Nato’s Losses in The Kosovo War

Updated 6/9/1999
In 362 reported engagements, 194 manned aircraft are confirmed hit or downed
94 aircraft (ID’d by type) confirmed shot down in combat

Unidentified Combat Aircraft – 100
Rescue Helicopters (Personel on board varies from 11 to 55) – 24, 1 captured
F-16 – 13
A-10 Thunderbolt – 11
Toranado – 11
F-117 – 6
FA- 18 – 5
F-15 – 4
Mirage 2000 – 4
B-52H Bomber – 4
B-2A Bomber – 3
AH-64 Apache Helicopter – 3, 1 captured
Sea Harrier – 3
EA-6B Prowler – 1
EC 130E – 1
AV-8B – 1

Confirmed KIA:

Helicopter Crashes – Crew & troops 179
Combat Aricraft – Pilots & crews: 27
POW: 22 male, 1 Female
Total KIA: 206
Total POW: 23
Total all aircraft lost: 194

Actual planes lost, KIA’s & POW’s probably far higher
Source: – Venik’s Aviation Page – Official NATO Losses. Quite a difference (links no longer available).

NATO’s report on above personnel losses – near zero – are you ready for the land war yet? If one company received an order for 9,000 purple hearts, what other company received an order for body bags? And how many do you suppose it was for?

Keep in mind that ‘doing mountains’ is not like ‘doing deserts’. The British surveyed the routes into Kosovo & Yugoslavia and determined that “it would be like sheep to the slaughter” for the invaders – your kids. Check the opening scenes in Saving Private Ryan as those kids came ashore in Normandy, for a gentler, less gruesome comparison of the reality that is ‘doing mountains’.

This time fleeing to Canada won’t work for your kids, like it did during Viet Nam. And like Nam, many (the majority) of the KIA’s will never be reported to the public.

Clinton and Congress have now broken the War Powers Act. This has put them above the law; we have let them get away with breaking their own laws. Which law do you think they might break with impunity next?

Is breaking a Federal law OK for elected Federal officials as long as no one mentions it?

At what point do ordinary Americans remember this is a Republic and not a democracy? (One is ruled by law, the other by popular opinion. If you think being ruled by popular opinion is OK, then you’d best hope all your neighbors think highly of you.)

At what point do ordinary Americans put away their luxury goods, new cars, second and third homes, and replace selfishness with selflessness?

At what point do ordinary Americans stop stealing the hard work of others for their ‘recreation’?

At what point do ordinary Americans ask hard questions of those which they have placed in positions of power over them?

If ordinary Americans don’t wake up soon, at some point someone, some country, will say ‘enough is enough’, and the wake up call to those ordinary Americans will be so many sun-bright flashes, from which no appeals to officials, or any amount of money will save them.

Of the 5 big nuclear powers, the U.S., Russia, China, India, and Pakistan, only the U.S. considers nuclear war not survivable. Russia has extensive civilian and military/industrial shelters, as well as sophisticated anti-missile and anti-ICBM missile defenses; China has the best part of 2 billion people… so the loss of a few hundred million is no big deal, India has the best part of 1 billion… so the loss of a few hundred million is again no big deal, and; Pakistan has mountains to localize much of the damage.

In the U.S. there are no sophisticated anti-missile and anti-ICBM missile defenses, and… uh, hummm… there are places for the politicians and some of the military… the rest of us have pictures of our posteriors to kiss good-bye in the event.

The world has never in this decade been so close as now to the brink of nuclear war…

On this, we shall find understanding from great powers such as China and India. Of this, I am sure. – Viktor Chernomyrdin – Thursday, May 27, 1999; Page A39 – The Washington Post

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