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PIF: This is an email received this afternoon – it was unsolicited, and has not been edited beyond placing arbitrary paragraph breaks and the coding necessary to be read on the web. As for the comment "Will find out if this is happening in Wa" – well, from whom do you imagine the good folks in Oregon fisheries learned these tactics?

Of course, these tactics have been going on in one form or another for the past 50 years, but since they have only affected non-indian commercial salmon fishermen, no one cared much. Certainly no one listened to our protestations or warnings. Now that the shoe is on the other foot so to speak… listen to them scream… well, maybe, someone will be motivated enough to get to the bottom of all the nefarious practices that have led to this current situation; but then there are mounds/warehouse of documents that have now been shredded and gone for pizza boxes…

You better read this, will find out if this is happening in Washington State.

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Subject: Gn: or Gov. Kitzhaber exposed – part 1 – state killing the salmon!

‘Save the salmon” a billion $$ fraud
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Subject: Fw: or Gov. Kitzhaber exposed – part 1 – state killing the salmon! ‘save the salmon” a billion $$ fraud
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Subject: re: or Gov. Kitzhaber exposed – part 1 – state killing the salmon ! ‘save the salmon’ a billion $$ fraud

This expose from Pam Gaston in Oregon, pacific justice institute in Sacramento, confirms what we know about government fraud from pacific legal foundation’s attorneys and on bill Wattenberg’s KGO radio. Leftist, socialist Oregon, Gov. Kitzhaber, has decimated farmers and fishermen of America! This is how you are being robbed of your precious tax dollars!!! This is why it is important to recruit good candidates to run for every office! Print this out and take time to read & digest this! Please route everywhere and to pres. Bush, and Atty. general Ashcroft, who should begin investigating and prosecuting this felon asap! Part two to follow!

A Voice For Children wrote:
For those who did not see the first part last year, this follows up Part II sent out yesterday… We have the videotape for any who would like a copy.

To: A Voice For Children
Date: Sunday, January 16, 2000 2:40 AM
Subject: Kitzhaber exposed – state killing the salmon ! ‘save the salmon” a billion $$ fraud

Kitzhaber salmon restoration exposed – billion dollar fraud!!!! Videotape reveals ODFW killing the salmon and falsifying documents for federal money through endangered species act Senate Testimony Reveals Fraud Of Kitzhaber’s ‘Salmon Restoration Act’ – Endangered Species Act being used to exploit and deceive the Public, while native stock are being killed by the state to control and restrict fishing, forestry, agriculture and land management practices. Salem – Oregon, January 15, l999.

A Videotaped Expose by the Pacific Legal Foundation has been obtained by Senator Gary George, a member of the Senate Government Oversight Committee.

The videotape reveals Kitzhaber’s ‘Salmon Restoration Act’ to be a billion dollar fraud! The videotape shows the ODFW, State of Oregon Fish and Wildlife Dept. employees, killing, clubbing and electrocuting coho salmon and other fish, as well as native stock. These are then sold as cat food, fertilizer and the eggs are sold as bait, unfertilized. The videotape reveals how the State is using deceptive practices to create an appearance to the Public that Federal Funding Streams from the Endangered Species Act are being used to protect Coho Salmon. What is now seen is that the State is knowingly killing the fish themselves and falsifying records.

The State is diverting a billion dollars each year into Kitzhaber’s agenda to control, restrict and exploit Oregon fishing, forestry and land management practices. The Senate Investigation is exposing the methods and operations of State of Oregon Agencies that are kept hidden behind “confidentiality” and ‘immunity’ from the Public before now.

The videotape is evidence that false statistics are being used to deceive the Public to create an artificial public need that then promotes Kitzhabers ‘Oregon Shines – Benchmarks 2000 Goals for Oregon’ socialist agenda. That program, affecting, assessing and databasing every Oregonian, is completely derived from these same kinds of fraudulent statistics submitted to the legislature by the agencies and commissions about themselves to promote their own agenda. ‘Save the Salmon’ has been used to manipulate legislative law making, blaming, fining and prosecuting loggers, fishermen, developers, farmers and other Oregonians, blaming them for the depleting Salmon runs. All the while deceptively pretending to be acting in the ‘best interest’ of the Salmon.

Just like the ‘save all the abused children’ and the ‘in the best interest of the Children’ theme in the Child Abuse Agency, as the Child savers become the child abusers themselves. These agencies sell programs and services, write grants and fill citizens commissions. These agencies and administrators do not ‘care’ at all about Salmon or Children, and now turn out to be the ones that are doing the killing.

