaration of independence by Ontario: the large Canadian tribal nations.

This large union of Alaskans and the Canadian tribes will absorb a few from the saner southern, reservation and off-reservation Indians. Together, this force will drive both of the remaining factions of the Civilian National Security Force south. These surviving Security Force troops will be absorbed or killed by the recovering Central and South American states.

Liberal Utopian ideals will be put to the test and fail. The believers will be put to the sword. As an ideology with adherents, Liberal Utopian ideals will disappear forever from the world stage.

As this union grows, it will federate and become the United States of North America. The Constitution. as envisioned by those long-gone Founding Fathers. will be reborn with safeguards to protect it from becoming a ‘living’ document subject to the whims of judicial interpretation. The new U.S. of N.A. will quickly re-establish its industrial base and begin rebuilding without the constraints of Liberal ideology. Long dormant ideas will find a new life as creativity, science, and the arts discover a Second Renaissance. Man’s long-held dream of going to the stars will become a real possibility with the advent of nuclear powered propulsion – permitting loads of nearly unlimited size to be lifted into orbit and journey forth with large crews, ample shielding, water, air, and – through rotation – generate artificial gravity.

As for Obama himself, he will never be found. Historians, looking back, will presume he met his fate at some unknown hour, in some dreadful fashion, at the hands of some bounty hunter, or fled back to his native Kenya where he died in poverty and obscurity.

All that history will say of Obama is that he kept his promise and did, indeed, change the world.


  1. The multi-trillion dollar bailout (or stimulus) during the first years – lead to hyper-inflation, effectively making the dollar the new penny.
  2. Limiting the bonus paid to executives whose companies took bailout money – lead to governmental regulation of every aspect of all businesses and the capping wages for all American workers.
  3. Forced unionization of all jobs – lead to high costs, low productivity and shoddy products – caused “Made in USA” to become a label best avoided.
  4. The appointment of a pro-child porn, anti-marrige advocate to the number two position in the Justice Department – lead to the legalization of child pornography.
  5. The appointment of a climate tzar (a new above-Cabinet level position) who focused on regulating all emissions which could possibly cause man-made global warming (during the coldest 10 years on record) – set a new record level of personal and corporate taxation.
  6. Allowing individual States to set emission standards – marginalized the auto industry whose only product became a niche auto only the wealthy could afford.
  7. As a further corollary to his Middle East Policy, Obama signed an Executive Order withdrawing all US support for Israel – leading to the Israeli-Iran nuclear war.
  8. Rescinding all oil prospecting on Federal land and placing oil shale production off limits – created a fuel shortage during the Israeli-Iran nuclear war.
  9. Implemented a Middle East Policy which dictated that a good chat with Muslim nations would make them come to their senses and love the US – lead to calls for Shira Law with in the US.
  10. …and so many other poor decisions, they cannot be listed on one page.
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2 Responses to The Coming Age of Obama. A Prediction

  1. tinkerthinker says:

    I see a lot of thought went into your prediction, but I don’t think Obama has the time to get his civilian force in place before people revolt. Yes, I have seen he is trying to use the military instead but it won’t work. You underestimate the American people.

    • PIF31 says:

      Wish that were so, but the morons have hit critical mass, else the One would now be doing something else… “underestimating the American people” is a self-perpetuating myth which it is far too late to make into a reality.

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