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Site Theme Change

I just switched over to the Thesis Theme – please comment on any visual problems, particularily users of any version of Internet Explorer.

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Fossil Fuel Reserve Estimates

The Congressional Research Service stated that the U.S. has tapped into only 13%, or 21 billion barrels of its oil reserves, with the other 87% still untouched. Why do we need to import any oil from anywhere? Because environmentalists fund … Continue reading

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Why I hate the WordPress Revisions Feature

Users complain about the Revisions feature in WordPress Some users have complained to wp developers that they also hate this so-called feature. The developers have strongly and universally responded to the users – Stick it! We like the feature and … Continue reading

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Coming Soon – Volcanism

Global Warming? Global Cooling? Not so fast. It’s Global Volcanism! By way of background, or how I got here from there There, of course, was at the dentist’s office, where I had rushed early from work on a Friday. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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