Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

How America Came to the Land of the  Brown  Blue Shirts

Thanks to the LoneWacko via comments on Hot Air, we learn that “Hawiian”-born Barack Hussein Obama has big plans for this country.

Read on to see just how big…

Just the other day he was speachifying about the glories of a society like he grew up in – where everything is rigid fixed, and known. These fixes are what America needs. Once done, all the ills will pass and everyone will live happily ever after, as in his childhood Indonesia. From His book Dreams of My Father (via Spengler):

…As we walked back to the car, we passed a small clothing store full of cheap dresses and brightly colored sweaters, two aging white mannequins now painted black in the window. The store was poorly lit, but toward the back I could make out the figure of a young Korean woman sewing by hand as a child slept beside her.

The scene took me back to my childhood, back to the markets of Indonesia: the hawkers, the leather workers, the old women chewing betel nut and swatting flies off their fruit with whisk brooms…

I saw those Djakarta markets for what they were: fragile, precious things. The people who sold their goods there might have been poor, poorer even than folks out in Altgeld [a Chicago housing project where Obama was a community organizer – the only thing He ever actually did in His life). They hauled fifty pounds of firewood on their backs every day, they ate little, they died young. And yet for all that poverty, there remained in their lives a discernible order, a tapestry of trading routes and middlemen, bribes to pay and customs to observe, the habits of a generation played out every day beneath the bargaining and the noise and the swirling dust. It was the absence of such coherence that made a place like Altgeld so desperate, I thought to myself.

Personally, paying bribes has always been a favorite pass-time, as this has given me the chance to learn local customs and occasionally pick up a new trade route. Hopefully, the Man from Hope, will see to it that there are enough swirling dusty places for me and others to live in abject poverty, while we observe the customs so desperately needed in the U.S. of A.

Since we will have no new sources of fuel under His Glorious Lifelong Reign, Americans will be hauling firewood from hills being stripped bare, have little to eat (being overweight will no longer be an affliction), and, of course, will not have long to live. No doubt, somewhere there will be a crash project to find some other fuel for jet planes to run on, beside a petroleum produced fuel. Maybe some form of woodchips?

When the Messiah says Change, He really means it.

From the Baltimore Sun:
Striking His typical heroic Maoist pose, The Messiah announced in his 4th of July Colorado Springs, Colo speech that:

Loving your country shouldn’t just mean watching fireworks on the 4th of July. Loving your country must mean accepting your responsibility to do your part to change it. If you do, your life will be richer, our country will be stronger.

I won’t just ask for your vote as a candidate, I will ask for your service and your active citizenship when I’m president of the United States. This won’t be a call issued in one speech or one program. I want this to be a central cause of my presidency. We will ask Americans to serve. We will create new opportunities for Americans to serve.

It also depends on the teacher in East L.A., or the nurse in Appalachia, the after-school working in New Orleans, the Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, the Foreign Service officer in Indonesia.

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.

Just as we teach math and writing, arts and athletics, we need to teach young Americans to take citizenship seriously.

Renewing that spirit starts with service. Make no mistake: our destiny as Americans is tied up with one another. If we are less respected in the world, then you will be less safe. If we keep paying dictators for foreign oil, gas prices are going to keep rising, and so are the oceans. If we can’t give all of our children a world-class education, our economy is going to fall behind.

Along with the above rhetoric, the Messiah announced He would:

  • make enhanced public service (modeled on his Public Allies of which he was founding member of the board) – as a central part of his presidency;

    Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, “Universal Voluntary Public Service.”

    Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they’ll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of “social change.”

  • boost the size of the active military, but that the nation’s future depends on more than just additional soldiers;
  • increase the size of the AmeriCorps;
  • called for greater integration with schools, so that young Americans are better prepared to be active citizens;
  • make federal assistance conditional on school districts establishing service programs and set the goal of 50 hours of service a year for middle and high school students;
  • would set the goal for college students at 100 hours of service a year and;
  • create a $4,000 annual tax credit for college students tied to that level of service.

Those kids will just eat up the taxpayer-funded bribes, well. if there are any taxpayers left when his holiness gets finished…

When all is said and done, under the Messiah, citizens of the former U.S. of A. will willingly serve their country, young and old; they, to the man and woman, will know what to do and think in every given situation. Certainly, the brave men and women of the Civilian National Security Force (CNSF) will see to it that everyone is well informed as to their civic duties. The CNSF’s Department of National Religious Police (DNRP) will make sure customs are observed in accordance with Sharia Law. And once a year, every citizen will be able to recite the Shahada along with the Messiah, whose perfect Arabic will ring so proudly above the people’s chorus.

And so it will come to pass that having a world-class education, Americans will no longer have to think about anything.

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