Obama and the Missing Years 1980-1983

Does the American Public Have a Right to Know?

Here’s a limited account of Obama, the Great Leader, and his missing years.

What was Obama doing in Pakistan? Who did he visit and why? Under what country’s passport (see below) did he travel? No one knows, and Obama will not say. What was he doing at Columbia University where no one remembers him? All we know is that somehow the Great O managed to graduate.

There are neither transcripts nor a senior thesis from Occidental, Columbia or Harvard. Just a void.

Some of his known friends from that period include: Sohale Siddiqi aka Sadik Siddiqi, Imad Husain, Hasan Chandoo and Wahid Hamid – all of them from Karachi, Pakistan.

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Finding The Lost Years and on his inflated resume

Update Oct 12, 2008

It turns out that the Messiah’s missing years may extend to his rather murky birth record. He claims he was born in Hawaii and has a single piece of paper – likely a computer generated document, a Certificate of Live Birth – to prove that claim. However, the State of Hawaii, when a birth certificate is requested, issues four pieces of paper: the Certificate of Live Birth, a photocopy of the original certificate, with the bottom 3/4 below the name obscured by a hospital authentication-proof of birth at that particular hospital, an authentication by the State Clerk, attesting to the hospital record, and an authentication by the State Attorney General, attesting to the State Clerk’s authentication as authentic.

The question arises, where are the other three documents? Why won’t the Messiah release them?

By Hawaiian law, the actual birth place of a child does not matter and will issue a Certificate of Live Birth anyway.

Interestingly the Certificate of Live Birth BHO produces has no raised seal and the certificate number is blacked out. Why? See: BHO’s Certificate of Live Birth.

More mysterious for this man who would be POTUS, anyone, anyone can get a photocopy of their original birth certificate in any state. Why can’t BHO?

Some point to a Hawaiian newspaper clipping which announces the birth of a son to MR. and Mrs. BH Obama as further proof of birth in Hawaii. However, the clipping does not say where the child was born. It is entirely possible that the announcement was phoned into the paper from some other country. There is nothing to say otherwise. Further, there are an unsubstantiated claims the Obamas were in Kenya at the time of their son’s birth. In one such claim, BHO’s relatives have stated that he was born in Kenya and flown back shortly afterwards – the airline didn’t want to fly a pregnant woman close to labor.

The US Constitution specifies that only a native born person may become President (POTUS) – to avoid conflicts of interest, but says nothing of dual citizenship (which was not recognized in the late 18th Century).

Since BHO was born to an American woman and a Kenyan male, as far as Kenya is concerned he is a Kenyan, since citizenship in that country proceeds from the male. However, since BHO’s step-father was an Indonesian and a Muslim, Islamic law in that country requires the mother to formally renounce her son’s prior citizenship to be legally married in Indonesia. Since she did get married under those laws (to Soetero), she had to follow the law and formally renounce BHO’s US citizenship.

Complicating the issue further, during that period there was no dual citizenship with Indonesia, and only citizens could be enrolled in school in that country. This would seem to make BHO a citizen of Indonesia as far as that country was concerned.

I suppose the ultimate question here is: does the US recognize formal renunciations of its citizens and did the US do so in this case?

Regardless if the American people choose to elect a POTUS who’s background is sketchy, the questions remain who is Barak Hussain Obama? What will the US become under the Democratic Party of George Soros?

And by the way, what sort of man is Obama that he allows his own brother to live on a one US dollar a month in a Kenyan slum hut?

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