Concerned Sportsman Speaks His Mind

Robert: I am a sportfisher and a carpenter in the Seattle area.

I was surfing the web and found PSGA’s website and put it on my favorites list. I thought it was the “opposing sides” view…industry lackeys, factory trawlers paid mouthpieces, etc.

Like the other sportsfisher you are are posting email from, all the information that I have digested about the plight of anadromous fish comes through the filters that our society has created, TV, radio and newspapers.

PIF: You must understand at the out set here I do not speak for the PSGA, my words/ views are my own. What appears on the PSGA Site is officially sanctioned. United Commercial Fishermen of Puget Sound deals with the many Constitutional and other legal issues involved. The Politically Incorrect Fish is were I say my piece. I don’t pull punches and don’t try to ‘just get along.’

‘Filters’ now there’s a concept! How about out right lies? This is NOT about fish, but about money and power – not yours or mine – though we are asked to give up both in the process. Washington State has become the test case for many ‘hidden’ battles which the media only shows us glimpses of from timew to time.

Robert: I am personally deeply concerned about what I perceive as the destruction of and blatant disregard for our planets and our nations bioresources.

PIF: You got that right.

Robert: I honestly want to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to making purchase decisions and simple life actions when they impact fish.

PIF: Yeah we all would. But the only way that will happen is if 2.5 million people leave King County. When I came in the early 70’s there were only .375 – .5 million in King County. Guess what impact all those people have had on the resourses? You can have all the salmon you want, or all the people you want, but not both.

Robert: I want fish and habitat to come first.

PIF: Then we all have to leave. Simple.

Robert: (It seems so simple, don’t it?

No actually it is very complex to sort out as presently structured or the best solution, in the extreeme, simple.

Robert: Why is it so hard for our government and the industry groups and the Indians to figure this out?

If it’s going to be so economically devastating to do what it takes now, what will it be like when the fish are extinct?

PIF: Extinction is NOT an issue. While this might sound odd from what you hear, the truth is fairly complex, but is the truth. Low abundance is a better way to look at it.

Robert: I am completely confused on the issue of net fishing after reading some of the articles posted on your website.

I must say that you leave me with the impression the treaty purse seiners hose the resource (overfish).

I must also add that I don’t think that your industry lackeys.

PIF: Thanks for that!

Robert: I gotta ask though, if Bert Shanks was soooo bad, who is going to be able to play the political game to get through the hoops with the Commission and still have the scientific credentials to run the WSF&G dept. and, and, save the fish?

PIF: The short answer is no one.

The last time we had a director that had any scientific fisheries credentials was in th 50’s under Milo Moore. His view point is that the department since he was forced out has systematically destroyed the salmon thru deliberate kills, manipulation of gene pools, radiological experiments, etc. He wrote several scathing indictments of WDF which I have not been able to get.

Once the natiion’s fisheries became politicized – the Magneson Act – that was the death knell for the fish.

Take the politics out, restore scientific management and there is a slim chance of success, so much damage has been done by the politicians/political forces.

BTW we are not a ‘political force’ there aren’t enough of us left to vote anyone in or out of office. Besides politics is totally alien to most fishermen – you can fish and be political – just doesn’t work. Try being political – talking/thinking politics – next time you are on the water, see how many fish you catch. In the 70’s we had to ‘bring’ a lawyer along, in the 80’s ‘bring’ a politician, in the 90’s there were so many politicians aboard, the fisherman had to stay home.

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