The US Has Oil Like It Has Water

The U.S. Is Poised to Hit a New Oil Gusher

Oil drillers have their eye on a vast oil field in and around North Dakota, which promises a steady flow of domestic crude for years… The crude oil is locked away in rocks that are buried miles underground in the Bakken Play,North Dakota, a field that stretches into Montana and Saskatchewan, Canada.

Lots and lots of it. The article mentions 100,000,000,000 (billion) barrels – enough for 20 years at current consumption rates. In other articles on the same subject, the estimates go as high as 800 billion barrels. Of course this oil will never actually be produced, since liberals and environmentalists (sic) will stop it dead… like the huge Gulf of Mexico reserves which only the Chinese can drill with impunity.

Update (04/12/2008)
The USGS in yesterday’s report says about 4-5 billion barrels are recoverable by today’s technology. Recovering the rest will depend on tomorrow’s technologies.

Read: The U.S. Is Poised to Hit a New Oil Gusher

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