Heard at Seattle Expo 1996

Alaska Fish and Game Representative: "I’ve got all the latest data on my laptop computer."

Fisherman: "Do you have the data for Southeast Alaska?"

AF&G Rep: "What do you want to see? Run size? Timing? Peaks?"

Fisherman: "How current is your data?"

AF&G Rep: "Current, as of yesterday."

Fisherman: "But those numbers must be soft data."

AF&G Rep: "Nope. Hard Data."

Fisherman: "Here in the state of Washington, it takes two years to get hard data on any fishery; no one knows how many of which salmon has been caught in which fishery.

"Do you mean to tell me, in Alaska you know how many fish are caught in all fisheries up to the very day in hard data?"

AF&G Rep: "Yep. You got to know salmon."

Fisherman: "I was watching a local fishery be conducted the other day. One of the State fishery biologists in charge was also there. I asked him whether the U.S. Federal hatchery had met its escapement needs. He said he didn’t know. I asked him if he knew the historic numbers for this run. He said he didn’t know the numbers, but they were on his desk somewhere. I went to the U.S. Federal hatchery in question, just a mile away and asked them the same questions. They said they had met their escapement needs some weeks ago and told me the historic run numbers."

AF&G Rep: "You got to know salmon and be able to count as well."

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