Obama 2001, On How to Get Your Change

Obama Audio on the Redistribution of Wealth in 2001

When he told Joe the Plumber, a bit ago, that he wanted to “spread the wealth around”, Obama was expressing a long-held belief, one he will see to fruition by grabbing all of your change, or, to put it more bluntly, all of your paycheck.

I heard on TV this morning that the entire Obama team is reading FDR biographies.

Besides holding three terms as President, FDR is also known for packing the Supreme Court, placing numerous Communists and their sympathizers in high places in his administration, and instituting the New Deal which prolonged the Great Depression and its effects by decades. This is not to mention his really bad deal with Stalin which divided Europe for decades – making the Cold War possible or at least far worse then it had to be.

Yet along with JF Kennedy, FDR is regarded as a near-saint among Democrats. Did I say near-saint? Oh wait… that implies religion, which is evil and an opiate of the masses. Let’s use another word… thinking…

Yes! That’s it! A Hero. With a capital H. Heros are always good. They can be portrayed in wonderful poses on great big posters – and just think of the statues all those poor starving sculptors could create! The arts will flourish as they haven’t for decades.

Getting carried away again… back to the point. Surely even the most dull among us would agree that all the images of Obama are larger than life. We are sure to be in for a real treat when the One ascends. Sorry – just can’t help myself. The enthusiasm seems to be contagious.

So how is the Obamanation going to get your change? Simple. He’ll follow FDR’s example and pack the court. What does pack the court mean? That mystified me once long ago also. You see being an expert on the Constitution, BHO knows that the number of judges sitting on the court is not specified in the Constitution. Therefore, it is Constitutionally OK to nominate as many as he pleases. And the Congress – dominated by fellow Democrats – will duly hold their self-important hearings, wave their copies of FDR biographies, and then vote 100% to confirm.

Then, the Court will be totally in Obama’s pocket. It will not matter what Roberts, Scalia, Thomas or Alito think on any issue before it. And if Kennedy and the rest just happen to disagree, why then, Obama will just nominate more judges, until he has the votes to find in favor of his legislation. All those artist will just be jumping for joy knowing that more grants are headed their way.

So, following in his Hero’s footsteps, Obama will have his New Deal – something he has already proposed – thereby prolonging and compounding US financial problems, pack the Court to redistribute your income to the needy folks in the inner-cities who want another big expensive plasma TV and such, and look around for some foreign entity to make a rally bad deal with – ensuring global turmoil for decades to come.

As it stands for the wealthy making more than $200K, their wealth will be heavily taxed. However, this will not be good enough to fund the initial Trillion dollar Obama proposals, let alone the later ones. Taking a clue from the Elite in the UN, wealth will need to be redefined in the US to anyone making more that the Global norm, which – last time I looked – was around $10K. Whatever your income is now, expect you tax bill to rise. Sharply.

While many will protest – especially the current Obama enthusiasts, they will have a hard-time refuting any of these things, societal pressures being what they are, not to mention Blue-Shirted individuals knocking on your door. To stem this unfortunate tide of events, certain long-term measures will have to be undertaken.

Education will naturally be reformed. Under the tutelage of Bill Ayers, the foremost Educator the US has ever produced, US History will consist of a short section devoted to the evil white men who held slaves, followed by a shorter section on the civil war and the Klu Klux Klan, followed by a mention of FDR and Kennedy, and then on to the meat of the matter, chapter after chapter on the wonders of the Age of Obama. Math will consist of an introductory on the use of a calculator, and an optional section on interpreting the results.

Oh, and expect to see lots of words Capitalized in the years ahead, not to mention egregious spelling and grammar errors, as proper English is phased out in the interests of Fuller Communications with the People.

Personally, unless I’m hauled off to a Re-Education Camp, or made to stand in front of a Wall, I plan on taking up the Arts again, as that may well be the only option for Work. There will be a lot of Statues made, mark my words, not to mention generous and juicy, Federal Grants to live off.

Update: 10/28/2008

Here’s a Reminder of What FDR Did to Keep the Great Depression Rolling
How Obama and a Democrat Controlled Congress will Act on Your Behalf



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