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SpaceDev’s New Plan

"SpaceDev however thinks that the $100 billion price tag is too high, and seems to have a plan to pull off a lunar mission at under a tenth of the cost (with some estimates around $3 billion)." – 4min … Continue reading

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Multi-Touch Computer Display Demos

Jeff Han demos multitouch interactive experiments Jeff Han at T.E.D. 2007

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The Great Global Warming Swindle

A 76 minute British-made movie. It covers all the bases from the origin to the present. Science is emphasized, and consensus (opinion) is exposed. The end of the movie is the saddest, cruelest commentary on ‘Global Warming’ and all its supporters world-wide. Continue reading

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Commercial Fishing Video

1 – The Bering Sea – Crab: Video Clips from The Deadliest Catch: Opillio Season The best video clips from National Geographic’s The Deadliest Catch. (Unfortunately these clips now include advertising at the beginning of each clip including between Gallery … Continue reading

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