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WDF&W sends Thanks and
Congratulations to the Puget Sound Gillnetters Association

News Release
OlyPen PIFWire:

In a formal press release, Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife said, "We wish to thank the Puget Sound Gillnetters Association (PSGA) (now defunct) for it’s commendable and conciliatory attitude of just getting along, in the matter of the Bird-Net Lawsuit.

"Had they filled a lawsuit in a timely manner, when we first decided to cram this one-sided regulation down their collective throats, we would be in an entirely different situation today. It is entirely likely that this vital piece of anti-commercial, non-Indian directed, and financially draining regulation would have been thrown out on appeal.

"We have been blessed for many years with a PSGA Board whose endless jawboning, lack of decisiveness, infighting, and maneuvering, has resulted in an under-funded organization without any long term plans or goals.

"With this sort of ally, it has been relatively easy to manipulate them. Once again our long term strategies have proven successful.

"Once again, our congratulations to the PSGA, as well as to the members who support their efforts to help further our agenda."

Attached to the Release was the following joint statement from WDF&W Fisheries Patrol and National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) Enforcement:

"The Bird Strip Regulation, having been upheld, will be strictly enforced in all open fisheries and at all times. Non-compliant fishers will be met with overwhelming and deadly force.

Resistance is futile."

The Politically Incorrect Fish would like to take this opportunity to make interested parties aware that the Universe Class GSV (General Service Vehicle) Starship, God Fishes Forever is standing by to take any prospective colonists interested in making a good living, while feeding our Galaxy’s ever-growing population, to FishWorld, located in the more hospitable Beta Quadrant, where common sense and hard work are amply rewarded. See your local representative for more information.

Note: The PSGA no longer exists, having been forced out of business in 2002 by environmentally concerned board members.

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