Islam, What the West Needs to Know

What the West Needs to Know about Islam

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Islam but were afraid to ask. The feature documentary that discovers the basis of Muslim violence in the Koran and the life of Muhammad. Subtitled in Dutch.

Unfortunately, there are dialogs in Arabic which are subtitled in Dutch, leaving English speakers to guess what is being said.

PIF: Remember through all 98 minutes that Muhammad, when asked, said Paradise has room for only 72,000. What happens to all the others, he never said, but one thing is sure: the Islamic Paradise was filled centuries ago.

What you will discover:

  1. To read only the Koran, is to learn little of Islam: the mean of the passages in the Koran, unlike the Bible, can only be understood by reading with equal fervor the Hadiths and Sunnahs.

  2. The Christian Bible is displayed chronologically – from the Beginning to Christ, the Muslim Koran is displayed from longest passage to the shortest – regardless of chronology.

  3. Unlike the Christian Bible, the newest passages abrogate (make null and void) the older. This Chronology can only be understood by reading the Hadiths and Sunnahs. Early in the Koran there are early-Mecca ‘peaceful’ verses, while the last-Medina given verse – the Sword – is violent and supersedes all other verses.

  4. When a Muslim wages Jihad against you and you die, he believes he has done you a favor.

  5. Islam was from its inception both a theological and political movement. Islam’s calendar in not based from the time Muhammad was born or received his revelations – as is the Christian calendar, but from the time Muhammad became a leader and head of State. Islam is not, unlike other religions, a personal issue, it is a form of government first – and the first mistake Westerners make about Islam.

  6. Everything in a person’s life is Islam. Muslims must speak and think in Arabic. Every aspect of life from dress to treatment of women must be according to Islamic theology and doctrine.

  7. In Islam there is no such thing as free will, freedom, or rights – legal or human. There is only the total submission to Allah as recorded in the Koran, the Sunnahs, and the Hadiths. Allah is everywhere at once determining everything – down to the position or existence of subatomic particles. Individual Muslims are merely playthings for Allah to do as It is want.

  8. Westerners often mistake Islamic cultural values for the religion itself. While the former has good traditions, the later teaches something very different. Since the Koran teaches "War is Deceit", Muslims are under no obligation to enlighten anyone about the difference, rather the contrary. Western leaders and media laboring under this delusion formulate major policies and laws, while Muslims publicly or silently applaud their approval and aid in the spread of Islam and its values into Western culture – war and conquest by another means.

  9. If all the violent conflicts involving Islam and Muslims currently active in the world were suddenly eliminated, the world would be virtually at peace.

  10. It is the Koranic duty of Muslims to spread Islam and that means conquering other lands. Should the Muslim rule in that land be repelled at a later date, it is then the same Koranic duty for Muslims to reconquer that land again. Thus, early Christians saw the Crusades as a reconquest of the Holly lands, while the Muslims (then and today) saw it as an invasion.

  11. Let’s not forget the famous Muslim admonishment:

    What is not in the Koran is anathema, what is in the Koran and is found elsewhere is superfluous and so anathema.

    Roughly translated this means if something did not exist in 7th century Arabia, then it must go. Cell phones to toilets, indoor plumbing to hot water heaters, mechanized farming to electricity, computers to automobiles, airplanes to photography, all books (except the Koran) to furniture. In short, pretty much everything goes.

  12. When a Muslim says he seeks peace and a peaceful world, that is understood by other Muslims to mean bringing Islam and shiria law to everyone, thus bringing peace and creating a peaceful world.

    The problems with this aspect for the non-Muslim world:
    All non-believers must die, including liberals, Democrats, Republicans, progressives, communists, fascists, and other socialists; gays, lesbians, agnostics, and atheists; Hindus, and followers of all minor religions and cults; global-warmers, environmentalists, Sierra-Clubbers, Auduboners, etc.

    People of Color (i.e. Blacks and African-Americans), even if Muslim, are considered slaves or at best second-class citizens (dhimmis).

    Some Christians and some Jews will also be given dhimmi status, if they submit and pay tribute (bribes) to their Muslim betters.

    The next problem is that the term ‘non-believers’ applies to whatever sect of Islam the ‘believer’ disagrees with. The sect a Muslim belongs to is determined by which imam or cleric the ‘believer’ follows. Each of the major divisions – Sunni and Shiite – are comprised of numerous sects.

    The major sect of the Sunnis would like to see their ideology rein over a peaceful world under a caliph, while the major sect of Shiite would prefer their caliph to wage war to the last believer to the end of bringing back the 12th imam (Al-Mahdi) who will lead the remainder to Paradise (i.e. kill every human alive).

  13. To love Islam is to love death, to love Christianity is to love life.

  14. Islam is the antithesis of Christianity: Islam demands total submission to Allah in ALL things, Christianity seeks love and forgiveness.

  15. Allah is the antithesis of G_D: Allah demands, G_D asks.

  16. Muhammad is the antithesis of Christ: Muhammad personally slaughtered hundreds of people, Christ killed none.

The the case could well be made that the Christian theological argument for an Anti-Christ is not a person, but rather an ideology, specifically Islam, and Muhammad is its prophet.

PIF thinks that of the few who read this article, many will be outraged. shocked and generally PO’ed that anyone would say such things about such a peaceful wonderful religion. To this PIF says two words: CULTURE SHOCK.

Culture Shock happens when people encounter the unfamiliar – usually this occurs on trips overseas. But the rub is because so few Americans have ever been overseas, because so few of them have actually lived in a foreign country, and because so few of those who have lived overseas have actually lived in a Muslim country, when an American encounters real Islam, it gets interpreted according to the world they know, and that world has no referents for the world they now live in.

They then treat this new information as an affront to their sensibilities and general knowledge of life and religion. The upshot in rejecting this information is they remain ignorant, willfully so, and a laughing stock in the Muslim world – fit only to be lied to, deceived, robbed, castrated, raped, and eventually killed. The PIF witnessed all of these activities (sic) in the year and half he lived in the Turkish country-side and Morocco.

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