Why It Is No Longer Necessary To Think About Anything

From the Alternate History Series

Liberals is idiots

Back in the early spring of ’08, the PIF read the comment below on one of those nasty right-wing internet sites – fortunately, when the New Fairness Doctrine was reinstated, it, like all the other nasty right-wing internet sites, vanished overnight.

In reference to President Obama’s ’08 fund raising speech in San Francisco before a crowd of wealthy potential donors, and his comment that:

"You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing has replaced them…And they fell through the Clinton Administration, and the Bush Administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not. And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

To that statement by the future President Obama the poster replied:

"The problem with this guy (Obama) is he is from a large city. People who were born and raised in a large city don’t know jack. They drive by a construction site and truly don’t understand what has gone into that construction prior to the construction of said building. Logging for lumber; that’s a big no-no. How about mining to get the different minerals to forge steel. Mining is a big no-no, too. It upsets the environment. How about drilling for oil to power the trucks and cranes and whatever. How about the generation of electricity to run the power tools? Can’t burn any fossil fuels because that leads to carbon emissions and global warming.

"Liberals live in big cities and can’t relate to anything. How about the food they eat. Don’t understand the first thing about milking cows. Don’t know anything about raising beef, pork, or poultry. This stuff just somehow shows up on the grocery shelves and absolutely no idea how it got there.

"Liberals is idiots."

Of course, the poster above was totally wrong when he stated "(liberals have) absolutely no idea how it (food) got there". It is correct to say liberals do not want to have any idea how their food appears in grocery stores. This belief is in keeping with the liberal truism: how thing happen or what consequence flow from an action or non-action are completely irrelevant. What is important to a liberal is how one feels about that action or non-action. Thus, the only logical liberal position is to remain willfully ignorant, negating any need to have any ideas about anything – beyond acquiring more power over others.

Ancient History

Back long ago and far away, the PIF lived in Key West, Florida. While there, the PIF learned that in the still-more-olden-days, before the railroad, before the highways to Key West, when the only access to the Key was by boat, the locals believed that food grew in the form it appeared in the grocery stores. This belief carried over into modern times to the extent that when fresh vegetables were introduced to Key West, the locals refused to buy them because they were not in cans.

The PIF imagines that this philosophy migrated North when the highway was completed, spreading into the inner cities, and when liberalism hit critical mass, morphed into the liberal need not to think about anything,

Yes, the memories come flowing back. Once upon a time, Pennsylvania was filled with steel mills making all manner of heavy industrial goods bound for U.S. consumption and export. But when our Great President Carter came into office, liberals began to notice all the smoke and noise these factories emitted, not to mention they occupied otherwise valuable real estate which could be put to better use – so began the crusade to clean up these evil corporate polluters.

Previously, one of the few things the right-wing demagogue Nixon got right was the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. He and his crony, Erelickman, got the idea while cruising the San Juan Islands in Washington State. They thought it would be a wonderful idea to have the Federal Government protect such areas of Natural Beauty. Later on, liberals realized that the EPA could be used to protect valuable real estate occupied by steel mills, mines, and so forth.

A bit later and fortunately, that lying scum Reagan, was so busy with his futile Star Wars missile defense shield and bringing down the poor Russian government, he overlooked what was going on within the EPA.

The only thing which can be said Reagan did which helped the "progressive cause" was to tell the West Coast commercial fishermen he would help their industry, and then, like a good politician – after he was elected President – turned around and made every effort to destroy said industry nation-wide. As a footnote, the PIF might add that the term ‘industry’ when applied to commercial fishing was denied to West Coast commercial fishermen, since:

…you are not vertically integrated, not unionized, not corporations, are not Federally regulated (except on the East Coast) and thus, not an industry. As self-employed individuals, you have no protections from, nor voice in any Federal regulations, even if they apply to you.

And the once proud and profitable Tuna fleet left the U.S, for greener pastures elsewhere; salmon and bottom dragging fishermen watched their fishable areas and catch limits shrink drastically, while regulations mounted beyond need or reason. Liberals applauded, Hollywood stars gave lectures and sung the praises of various and sundry Indian Tribes – who no longer had to follow any regulations or catch limits, save those of their own devising.

Naturally, the loss of all the New Money (dollars earned by income derived from exports- in this case from exported fish and fish products) greatly impacted local communities, creating opportunities for the sale of valuable real estate formerly owned by the now-bankrupted commercial fishermen.

New Money or New Dollars are dollars held by a foreign nations and not in circulation within the US. These dollars – as long as they remain out of general circulation – have no positive effect on the US economy. It is only when these dollars are brought home that they become valuable and create new wealth.

However, the the money generated by sale of real estate – no matter how valuable, does not replace a single New Dollar, as this money is called Discretionary Income – money one already has which can be used for any purpose. These dollars do not create new wealth, but rather simply circulate the same dollar within the community.

