Hummers Rejected, Pedophile Adored

It was likely that China had to reject the Hummer brand since the Cap N’ Tax bill will mandate that the US force other trading partners to comply with it or face restrictions. With China’s massive polution problems, they had litttle choice, if they wished to continue milking the American cash cow.

Cap N’ Tax passed the House, with claims that it will create millions of jobs sometime during the later part of Obama’s Reign – around 2050.

Cap N’ Tax Results

Meanwhile, companies nationwide shut down – making huge profits on the sale of their carbon credits, while others moved out of the US completely. During the historical period of His Reign from 2009-2055 (when he Ascended during a visit to the Dome of the Rock in New Palestine, peace be upon Him), the US saw an average 35% unemployment rate which continued until it became both impractical to record and politically expedient to halt such statistics around 2012.

Other than the few heavily regulated house cleaning business and the few remaining high-end restaurants, all other jobs were some form of highly sought after government employment. This one master stroke, which was passed while every TV in the US was glued the death of some washed-up, pop rock child molester – a fortunate coincidence, if you believe in them – created the first truly green country by virtue of producing or manufacturing absolutely nothing other than more government jobs, reports, studies, and white papers which were so long no one read them – like the Cap N’ Tax bills.

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