The Players

The Players in the Proposal and a Comment

Jack Giard and the Reefnetters

ReefNets are similar to the gear proposed. Their are no current reefnet sites in Hood Canal. The only ones in existence are located around the San Juan Islands.

Lanny Pillatos and the Gillnetters

Gillnets are one of the current means of harvesting chum salmon in Hood Canal, and most gillnetters would be left out in the cold under such a proposal.

Larry Carpenter and the Northwest Marine Trades

These are the folks who fix our commercial boats and supply the gear for them. Mr. Carpenter is an outspoken and influential member of the sports fishing priority policy, as well as an anti-commercial fishing proponent. His group will supply the gear for these new devices.

Robinson and Boynton and Trout Unlimited.

These two individuals are rabidly anti-commercial fishing. They also have a fish trap permit, gained through connections in the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. This is the only existing permit. They, no doubt, see themselves and buddies as the new harvester of salmon. They have actually built and used a trap like device in the past few years. They smell money for themselves.

Bruce Crawford and the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife.

He is anti-commercial fishing. He is one, if not the leading proponent, of the Dept.’s the Sports Priority Policy and works hard to the eliminate commercial salmon fishing. Do not be fooled by his seemingly reasonable approach. In many respects he seems to run the Dept. from behind the scenes, with Shanks being the figurehead and the one who takes the heat. Crawford’s fingerprints are on anything which says "Staff recommends…" or "Staff reports…" and other such phrases.

PIFs comment

"This capability has been demonstrated in recreational steelhead fisheries…"

A number of people have pointed out:
… this ‘demonstration’ takes place in rivers, not on the open waters of the Sound and Straits,

neglects to mention that this is still an unproven methodology when applied to general, unrestricted sport fishing in these same waters,

neglects to mention that returning a fish to the water alive does not necessarily mean it will live for more than a few minutes after release,

neglects to mention that this is also not possible for seiners, who deal in large volumes of fish and cannot sort each fish individually while continuing to fish in a competitive commercial fishery.

And once again targets the gillnetters to the exclusion of other parties, i.e. seiners, sport hook-and line-double-downrigged-so-called fishermen, and of course the tribes, who will continue to use the same gillnets we use to impact so-called "wild stock" the same as we are accused of doing.

Seems like discrimination to me, but then I’m just one of those low-life, trailer-trash gillnetter criminals who has been called "worse than a child mollester", just because I’m a ‘non-Indian’ commercial fisherman, or an ‘all Citizen’ commercial fisherman.

All Citizen openings are, interestingly, not open to Indians, who have their own exclusive and larger fisheries, with many boats and unrestricted fishable areas, usually going around the clock for days, unlike our openings which are heavily restricted in fishable area, lasting from a few hours to a dozen or so, with only a handful of boats participating. Yet somehow we are once again ‘the problem’. Go figure.

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