Obama, Unilateral Disarmament and Fraudulent Donations

Just when You Thought It is Safe…

Via Hot Air

No wonder all the Mullahs in Iran love this guy! Can you imagine all the cash he’ll raise by selling all existing U.S. weapons systems for pennies on the dollar?

“I’ll take that new aircraft carrier – will you accept 5 million euros?” says the Saudi Prince.
“Sure. Just none of that funny-money green back stuff”, says BHO.
“We think you might like to match that with a Seawolf-class nuclear sub. We’ll let that go for 4 million euros. What’cha think?”
“Can we charge it?”
“Sure all major cards are accepted”
“Can we use the same fake addresses we used for your online donations while you were running?”
“Sure, We never turn money away, no matter who or where it comes from. And don’t worry about the ‘System’, we have ways to get around that. Besides if any one notices, it will never be reported – at least not to any extend. When it comes to your money, you can have full confidence in our integrity.”

Obama: Send me more money. We accept fake names and foreign credit cards.

Yes. It’s True. Yes, it is. The Obamanation will take online campaign donations any name or address with any real card number, i.e.
Mike Mouse
101 Fantasy Lane
Disney World
xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx <- Your Real Card Number Here.

The Thug Nation begins… where there once was a nation (called by some) the United States of America.

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