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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 18:44:56 -0700
From: Howard Breen

Subject: Prime Minister Named As Co-conspirator In Salmon Case

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Press Communique Thursday July 10,1997

Attention National News Desk Editors For Immediate Release

Prime Minister Named As Co-conspirator In Salmon Case

Vancouver, B.C. – Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien and his good friend Galen Weston, were named as co-conspirators in a multi billion-dollar class action lawsuit filed in Vancouver today.

The suit alleges a conspiracy to turnover the Pacific salmon industry to large processors. Mr. Weston is chairman of George Weston Ltd. the largest integrated food processor in Canada with worldwide holdings. In addition to the defendant BC Packers, Weston’s holdings include Loblaws, Nielson Dairy and Super Value as well as fishing businesses and fish farms worldwide.

Additional conspirators named include Fred Mifflin former Minister of Fisheries, William A. Rowat the senior deputy minister of Fisheries and Michelle James a former DFO official now working for the processors’ lobby.

The suit states that the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) has been acting on political instructions to destroy the economic viability of the small boat fishery in BC for the benefit of large processors. Substantial political contributions to the Liberal Party are alleged as well as Mr. Chretien’s personal friendship with Mr. Weston. It is suggested in the suit that the breakdown of the Treaty talks with the United States has been used as an excuse to turn over 22% of the hook and line fleet’s traditional quota to the processor controlled seine fleet.

David Anderson, the current Minister of Fisheries continues to be dogged by problems. This suit follows on the heals of the breakdown in talks with the US over the Pacific Salmon Treaty. Allegations have also been made by over 30 leading Canadian fishery scientists of political interference in scientific management of the fisheries in Canada.

C. Honore McKee the named complainant in the case has stated that, "It is just too convenient that the large processors reap huge benefits from the breakdown of the Treaty talks while little people suffer". This suit is intended to expose political interference for the financial benefit of friends and massive DFO corruption. The court will be asked to deny government compensation to all the conspirators even those claiming they were simply "obeying orders". It time that elected and appointed official who govern us are held financially accountable for their deliberate misdeeds."


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Copy of filed official court claim available upon request (Vancouver Reg. No. A971826.)

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