The spokesman for Pacific Legal Foundation says it well: "By government doing this, government is manufacturing a crises. The Oregon Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife is, in fact, insuring that there will always be endangered fish in that river and will thus be able to control property development throughout the Alsea area, particularly along the Alsea River, by virtue of the fact that they are killing the hatchery Salmon, Insuring that the Salmon population will always remain low, and that there always will, in fact, be an endangered species population in that river, so that they will always have control over property rights in that area. This is why the Pacific Legal Foundation has decided to take this case apart…

"This is an example again of government manufacturing a crises, government exerting control and making sure that it keeps control where there is no crises… There’s a lot of money involved if you don’t have any fish… it’s also about control – about property rights" The videotape shows how the hatchery diverts all the fish from the river into a holding area, then into a tube where the fish – all types – are collected in a vat. Here they are electrocuted." The tape shows the ODFW employee throwing the dead native (unmarked) Salmon into a green slime holding area, and says the State records this under ‘native fish returned to the river to spawn’. Then all the other fish’s heads are cut off, the eggs removed and sold for bait, never fertilized.

The fish carcasses are then sold for fertilizer and cat food. The videotape shows the blatant corruption of the ODFW employees, as four game wardens stand observing the destruction and violations of the Endangered Species Act. As the following article describes, the workers put the dead native fish back in to the water, then write in their report that these were "returned to the river to spawn", obvious fraud with full knowledge the fish are dead. Under this ruse, another State program gets funded called ‘Stream Restoration’ by leaving the fish carcasses in the river for a time. Then the workers are seen removing the native Salmon carcasses and sending them, along with the other species that are electrocuted, to the fertilizer company.

The full impact of this Expose will reveal the same exploitation throughout the State of Oregon agencies, and the unbelievable degree of the fraud. There has been no oversight as Kitzhaber aggressively pushes through legislation with no accountability and no one critically assessing if any of the programs are unconstitutional or can be lawfully enforced. With no oversight in the courts, biased judges do not allow challenges to go forward. It is a foregone conclusion the State is always immune, avoids liability and the cop/caseworker/game warden is rarely prosecuted.

Any challenges by citizens, to get their children back or to stop corrupt judges and public officials, are dismissed. What we know from our Voice For Children contacts, is that the State of Oregon is also killing and destroying our children and families for profit, using the exact same fraudulent policies to engorge federal funding streams, with a ruse called ‘child protection’, calling the children a ‘commodity’ with Federal ‘bounties’ for more and more ‘abused’ children taken from their homes. The Child Abuse Agency SOSCF at State level acts in collusion with the ‘Safe Families and Adoption Act’ at federal level, just like the ODFW at State level acts in collusion with the federal ‘Endangered Species Act’.

Manipulated – programs, statistics then laws tailored and designed to fit the profitable Federal schemes, always exploiting a ‘feel good’ facade to the Public, or ‘tough on crime’. Bar member attorneys in the courts, the agencies, the legislature and the executive branch create carbon copy set ups the same as the ‘Salmon protection’, and ‘Community protection’ and ‘Tough on Crime’; the same pattern goes on through all the agencies, with no human accountability anywhere in the State of Oregon…

The governor yesterday in the Oregonian announced a new plan for ‘sustainability’, that will affect every agency and every Oregon inhabitant. Kitzhaber plans to enforce this on an Executive Order in the spring. Kitzhaber is aggressively implementing his ‘Pioneer Police State’ agenda during his last year. He is appointing new heads of agencies and many new judges (who usually then run unopposed) to insure that his federally funded, internationally connected, globalist, corporate socialist regime is secured. Kitzhaber is usurping legislative authority, routinely pushing through unlawfull legislation and is in default to the Supreme Court, refusing to answer any real questions about corruption in his officers. The courts also are usurping the legislative authority, routinely making law from the bench.

The fraud now exposed for all to see with the ODFW is the tip of the iceberg, and this new program is being designed by Kitzhaber’s PR managers in an attempt to give Kitzhaber a legacy as a "great governor like Tom McCall or Oswald West", according to the newspaper.. The People and the legislature must stand in their Lawful Authority, call an immediate halt to this fraud and demand a stop on all federal money coming into the State at once until further investigations and audits commence.

