Obama, The Compassionate Family Man

One More Obama Relative Found Living in Poverty

Last night the major networks carried a half-hour infomercial featuring Mr. Obama, who portrayed himself as a compassionate, caring family man. A newly published article begs the question.

Well, not so fast there, guy, What about Auntie? You know Zeituni Onyango, 56, the one you so lovingly portrayed in your so-called autobiography – Dreams of My Father? I know we are supposed to over-look your total lack of ever having written anything prior, how difficult (or near-impossible) it is for a first-time author to get published by a large publishing house, and the curious literary similarities to books written by your casual acquaintance and neighbor, Bill Ayers.

We all realize how impossible it must be for you to keep up with what’s happening in your extended family in Kenya – given all the time your various political projects demand. But really, a half-brother living in Kenya, in a tiny wooden shack, in a slum, on a dollar a day? And now the Auntie? Who lives- relatively speaking – just down the road in Boston?

The Times in Britain seem to think your claimed compassion and reverence for family somewhat askew. Somehow, they managed to reach across the Atlantic and do what you seem incapable of achieving: finding your Auntie and – gasp – actually speaking to her!

The story gives us a detailed look at the Obama extended family here in the US. Not only do we learn of Dear Auntie living in poverty in Boston, but of half-uncle “Omar” and that his real name is Obama Onyango, and further, we learn that he was dreadfully beaten in a robbery while in that same city. Does the One know this? After all he claimed in the book he supposedly wrote that “Uncle Omar” as one of the

…characters in this book remain a part of my life, albeit in varying degrees – a function of work, children, geography, and turns of fate.

That’s a curious turn of phrase for a compassionate, family-oriented man to use when referring (albeit indirectly) to blood relatives (with whom he has no known daily contact) alternately living desperately in a slum, church-mouse poor in a run-down Boston flat, or lying bloody and beaten after a robbery.

The Times mentions that Obama has not commented, and likely will not, since they have never commented on similar stories concerning his relatives. The paper does not know if he is in touch with her, or even knows she lives in the US. Given the history of Obama and relatives, one might even ask if he cares at all about them, beyond using them as convenient excuses and props for his stage shows.

One would guess that they can print a story questioning your Highness’ sincerity, since they are – at present – beyond your reach and not part of the US MSM.

The only quibble I have with the Times story is the mention that Auntie must be a US citizen because she made a contribution to your campaign. As most of us who follow your exploits know, your campaign is not known for caring who makes a contribution as long as the credit card number is valid, and the amounts are given in sums less than US $200 (amounts donated to campaigns under US $200 are not reportable).

The Times only reports she gave a total of $260, but not whether it was one donation or the sum of several. Since she is poor, one might reasonably assume there were many donations. And as such, the fact she donated is not proof of anyhing beyond that she donated money to his cause

I only mention this error (not to question the woman’s citizenship), as one more example of the media’s assumptions and lack of discovering the actual facts in their stories. However, US citizenship seems to be a questionable assumption surrounding the foreign-born members of the Obama family living in the US, including the One’s now-sealed birth records (along with a whole lot of other Obama records).

Update 11/01/2008

Apparently I don’t have to question the woman’s citizenship – a judge already has:

rejected her request for asylum four years ago, The Associated Press has learned… (and)… It was not immediately clear how Onyango might have qualified for public housing with a standing deportation order.

Yesterday, the American electorate was only faced with some guy running for President whose personal history is largely a blank covered by sealed records: college transcripts, senior thesis, financial, medical, and birth certificate. Today, they can add an illegal relative to the mix.

Question 1

This raises the question of National Security: if they are here illegally, just what will become their agenda – once the Messiah assumes his Throne?

The day before yesterday, so to speak, we learned that Obama hasa humble brother whom he permits to live in a shackin Kenya – to live on a dollar a month(!), in a good month.

Question 2

If the Great Leader will allow a close relatives to live on a dollar a month, how much will he permit the American electorate to live on a month?

Question 3

If the Great Leader will allow these close relatives to live in such dire circumstances – with little of no contact, what conditions exactly will he allow the American to live in?

Question 4

If the Great Leader will allow these close relatives to live with little of no contact, does this presuppose his Presidency will be a distant, a removed, an elite form of governance?

A day later, we foundcousin Odinga, a ruthless radical Muslin running the country of Kenya: a cousin for whom Obama raised money for, and appeared at Odinga’s rallies, a cousin whom other Kenyan’s describe as “using him (Obama) like a stooge, a puppet”.

Question 5

As President of the US, who exactly will be using him “like a stooge, a puppet”? Pellosi? Reid? Someone else? All three?

Because the Democrat controlled Congress is set to enact a new Fairness Doctrine, only the MSM will be telling us what is going on, and because they are so completely ‘in the tank’ for him, we will never know. But then, given Obama’s Hooverish tax plan, that may be the least of our worries.

The Fed’s “Depression” and the Birth of the New Deal

The Great Depression was a life-saver for the political left displaced by 1920s prosperity… A country that doesn’t understand its own history is not well equipped to deal with its future. The Great Depression was not a failure of the old order. It was the failure of the new order that had just begun.

All this sounds too familiar, almost right out of today’s news. Yet an ignorant public is all too willing to repeat that tragic time, if for no other reason than they hate Bush, his policies, and what they have been told to believe are the results of those policies.

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