Memorializing Our Democatic Party Benefactors on Christmas

Democrats Ensure America Will No Longer Be the Last Best Hope of Earth

Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are right about one thing – they are indeed making history. But their legacy will not be what they think. They will be known as the people who led to the end of America as the last best hope of earth.” – Dennis Prager

In response to the above article
The Comedian at Free Republic has proposed this solution:

“We build a rather macabre memorial from the bones of several prominent Democrat operatives of the period. It serves as both a warning to would-be tyrants of the future, and as a public urinal. The waiting time for the line to use it averages 6 hours.”

The formal proposal shall read as follows:

  • Wherein the Democrats holding national office in 2009 wish to be remembered for their singular achievement after 50 years of labor;

  • Wherein the Democrats holding national office in 2009 wish to be remembered publicly;

  • We propose a National Statue to be caused to be built to these wonderful and foresighted benefactors in a prominent location in the District of Columbia honoring their greatest achievement;

  • The proposed statues to our health care benefactors shall be (in addition to the original specifications);
    A requirement for all prospective office holders is to have ‘visited’ the memorial at least once prior to seeking office. Once elected to political office, all office holders are required to ‘visit’ the memorial at least once a year – not fulfilling this requirement is grounds for removal from office.

  • The memorial will consist of:
    Reid, Pelosi, Hussein, Axelrod and Jarret intertwined while being burned alive at the stake… Each representation shall have an iron chain wrapped around their respective bodies to intensify the heat (an old Spanish favorite – thus proving the worth of multiculturalism).

    Further, when crowds of more that 100 gather, their shall be a fireworks display, free cotton candy and free hot dogs for all.


Christmas :)

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