Site Theme Change

I just switched over to the Thesis Theme – please comment on any visual problems, particularily users of any version of Internet Explorer.

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2 Responses to Site Theme Change

  1. Looks good on W7 with IE8. Note, in both Firefox 3.6 and IE8, the tool bar at the top (home, Salmon fishing, Geological History, PIF’s Ficiotn) is pretty small.,

    Best Regards

    • PIF 31 says:

      Thanks Foredecker,
      It is really tough to get font sizes the same across browsers and OSes. Especially when confined in menu bars. What looks OK in one, destroys another. Found a major IE bug in my css which I must have fixed before you came here. Will keep working on it. Thanks again.

      Between Google Chrome, FF 3.6 and Safari 4.04 all mac, the menu bar displays 3 different sizes even though the css is set to one size: 0.95em. 1.0em is way too big to fit.

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