Eco-Terrorists and Eco-Terrorism

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An Opinion Piece by the PIF Hisself

The Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations (PCFFA) is an insult to all real commercial fishermen, women, children, the profession and their way of life.

We, the real commercial fishermen, do not support, want to, or believe in taking anyone’s property by any means. We do not believe the courts have any business or particular expertise to regulate water to the extent of grievously harming one party to the complete and exclusive benefit of another. The Klamath Decision is far more devastating and Draconian to family farms than the Boldt Decision and subsequent rewrite by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1979 was to Puget Sound commercial fishermen.

The PCFFA publishes an internet newsletter called "Fishlink Sublegals" which outlines significant fishery issues and events in predominately U.S. fisheries.

To the chagrin of the Politically Incorrect Fish, who has been faithfully posting this weekly newsletter, the last issue starts off by calling Klamath farmers ‘eco-terrorists’ for their symbolic protests – releasing water into irrigation canals. This small amount of water is not enough to actually irrigate any farmer’s fields, or furthermore, run off the fields and into the neighboring wildlife refuge.

Further, at the end of the newsletter the editors have the unmitigated gall to issue an apology to their readers for the issue’s tardiness due to troubles with the ‘eco-terrorist’ farmers of the Klamath. The PIF wonders when they will apologize to the rest of us, the real commercial fishermen, as well as to the farmers of the Klamath, and the nation, for the great harm the PCFFA’s ‘victory’ has wrought.

The PCFFA’s true objectives receive generous funding from its allies – the radical greens, via the mega-corporate-funded Environmental Grantmakers Association. These radical greens have stated not only do they wish to return the U.S. to pre-European 15th Century conditions by what ever means possible, but also to seek ways to divide natural resource harvesters and to pit them against each other.

Spain and his henchman, Zeke Grader, are being willingly used to create a division between farmers and commercial fishermen. Since the PCFFA claims to represent ‘fishermen,’ the rest of us will be perceived as anti-farmer, self-centered and greedy. There may well be a national public backlash against all commercial fishermen, demanding commercial fishing end nationwide. Which is exactly, and coincidentally, the objective of some radical green organizations.

The real eco-terrorist group is the PCFFA, who, having successfully won their court case, has not only shut the water off to the Klamath family farmers, but also to a large wildlife refuge, which just happens to be a major part of the Pacific Flyway for migrating waterfowl. US Fish & Wildlife has said that these birds are expendable – including the Bald Eagles which feed on the waterfowl.

The wildlife refuge lake, once teeming with waterfowl and other waterborne life, is now just a gray, desiccated wasteland of cracked earth. The once abundant deer which fed on the farmers crops are dead or dying from dehydration and starving from lack of food. Emaciated deer carcasses litter the once luscious, now barren landscape. All the other wildlife, once plentiful, are gone dead or dying. Another fruit of victory for the PCFFA, its members and supporters.

The PCFFA claims they are for the fish, and that their actions are necessary for the survival of the sucker fish and the local race of coho salmon. However, of the two effected species, the only recorded kills of the sucker fish have occurred when the lake water levels were high, not low. So there exists a real possibility that the sucker fish may die off precisely because of what the PCFFA has so loudly proclaimed they have ‘won.’ As for the coho, well, let’s be honest here, folks, like it or not, that is what hatcheries are for – to increase the numbers of a salmon species and to help a species survive tough times.

That the PCFFA, having won their great court ‘victory’ and learning the Court’s judgment that all water go to the fish and none to the farmers and the wildlife refuge, did not immediately petition or ask the Court to allow some water to go to the farmers to keep their crops green and growing and then allow that water to pass on through to the wildlife refuge, makes the PCFFA and their many multinational corporate shill radical green allies the true eco-terrorists.

July 19, 2001 Update: Eco-Terrorists and Eco-Terrorism

PIF: . Tonight comes word that Nine Federal Marshals spent the weekend inside the headgate cage without food, water or toilet because no one would provide them with those items; further Seven of (the) Nine left the cage to seek said items, but were refused service – even the local MacDonald’s manager told them he reserved the right to refuse service to anyone who harms America! The Marshals said they had never seen any community pull together against them like this.

The PIF says: "Hoo-rah" to the farmers and the community of Klamath Falls, and "Wake Up!" to the fishermen who support the PCFFA and the Federal marshals, as well.

July 20, 2001 Update: Eco-Terrorists and Eco-Terrorism

Today the ‘authorities’ announced that the water level in the storage lake is one foot too high. The farmers would have only needed half that amount to irrigate food crops, keep the wildlife refuge lake full, the countryside green and protect the soil. Instead, this fall when the rains come, the parched topsoil from starved fields will be washed out into the watershed. The ‘authorities’ will have to drain off large quantities of excess stored water into the irrigation ditches too fast, which will cause flooding and further soil erosion. All this, of course, will kill coho smolts in the river, suffocate returning adults and bury any eggs.

PIF said, "Good work Glen & Zeke, you really are for the fish – as long as they are all dead."

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