The People must hold John Kitzhaber accountable for this wholesale ‘fleecing of Oregon’; for deceiving and destroying innocent Oregonians, covertly, and subverting the Justice System in the State of Oregon from the real authority of the People. The Senate is holding hearings in this matter on Wednesday, January l9, 2000, at the Capitol Bldg. in Salem…

Last week, Senate President Brady Adams closed down the hearing to the Public after learning of the Videotape Expose. Senator George is now opening up the hearing room downstairs in order to take Public Testimony.

Will send this out again in a few days with the time of the hearing once it is known. Make every effort to come and testify about this corruption, and tell Dr. Kitzhaber and compromised legislators what you think of this FRAUD and ABUSE of YOUR RIGHTS and tax dollars. License plates to ‘save the salmon?’ Cross off the box for ‘salmon restoration’ or ‘fight child abuse’ on your taxes? You are being horribly deceived about what the State of Oregon is doing with your money…

541-563-4807 and 541-528-7341
PO Box 386, Wallport, Oregon 97394

Alsea Cable TV’
Dale Watch for Video Expose on “Michael Marsh Presents” with Senator Gary George on Cable Access CCTV, Salem, Oregon Channel 25, 27 and 28

Call CCTV for times program will be aired.
1-503- 588-2288
Pamela Gaston Co-Director A Voice For Children
President Oregon Judicial Watch503-845-6734

The following article is a full transcription of the Video made by the Pacific Legal Foundation showing the corrupt policies of the ODFW.

The tape opens showing ODFW workers clubbing large, fully grown Salmon, killing them. Then it shows dead fish coming out of a vat after being electrocuted – all dead, some go down a pipe, as the worker tells us these fish are "going back to the river to spawn" (a dead fish). Then you see the rest get their heads cut off and go into a pile, all kinds of Salmon and other fish, into a bloody pile, as you hear the narrator describe that this is the gene pool, dead in a pile. This is the diversity of the ecosystem, killed at the hatchery in the Alsea River.

The tape then shows testimony of Senator Joan Dukes, outraged during the hearings, stating "we have been putting thousands and thousands of dollars into fish hatcheries so we can get cat food?"…she says "I don’t think we’re going to have to wait for National Marine Fisheries to shut them down – we are doing it ourselves". The narrator refers the viewer to an Oregonian investigation when the Oregonian decided to "come up with numbers for themselves" when they could not get a straight figure from the federal Marine Fisheries Dept.

The final result was "a staggering one billion a year being spent by an uncoordinated group of six cabinet level and four state agencies". Former program manager of the US Army Corps of Engineers, Jack Smith, concluded "projects labeled for salmon recovery get too many automatic acceptances and no serious review". The video continues… The fish are brought into holding vats from the river – none are separated – all are put into the electrocution chamber together. After killing them, they sort them. They pick up a wild (unmarked) Salmon and put it down the outfall pipe, as the worker says "to go back to the river to spawn".

The narrator runs down to the outfall pipe and sees the dead fish in the bottom of the green holding pond – there it is, he says, dead… The Video cuts to the spokesman for Pacific Legal Foundation who describes what the Senate investigations have revealed. "What’s happening is the Oregon Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife is clubbing to death the hatchery Salmon that are coming to return to the Alsea River. They’re also killing – they’re clubbing them to death and taking their eggs – they are taking their carcasses and selling them to a cat food factory – and they are selling the eggs for bait.

"The reason they are doing this is an attempt to preserve the ‘wild coho salmon’ but in fact, the wild and the hatchery are virtually identical – in fact they are hurting the overall coho population of the Alsea River. In turn, they are hurting people that live there… hurting the overall vitality of the Alsea Valley area.

"When they are taking the eggs of the Salmon the eggs themselves are listed under the Endangered Species Act because if the hatchery fish are allowed to propagate naturally, they are protected, considered natural wild fish. The eggs themselves are endangered and this is a direct violation of the Endangered Species Act. These fish have the same genetic makeup and have been released in to the Alsea basin since the turn of the century.

"By government doing this, government is manufacturing a crises. The Oregon Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife is, in fact, insuring that there will always be endangered fish in that river and will thus be able to control property development throughout the Alsea area, particularly along the Alsea River, by virtue of the fact that they are killing the hatchery Salmon, Insuring that the Salmon population will always remain low, and that there always will, in fact, be an endangered species population in that river, so that they will always have control over property rights in that area. This is why the Pacific Legal Foundation has decided to take this case apart.

