Email from: G. H. Lovgren

Hi boys,

I was directed to a Climatology (?) Scientist’s page (Dr. Gary Sharp) by a non-US fishery scientist that I think *you’ll all* have an interest in (have your dictionaries ready though). It corroborates all that I’ve been saying for YEARS (decades even) about the shoddy, even corrupt, nature of US fishery science (I must limit it to the US because my experiences with fishery scientists from other countries have not led me to believe malevolence is in their makeup. Nor are they close minded.)

It’s an interesting site if you can get by his cutesy backgrounds. I suggest you turn your “auto load graphics” off if you can.

I’ve excerpted quotes from Dr. Sharp and listed the references to his pages.

He also has a dandy graphic depicting the food chain which I’ve duplicated and use to show how my theories on how industrial pollution have so negatively impacted our fisheries

I am so heartened by the above revelations (_finally_ the truth is coming out) and by the emergence of the Mid Atlantic Fisheries Gazette (address below) that I intend to put some ideas together on the Fallacy of Overfishing and should have it posted in the next few weeks. I hope you can see your way clear to subscribe to the MAFG because it’s the FIRST mag I’ve seen that doesn’t suscribe to the government propaganda in one form or another and is FOR the COMMERCIAL fisherman.

Further I’d like to put together a page of COMMERCIAL FISHERMAN sites only, NOT govt references, universities, sports, just fisherman pages. If you have the address of any, send them along. Gadus Assoc has a dandy list of sites but it’s too _complete_ for my purposes.

Thanks your interest.

In case you missed them:

There is a new page posted on AOU, a commercial fishermen’s site.

It compares the psychology and thinking of the regulators to Commercial Fishermen. You will find it amusing and thought provoking.

Also recently posted on the site is a review of the book “The Perfect Storm” by Sebastian Junger.

This book is available through The Politically Incorrect Fish’s Bookstore.

Mr. Junger took such exception to the book he had to write an angry rebuttal. You’ll find that of interest too.

Also, a new monthly newspaper for Commercial Fishermen has just been started this year. It’s called Mid Atlantic Fisheries Gazette and it costs $10 a year to subscribe. The address is:

Charlie Givens, Editor
Mid Atlantic Fisheries Gazette
PO Box 913
North Cape May, NJ 08204

So if you got 10 bucks, send it to him. He needs the support. He prints (so far) the fishermen’s point of view and not the politically correct enviro-govt-university propaganda. Many local fishermen contribute letters and position papers to it.

Put a couple bucks extra in and he’ll mail you the back issues as well (mention my name, he did it for me).

Well good luck and a good trip…Gosta

Gsta Lovgren, TFS, VSG
Quantum in me fuit
Long Live The Fishermen’s Liberation Army!!!!!!!

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