Rumors of War?

Some of you may have heard on the News of Chinese High-Seas drift net boats operating in the gulf of Alaska, some of you may have read the wire story, but that is the end as far as the media is concerned. However, the latest rumor states that there is much more going on.

According to unnamed sources, the Rainbow Warrior and a sister ship – a submarine – began operations against these Chinese ships. The Canadians have joined in. The US Navy, as well as the Russian Navy, are also conducting operations against the Chinese in the Gulf. The Coast Guard is largely out of the picture, now that China has sent gunboats. Four diftnet vessels have been sunk, 168 miles of net confiscated, and the Chinese gunboats are firing on everyone.

Why hasn’t the media covered this story? Well, it would look bad for Clinton to be in China, for one. Also, it would take the luster off this unpresented nine day stay, (historically, this trip is, apparently, as important as FDR’s Yalta Conference which lead to the end of WWII and the Cold War), overshadowing one of the major issues he will raise – auto-emissions in Bejing (according to the TV news this AM).

The Fish seems to think that if his theory is correct and Clinton sold the Chinese the salmon resources for political contributions, then this trip was moved up 5 months at the request of the Chinese to clear up this apparent back peddling and reniging. Since the Clinton’s announced Chinese agenda is so weak, there must be more to it in order to justify this 9 day stay… Could this be it?

After all the US military is in no shape to go up against the Chinese or even the Serbs… Technology is great, but it can’t hold ground. With only 30, 000 odd US trigger pullers, how much ground can they hold against some 2 million Chinese trigger pullers?

The White House is following the Chinese proverb – to avoid being eaten by the alligator, you must feed it. So maybe the Chinese alligator has been fed a few salmon, and since it has a big appetite, maybe Alaska is also on the menu. There is precious little the US Military could do to prevent it. It would simply be over whelmed by shear numbers, as it almost was in Korea.

Then too, a black cloud would be cast over Clinton being sworn in as China’s Vice-President.

And it is also a given, that some media poll of a thousand odd people, speaking for the rest of the 265 million US citizens, would record a 60+ percent approval, as long as the ‘good times roll’.

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