"In fact, because the fish are going to die when they do spawn, and so we’re concerned about their offspring going out, being released back into the stream, and of course their offspring are considered ‘wild Salmon’. The eggs came from the wild Salmon at the turn of the Century and they continue to have ‘wild’ Salmon genetics.

"That the ODFW is clubbing them to death is an outrage! Its the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. The whole situation is absolutely government gone awry.

"This is an example again of government manufacturing a crises, government exerting control and making sure that it keeps control where there is no crises… There’s a lot of money involved if you don’t have any fish… it’s also about control – about property rights” The video cuts to testimony from the Senate Hearings, where a Native American man is giving testimony that three times the Tribes have had to go to federal court to stop the ODFW from doing what you just saw on the tape. He described how hundreds of fish were vulnerable to this destruction as they were trying to return to spawn. He said "we want them to be able to spawn in the rivers". He said "it will be 50 years before we see measurable restoration of the habitat."

The video tape then goes back to the hatchery on the Alsea River. The narrator is interviewing a scientist about the ‘native’ Salmon. The scientist says the only difference between the native and the hatchery fish is that the hatchery fish are marked. The native and hatchery fish are together in the river anyway – he says the fish populations will continue to decline if the practices do not stop. The scientist says that under the Endangered Species Act that land restrictions come next – federal money for restoration. He says that these programs are funded based on “theories” and ‘proposed experiments’ made by ‘conservation biologists’, that ‘scientists work by stating hypothesis’.

‘Conflicting Science’ is an issue, where the State brings in ‘professionals’ and ‘experts’, often State subcontracted, to manipulate the language and the programs, often calling them ‘federal review specialists’. The Oregonian quoted scientist Jean Mater, "How can the public and government leaders make sense out of the reports with conflicting headlines and colliding conclusions".

For the last ten years, since the Oregon Agenda for the l990’s was held in l986, and Oregon Benchmarks Goals formed, federal money has been poured into experimental programs. The State of Oregon likes to say these are "progressive opportunities helping and protecting everyone with services". Oregonians are finding out that their children are being taken from them without crime when these ‘services’ are refused. The same way that the Salmon are being slaughtered without regard for life, offspring or progeny to conform to a federal profiteering scheme, so are the children being taken, raped and destroyed without regard and no elected official who is yet to stand accountable.

The Capitol Press quoted scientist Jeffry Jenkins, Oregon State University, saying "I read lots of these documents and this appears to be pure advocacy driven. The facts are chosen to support the argument and that’s disturbing." This is FRAUD and extortion of the People, plain and simple, by Kitzhaber’s State government in collusion with the federal programs and executive orders of president Clinton. The scientist in the video goes on to describe how disgusting it is that the ODFW is selling the endangered eggs for bait, unfertilized, that this is wanton waste and not using the Salmon even for food. He says it is easy to see why our fish populations are declining. The videotape goes through the part again showing the fish being electrocuted and rendered at the hatchery, and the dead fish "placed back in the river to spawn". The narrator says they saw "many fish killed as we watched".

The video is back to the Senate Hearing – Dee Hart with ODFW is reassuring the Senators that "native fish are separated before the fish are electrocuted." Very different than what was just viewed on the film. The narrator is back at the hatchery now in the videotape, he says "found out what stops the fish". You see a ‘weir’ (like a dam) blocking the river, and a pool at the bottom filled with fish – they can’t get past the weir. No one was around at the hatchery when the camera crew arrived to even monitor the fish.

Many fish had been in the shallow pool for over a week now, many now too tired to go any further, past their strength, and ready to die, never reaching their destination in the river. Some spawned in the stagnant shallow pool and died anyway, and no one there to move any fish through the weir. The narrator states "there are no fish of any kind above the weir". Tons of fish below the weir, all desperate to get upstream. The film shows there is a ladder a little ways upstream, but no fish in the river going up. A few days later when the camera crew went back, the carcasses had been removed. The video shows an ODFW worker being interviewed.

He says "we killed 6,000 the year before and now less and less productive." The narrator asked how the worker knew the difference between the fish and he said "good thing they’re clipped. I gotta go…" as he ran off. The camera crew went back to the outfall pipe. A lot of fish electrocuted and laying in the bottom – electrocuted fish are dead. Four Fish and Wildlife Game Wardens are seen in the videotape standing there watching blatant violations of the Endangered Species Act by their fellow State workers and doing nothing. You see a pile of bloody fish, all kinds of river life dead in a pile.

