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Modern Socialists at Work

PIF: The sweet pleasures of Socialism. Murder by Socialism, Nine Commentaries on the (Chinese) Communist Party, and Mao The Unknown Story

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PIF’s Alternate History Series

Taking a look at things as they might have been or could become. Mostly satirical fiction aimed at getting the reader to think about things differently. 2008 The US Constitutional Convention of 2009 A glimpse of the possible future flowing … Continue reading

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Commercial Fishing Video

1 – The Bering Sea – Crab: Video Clips from The Deadliest Catch: Opillio Season The best video clips from National Geographic’s The Deadliest Catch. (Unfortunately these clips now include advertising at the beginning of each clip including between Gallery … Continue reading

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The Fundamental Point

It is often argued that to imitate the enemy’s ruthless brutality is to become like them. PIF: When one looks at the war in Iraq, one sees many positive accomplishments like the rebuilding of infrastructure, schools, hospitals and so on. … Continue reading

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