One of the Hidden Forces the PSGA had to Contend Against

Who is The Marine Fish Conservation Network?

The Marine Fish Conservation Network is a radical green organization which, despite the nice sounding rhetoric, is apparently working for the removal of fishermen from the water by what ever means necessary. It is extremely well-funded and has connections to the green legal arm Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund.

The Marine Fish Conservation Network’s Board members include people from radical green organizations like:

American Oceans Campaign,
The Ocean Conservancy,
National Audubon Society,
National Environmental Trust,
Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermens Association,
Sierra Club,
World Wildlife Fund.

Other national members include:

Friends of the Earth,
Earthjustice Legal Defense Fund,
National Wildlife Federation,
Natural Resources Defense Council,
The Ocean Conservancy,
Ocean Wildlife Campaign.

In Washington State their members are:

Koos Kooskie Fish,
Marine Conservation Biology Institute,
Marine Stewardship Council,
Ocean Policy Associates,
Ocean People Resources,
People for Puget Sound,
Reid International,
Sustainable Fisheries Foundation.

The Marine Fish Conservation Network, a non-profit organization, receives grants from:

Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation,
Environment Now, Homeland Foundation,
David and Lucile Packard Foundation,
Pew Charitable Trusts,
Rockefeller Brothers Fund,
Surdna Foundation.

Their stated goals are to:

Eliminate Overfishing of All Species;
Prevent Bycatch;
Protect Essential Fish Habitat;
Establish Mandatory Fishery Observer Programs;
Reform Regional Fishery Management Councils;
Establish Individual Fishing Quata Programs;
Conserve Atlantic Highly Migratory Species.

The above ‘goals’ are nothing more than a thinly disguised way of creating conditions in which only large corporations (like the Arkansas based Tyson Seafoods – of chicken fame) will be able to participate in any fishery. It will also open the doors for the global fish farmers like British Petroleum and others.

Fisheries Recovery Act of 2001 is the first step in creating a federal law, which will effect all the nation’s family small-boat fishermen. Few if any will be able to afford the costs associated with the mandated observer program. Fewer still will want to take aboard people who can shut their fishing down on the spot, as the Bill mandates.

By catch is anything they say it is and of whatever amount. In the ocean, it is, generally speaking, impossible to catch only one species, and no other, still more difficult (more difficult than impossible?) to catch only one species of a certain size, weight, sex and year class.

The Bill, by CA. Dem. Rep Farr is far-out. Press releases clearly state it will “fundamentally change the way the United States manages fish in U.S. waters.” Yes it will, it will end commercial fishing, except on the corporate level, something monopoly-oriented corporations have been trying to achieve for the past 30 years.

The Bill will “develop fishing regulations with the goal of conserving ocean resources, rather than narrowly managing individual species of fish.” Once the move is made from managing species, to ‘conserving ocean resourses’, it can easily be justified that the harvest of any one species will adversely effect someother. If the first species is abundant, but the second on a downward cycle, and the later preys on the former, then all harvest of the abundant can be curtailed. So who are these resources being conserved for? The monopoly-oriented corporate elite!

Ordinary people wishing to eat seafood will either have to pay a huge sum for fresh fish, or eat farmed fish produced by, once again, the corporate elite.

This scheme – and that’s what it is – will only work as long as the economy remains relatively healthy. If that condition changes, then then seafood will be removed from the diet of all but the very rich.

This Bill is part of the Green movement’s stated goal, here in the US, to remove the entire population to urban centers, and ultimately from as much as 95% of the US landmass.

It will nicely dovetail with the plan to declare all coastal waters “wildernesses.” This part has already gotten underway with the many ‘marine sanctuaries’ which are planned to be linked up to form the very first ‘ocean wildernesses.’

Much of rural America is watching the farmers of Klamath battles these same forces, which are trying to remove family food producers from their land by first taking their right to access the water. Meanwhile, Farr and The Marine Fish Conservation Network are opening a second front on the nations coastal waters, rivers, estuaries, beaches and everywhere else seafood is or could be harvested, with the same aim – get the family small-boat commercial fishermen off the water, and deny them all access to the water.

The American public will then have only a handful of massive corporations supplying them with food, and that food will be made up of whatever best contributes to the corporations bottom line, and be grown where ever in the world (think China) it can be grown cheapest. As for quailty, that will be whatever those corporations and the politicians can agree that they can get way with. Think major financial opportunities for the drug manufactures – both in the food and to “fix” the problems caused by that food.

To the public: wake up! You let these guys get away with this take over of American natural resource harvesters on land or sea, and your children will pay for it, with their wallets, and their health.

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