The narrator speaks of the diversity – gone – necessary to build up the fish runs. He says he saw a lot of fish trapped – they get processed and killed. When the camera crew arrived the video shows the ODFW workers removing dead wild fish from the outfall pipe – throwing them onto a truck, selling buckets of eggs for bait; the rest for fertilizer and cat food. Eggs were never fertilized. Chinook eggs were also processed, with no effort made to hatch them.

The narrator continues… ODFW is clubbing to death the native and hatchery fish trying to get back up the Alsea River. They say they are trying to save the native, but these are identical to the hatchery fish. The eggs themselves are listed under the Endangered Species Act and it is a direct violation of this act to destroy these eggs.

The spokesman for Pacific Legal Foundation explains again the way the government creates the need then controls and manipulates the programs for profit and control of the land and the people. He points out that in this case, it is low numbers of fish that insure the money and lots of programs to fund. (With the courts, child services and the ‘criminal abuse’ jail industry, it is high numbers of victims to insure the agencies funding streams.) The narrator goes on… says the legislators were told the native fish went into a ‘stun tank’ which now is seen to be a deception, and the ODFW is fully aware the fish are killed.

As the film shows the ODFW worker cutting the heads off the marked fish, he says these are classified ‘natural returning’. The worker goes on "these are going to be placed back into the stream bed… for the stream enhancement project to provide nutrition for fish"… then you see the ODFW workers removing dead fish from the outfall pipe. As the camera crew decided to walk up to the fish ladder, the ODFW worker stopped what he’d been doing removing the Salmon from the outfall pipe, and quickly walked ahead of the crew up to the ladder.

As the crew arrived, the worker turned on a valve and started allowing water into the ladder. At the time the crew arrived, the ladder was dry and many fish were blocked in the shallow holding pond, many dying. As soon as he turned the water on the the ladder filled, the Salmon who were able, revitalized and eagerly started going up.

Some could not make it and died. The crew went back down to the weir, and again the shallow pool was filled, of fish blocked from getting up stream. The Native American man testifying to the Senate continues… "Any blocking of ancient patterns contributes to diminishing of native fish stocks". Senator Dukes, in the hearing, states "we are putting thousands and thousands of dollars to make cat food. We need to protect the wild fish from the agency that was formed to protect them". (This perfectly describes the ‘Child Protection Agency’.) She says ‘wanton waste of fish and wildlife’.

The Native American man speaks "this is not new. The tribe had to go to court, 350 Chinook, 750 Steelhead; these are one generation removed from the wild. River by river approach is needed. We had to go to court to prevent the ODFW from killing the fish. There is no genetic difference. Only a lot of theory, hypothesis. These are evolutionary times". He describes how this diversity has been forever in the River, and in one generation is nearly wiped out. (Again, the children are also removed by the State and destroyed by ‘theory and hypothesis’ and no one accountable.)

The narrator quotes a recent State report that "Dept. Of Fish and Wildlife has been in compliance with the fed. Dept of Marine Fisheries". (This according to the falsified record keeping.) The narrator states that he has heard a lot of horror stories about diminishing deer and elk stocks, under the guise of the same ‘protection’ as the fish. The narrator states that the Dept. Of Marine Fisheries, Federal and State ODFW consider themselves ‘untouchables’ and there is no accountability at all, and no one taking responsibility.

(We have learned that the actions of this agency are method and policy for State Agencies, that the Administrators are trained the same, the ‘dilactic Praxis’ corporate socialism is the process, and no Law in any court, except to protect and conceal State workers criminally abusing their positions for profit and control.. Only ‘I think’, ‘I believe’, ‘we agree’, ‘now we have a consensus’, ‘now we will write it and the legislature will fund it’ and ‘now we will enforce these rules we made as laws’ and prosecute and incarcerate people who dare not to agree with the consensus.

This is treason by the Oregon government, and John Kitzhaber is a traitor like no other, and indeed, along with Bill Clinton, certainly will leave a legacy. It will take years to overcome the damage from the disastrous loss of our Republican Authority of the People in Oregon; our Constitutionally protected inherent rights, and our posterity whose future we re at this time allowing to be destroyed, as the State for profit, breaks the Family Bond of Oregonians taking more and more children with this fraud.)

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