The Crossroads

Billy Clinton’s Wife, The War Hero, and The Man from Change

PIF Says: Well, here we are at the crossroads between living in a sovereign country called the United States of America and living in an Area formerly known as the United States of America.

As a country, we have, in the last 40 years, regressed to a nearly pre-industrial society.

We no longer manufacture most of the goods people use in their daily lives – shoes, clothes, cars, appliances, electronics, etc.

We are now a net importer of food. This is always a very bad sign in any culture or society historically.

Our space program is all but dead – it carries on by rote – a lingering momentum created 40 years ago. Sure there are robot/automated probes which send us data about our solar system and the Universe, but manned probes are nonexistent.

The sporadic manned flights to the International Space Station (already obsolete), carry outdated instrument packages from various countries. When all that garbage is finally installed, the station will likely be decommissioned and de-orbited. All of which makes absolutely no sense from any perspective, except those who have a certain pride (aka hubris) in having placed something in orbit with their name attached, and those who have made big bucks from a contract.

Now in 2008 we will be choosing, or more properly be given the choice, one of 2 people to head this nation.

Billy Clinton’s Wife

Everyone knows what Billy Clinton’s wife offers: disbanding/disabling of the US Military as her husband did, accepting huge cash contributions from the Chinese military as both she and her husband have done, the wholesale sell-off of what ever classified technology we have left from or acquired since her husband left office to the Chinese. She supports open boarders. She’ll give us an economy based on high taxation and some sort of feel-good stock bubble. We’ll love it (her minions will tell us) as she begins her third term…

The War Hero

We have the war hero (sic) who’s fame rests on his short and disastrous military career: this admiral’s son was shot down (having only graduated from flight school at his father’s ‘request’, not on his abilities), broke a limb, was refused a doctor until he blabbed to the North Vietnamese, which he did (there is a video somewhere of him confessing to this act of betrayal). It should be noted that many other guys, who were not an admiral’s or a general’s son, suffered far worse and remained silent.

As for his honesty, see the Keating Five

Next, we have McCain/Feingold which did away with political free speech before an election.

Next and still pending, is McCain/Kennedy which gives amnesty to illegals of any nationality. The $5,000 fine will of course either be paid by some employer or ignored altogether – if Home Land Security (sic) can’t find them now, how will they find them to collect the money later?

That was followed by pending McCain/Lieberman Stewardship Act which acknowledges man-made global warming as real. It caps so-called greenhouse gas emissions, and provides a trading system which “requires domestic, mandatory, and economy-wide emission reductions.“. If passed the Bill will become another economic disaster for the country.

I suppose the good new is that he won’t (based on his record) raise taxes but then neither will he lower them (again based on his record). The bad news is he never met a Democrat he didn’t immediately fall in line with. He also supports open boarders via an ‘amnesty’ plan, as well as a Spanish only policy.

The Man from Change

OK so the other two are just the average, power-hungry, corrupt politicians. Who’s this guy?

Personally, I’d say he is the scariest politician to emerge in my lifetime, maybe ever (in this country at least).

So many in the media compare this wunderkind to JFK, omitting JFK had – at this point in his career – won a Pulitzer Prize (back when that award actually meant something) for Profiles In Courage, and came from a very wealthy family heavily involved in national politics for decades. As far as I know the Man is ‘a man of the people’ – coming from a family which is not wealthy, nor has ever been involved in politics.

Some contrasts: Kennedy had his womanizing, the Man has his coke-snorting. Kennedy was born and raised Catholic. The Man was born and raised for some years as a muslim, now ‘converted’ to an exclusive Christian sect.

On this last point: we are – by social fiat – supposed to ignore a man’s religion. This rule is historically supposed to apply to differing denominations of Christianity. However, as we have seen lately, not to Mormons – and by extension not to Jews. But most assuredly applies to people from the "religion of peace". Since the Man was raised in Islam and now is a Christian, we must ignore his religion. But what of the Islamic world? Will they regard him as a Christian or a Muslim?

In Islam, if a person is born into a muslim family, the children are automatically Muslims. If they convert later to another religion, they are still regarded as Muslims, and are considered apostates (traitors) which all muslims are obliged to kill.

