Obama’s New America

Hope and Change For A New America

Do you feel that politicians in DC and State capitals are enacting programs you vehemently disagree with and mortgaging your great grand-children’s future, and so are taxing you and them without representation? Outraged at having to pay someone else’s mortgage? Worried about the near future?

Perhaps you think a large-scale nation-wide protest will change what you see coming. Sounds nice, if enough people gather in the right places like DC and state capitals. The PIF has been there and done that – albeit on a smaller scale. However, as much as people in those times hoped for a better outcome, those in power were only slowed, not deterred. A larger protest will fair no differently.

When politicians nation-wide – from DC to Wisconsin, from Delaware to California, from Michigan to Washington State – all think and act according to their own collective wishes to force the destruction of the U.S. through financial regulations and massive spending, you can be fairly certain that they have a purposeful plan in mind. They love nothing more than power and control, and the only way to ensure they retain that power, and gain power over all other aspects they do not currently control, is to tear down what now exists and recreate it (that being: the U.S.) to their liking.

They do not care what befalls the the country or the people, as long as they achieve the ends they desire. And no amount of peaceful protest will deter them. They only respect Power, and so far they have it all. The more they grasp, the tighter they must hold on – and, if you know anything about history, you will know were that leads.

Here’s a glimpse at what is coming:

  1. The US Constitutional Convention of 2009
  2. The Coming Age of Obama. A Prediction (batting 100% so far)
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2 Responses to Obama’s New America

  1. Just look at the state of the UK to see what America could be like in a decade. A scary thought. The western world has become bancrupt. The tax payer can’t bail out everyone. Business should still be about survival of the fittest. What country will rule the world in 10 years?

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