Washington State tax dollars formerly collected from commercial fishermen on the sale of their harvest was lost, creating the opportunity for more Disposable Money (dollars which can be spent by individuals on one thing or another) and creating or vastly increasing the tourist trade in those once small communities.

Washington State began this process when it foolishly decided to surrender the tax it imposed on harvested fish, mostly from the sale of the various species of salmon within its waters. At the time, there was an abundance of salmon which fetched a high price. These tax dollars were used to build and maintain salmon hatcheries, as well as restocking rivers and creeks.

One might reasonably ask why the State would surrender a tax. There are many possible explanations, but the simplest is that, since the State placed all these dollars into its General Fund, it had no idea how much money that actually was (but it was a lot). The advent of this unhappy decision was the State’s acquiescence to the Boldt Court that 50% of its salmon could go to the Indian Treaty Tribes. The Boldt Decision, at the outset, was not a 50-50 plan, but an 80-20 plan. The State had agreed to giving up 80% of it’s tax income from salmon. And as a consequence, the State’s efforts to maintain the runs declined, and the hatcheries began to fall into disrepair and close.

As any reasonable State would do, it placed the blame for the declining salmon runs squarely on the non-Indian commercial fishermen. This action, naturally, caused the ever-vigilant, fair and unbised media to run stories about how vile non-Indian commecial fishermen actually were. Terms like "last of the buffalo hunters", "vile scum", "uneducated dolts", and "worse than baby rapers" to become common.

Never mind that, for the most part, non-Indian commercial salmon fishermen earned a good living for the time, lived in nice houses, were pillars of their respective churches and volunteered for all sorts of community projects, and (outside of academia) were better educated than any other segment of the community.

Meanwhile, in a space of a few years, real estate prices increased by 100’s of percents a year, fueling a housing boom in formerly very rural country-sides where land was cheap by the new standards of income.

Formerly peaceful small towns on the shores of the Pacific Ocean populated by commercial fishermen became bustling tourist towns, filled with the smell of greasy fast foods; tranquil broad beaches became boulevards for tourist SUVs and 4-wheel pickups spewing noxious exhaust.

Towns on the shores of Puget Sound filled with bumper-to-bumper tourists straining to get a glimpe or a tour of historic building and eating in now expensive restaurants, walking down the middle of Main Street taking pictures. Everyone wanted a second home in these small towns with their magnificent views of the Sound and two snow-capped mountain ranges. One home even was designed as a light house high on a hill – later, newcomers came to believe it was a real and historic light house.

Since the once-rural land was so cheap, trust-funders, and other wealthy liberals took advantage building homes made from old growth timber, demanded all logging activities near and far cease. When those demands went unheeded, those same concerned environmentalists created the Spotted Owl crisis, claiming the bird lived only in old growth forests. Their beloved EPA stepped in to enforce their claim and, volia, the virtual end of West Coast timber industry. Later, it was learned the the Spotted Owl, like most birds, live wherever it wants, but by then it was too late, and the regulations stands to this day. The timber industry moved on, taking its jobs with it.

However, finding that their exclusive views from the higher elevations in the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Mountains, and Puget Sound cliff and beach-side 20,000 sq. ft. homes were mucked up by non-Indian commercial fishermen fishing at night (per State regulation), the concerned environmentalists created the Marbled Murrelet crisis, with the claim that the poor little seabird was being wantonly slaughtered and, as a bonus, also only lived in old growth forests. At the time no one knew very much about the bird, and studies were necessary… and the Federal grants that went with the studies.

The upshot of the studies were that the bird seldom frequented the areas fisherman used, the only interactions occurring when a fisherman’s net was forced by current and weather into areas which would destroy his $4,000 net. However, just in case, the nets, by mandate, were redesigned in the lengthy and expensive studies to make the top three feet of the net bird proof, such that those meshes were big enough that the poor little birds would pass through unharmed – if they happened to wander.

The liberal environmentalists created regulations mandating the non-Indian commercial fishermen to add nearly $1000 to the cost of their gear, while allowing nearly 25% of the fish the non-Indian fisherman would catch to pass through his net. The Tribes, of course, had no such limitations or costs, reaping larger catches and higher tax-free incomes.

As a consequence of these wonderful new mandates, the sockeye salmon the non-Indian fishermen were targeting, also passed though that net… when migrating through deep waters, the bulk of large schools of salmon usually travel in the top ten feet of water. Catches and opportunity fell drastically, and the fishermen’s incomes fell to match.

With decreased catches and prices, rising prices for fuel, moorage, and everything else, the non-Indian commercial fisheries became unprofitable, and with the industry, under attack on so many fronts, crumbled. To the public, this meant much higher prices for wild-caught sockeye and other species of salmon.

