Good Protein Going to Waste

PIF says: At a time when Honduras and Nicaragua are suffering with major food shortages, we here in Washington State have one of the largest Chum Salmon runs in history returning right now. Yet, no one will buy them. Therefore, we commercial salmon fishermen, cannot harvest them. These salmon go to waste, as others starve. Same for apples.

Does anyone really care about these unfortunate flood victims? When Spain sends $100M in aid, the US sends only $80M. What’s wrong with this picture?

Many of us commercial salmon fishermen, here, would go harvest these chums to be distributed to those countries, if any one would take and process them and send them along, if we could receive a sum that would pay our fuel and expenses.

Watching the TV news, seeing people on one side of a river without water, wondering why someone doesn’t connect up a bunch of garden hoses and float one end across, and start pumping. Would work with a reel externally mounted on helicopter, going slow, to whatever distance needed to be reached.

Where is American ‘ingenuity’? Why are ‘volunteers’ limited to just those who can afford to ‘volunteer’.

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