Public Trust Doctrine Lawsuit Memorandum

The purposed of this memorandum to solicit your help in securing signatures on a core document important to the pending Public Trust Doctrine lawsuit. Signatories to the document are only attesting to their support for the premise of the document and are not ‘taking a position’ on the merits of the lawsuit.

The document, "Science is the Key to Proper Wildlife Management" has been prepared by the law firm retained to pursue the Public Trust Doctrine lawsuit with input and assistance from a committee of wildlife conservation, farming and hunting interests. The document is in Microsoft Word and is also available in Adobe format (from The document will be used as a ‘stand alone’ exhibit in the Public Trust Doctrine lawsuit along with four other exhibits now complete and ready to file. Expert witness depositions will start within the next several weeks. The draft complaint is now nearing completion as well.

Please mail signed documents (or instruct the organizations and/or professionals you ask to sign this document) to:

Citizens for Responsible Wildlife Management (CRWM)
PO Box 14245
Tumwater, WA 98511-4245

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