Never fear. The liberals rode to the rescue of the non-Indian commercial fishermen by providing Federal relief to the tune of ten’s of millions of dollars… but unfortunately, the terms of the relief disqualified most non-Indian salmon fishermen – the total relief costing only one or two million dollars, 98% of which went to large fishery supply houses and a few school teachers who moonlighted as fisherman.

Undaunted by their previous efforts, the liberals rode in again under their Glorious Leader on the moment, Bill Clinton. In a well publicized West Coast conference, he proclaimed job assistance for the displaced fishermen… unfortunately, the job retraining was for jobs that either did not exist in the local towns or no longer even existed. More non-Indian fishermen were forced to leave the towns they grew up in and move to cities to find work to feed their families… those whose spouses still remained. Once again, valuable real estate was available for well-heeled liberals to snatch up at bargain prices.

While all this was going on, Pennsylvania steel workers watched their jobs disappear as their mills were dismantled and shipped lock stock and forge to China… helping impoverished China to become one of the world’s largest steel producers; the largest known rare earth mine, outside of China, was shut and turned into a Park, helping impoverished China to become the largest exporter of rare earths and magnets in the world: the only known US deposit of clean burning coal became a Nature Reserve before any one got the idea to actually mine it… helping a wealthy Clinton donor in Indonesia (the world’s largest muslim country) who just happened to own the next largest deposit of clean burning coal.

Our Modern-Day Life

Ah yes! The old days…

  • when the US was a net exporter of food, not a net importer as today; when West Coat commercial fishermen were the third largest contributor to the US Balance of Trade… not a broken down bunch of guys struggling to make ends meet;
  • when we mined all those rare earths so necessary for the manufacture of most any product and exporting the rest – not dependent of China for those minerals;
  • when our schools actually taught critical thinking… along with reading, writing, math, chemistry, physics, US and world history – not things sexual, racial and cultural tolerance, or other varieties of multiculturalism;
  • when parents taught their kids about guns, self-discipline, and self-reliance – not selfishness and self-indulgence;
  • when the US actually was the largest producer of most anything, not the world’s consumer;
  • when the US was still a sovereign country – not an Area formerly known as the US, as it has become under President Obama and George Soros, the Minister of Finance (some malcontents even whisper Soros is actually running the Area, but that’s just a wild rumor – pay no attention).

The PIF knows that some of you will say things like "Obama was for Change", and "He represented Hope", and "He gave wonderful speeches ", and "I was moved to tears by his eloquence", etc. But, none of you bothered to see all the connections – perhaps because the skill of critical thinking had been lost, or because the media liked him and didn’t cover those connections as well as they might have done. Whatever the reason, it wasn’t until after President Obama returned from his ground breaking visit to Iran with the Treaty, that so many of you began to complain. Whiners all. You wanted the US to return to the 14th Century; to see vast herds of buffalo roaming the Plains; for everyone to live in designated areas and the rest to go back to Nature; you wanted so many really nice sounding ideas to become reality, if only the right steps where taken in the right order by the right people.

Well, like it or lump it, those steps were taken, and you voted your approval. So what if instead of the 14th Century you returned to the 7th? So what if your preferred religion was condemned, and now you are either a dhimmi or a Muslim? You got what you wanted… you live under full-blown socialism. Your much-hated USA no longer exists, has no military, no currency worth anything anywhere but here, everyone is employed at their Government mandated jobs.

What does it matter that those jobs produce nothing of value and products wanted by no one? Everyone in the inner cities has their assigned personal welfare cards, paid for freely by the taxes on the rich. You got the population drastically reduced by the millions who refused to submit to Islam. You should be very happy and proud of your decision to vote for Obama, and not all sulky and pouty about the little things in life.

Look on the bright side: just because you have to pray to Mecca five times a day (as per the Treaty with Iran and the accompanying Accords) – is that such an inconvenience? Stop whining that the media didn’t tell you about what was in the Accords. They didn’t tell you about Obama either and you didn’t complain – why should you expect anything different?

Hey, look how easy divorce is these days – just repeat a simple phrase three times and you’re done – no lawyers or alimony! And looky here – now you can have three or four wives and as many concubines as you can service – what’s to complain about? Well, yes the lack of electricity, cars, radios, personal computers, phones, and the like – but they are not in the Holy Koran, so quit going on about it, for Pete’s sake.

In the old days, wives were forever wanting to rearrange the furniture, but now days homes don’t have furniture, just some carpets. So that’s one old fashioned headache you don’t have to put up with anymore. Now there are some wives who insist on making life difficult, but that easily solved by regular beatings, as long as you are willing to pay a small fine and suffer some humiliation.

And so being good Muslims all, you no longer have to think about anything, since the Holy Koran already has told you what Allah wants you to do, and how to live life down to the minutest detail. Don’cha just love it? You no longer have to think about anything.

Like the man said above, "Liberals is idiots."

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