At this moment we are at war with the ideology of Islam – of course, the media will tell us the war is either a President Bush conspiracy, or that we are only at war with a small group of "misunderstanders of Islam" (conservatively put at 250,000,000). All other muslims wish only peace aka worldwide submission to Islam.

If the Man becomes President of the USA, which way will he jump? Well, if it is change you want… Or be careful what you wish for.

Demagoguery or the art of telling large crowds what they want to hear in such a manner that they believe every word. The Man seems very good at this – until recently – lost art, judging by all the people who faint during his rallies. Words, and more words designed to connect to the crowd’s feeling and hopes. Plans? Policies? Nary a word. Well, almost none.

If elected, the Man promises to withdraw US forces from Iraq, and, maybe Afghanistan. If elected, the Man promises to not only end the hated Bush tax cuts, but raise taxes substantially – or maybe like Billy-boy, make them retroactive.

Now comes the really scary part. Even if the Man does not manage to beat the Clinton machine at the Democrat’s Convention, there’s his shinny new Bill before the US Senate.

Obama’s Global Tax. Yes, global. Paid for by us – the tax US payer to the tune of $65 Billion per year to the UN at current GNP. Yes that’s right paid to the UN over and above any dues etc. we currently pay – paid at 0.7 percent times the US gross national product. Where does this money come from which will go to various despots, dictators and such in third world nations to alleviate their poverty? It will come from the huge federal income tax increase he proposes, from the current discretionary federal spending – the military, the space program, roads – you name it.

So you never met a tax increase you didn’t love? Well, now you all dreams are going to come true, because as a bonus in this wonderful shinny Bill, you’ll get the banning of small arms and light weapons (or no more 2nd Amendment rights), ratification of the International Criminal Court Treaty [or the elimination of US common law], the Kyoto Protocol (global warming treaty) [or the elimination of reliable power generation], the Convention on Biological Diversity [or the elimination of hunting or even living in a non-urban area], the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women [your wife as rights, you do not – unless you are a muslim in which case the treaty does not apply], and the Convention on the Rights of the Child [your kids have rights, you do not – what they want is what you will have to give them or be extradited to the Hague and prosecuted by the International Court]. And of course, who could forget The Law of the Sea treaty, in which the US will cede all claims to sovereignty to the UN.

Naturally, as luck would have it, the Man also supports open boarders.

Happy days are ahead with the Man from Change – Barack Hussein Obama! Why the US will even have a President Hussein! What an ironic bonus to all those wishing for Change even at any cost, as long as it is Change!!!

So what will the next election bring us? Change certainly, but whose, and which way will we go on that fateful day when we face the Crossroads at the polls? Without a doubt, we will no longer have a border with Mexico and all who wish to cross will do so carrying whatever they wish: drugs, guns, and bombs. California will become a defacto province of Mexico with Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to follow. The US as it is today will become an Area loosely defined by its boundaries on the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Work will be scarce, money dear, and with the idiotic ethanol mandate, food prices will shoot through the roof.

And we will have Change…

Update 02/20/2008

"So Mr. PIF, " Someone asked, " what do you think the difference is between the Candidates? The Man from Change, for instance?"

"Well," I replied, "we’d get a President for life, open borders in an Area formerly known as the USA, mosques everywhere – churches and Temples nowhere, Nigeria would be our cause celeb, and – as a bonus – Sharia Law for everyone."

"Bill’s Wife?"

"We’ll get a President for life, open borders in an Area formerly known as the USA, and camps for people like me – don’t spread this around. I can’t say any more because you never know who might be listening."

"And the War Hero?"

"Well, I can’t really say, as I don’t speak Spanish. But if I did, I’d say we’ll get open borders in an Area formerly known as the USA, Spanish as the official language, and Calderon (or whomever is the President of Mexico). As an added bonus, we’ll also get whatever the Democratic Party wishes us to have."

Update 02/21/2008

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed. – Michelle Robinson Obama

Is this from her embargoed Princeton thesis? Is she proposing camps for the recalcitrant, the miscreants, the non-Obama worshipers? Or just mandatory uniforms for all? I keep wanting to hear an "or else" at the end of that quote.

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